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D.Gray-man FINALLY returns after eight years with a sequel called D.Gray-man Hallow! Check out all the details below!


Now is the perfect time to get into Trion World's Rift MMO. Going on now through June 28th you'll get:

  • 50% Bonus Prestige
  • 50% Bonus Favor
  • 50% Bonus Combat Experience
  • 50% Bonus Guild Experience
  • 50% Bonus Planar Attunment Experience.

So come join me Krystl on the Greybriar server in the Guild Mistakes Were Made! We run all kinds of activities daily so there's something always going on.


MMOGames.com wants to hear from you! Now thru June 30th get your daily votes on for your favorite MMO so far this year. While you're there be sure to check their Giveaway section for keys. Can you guess which game I'm voting for?



The next year or so is going to be huge for Final Fantasy fans. Not only are we getting the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV in time for the holiday period, not only are we getting the PS4/Vita Pokemonesque World of Final Fantasy, and not only have we got the jaw-droppingly delightful Final Fantasy VII next year, but we're getting something else too.

It's just been announced that Western audiences will be getting a PS4 remaster of Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age. Which means it'll be following in the footsteps of Final Fantasy X/X2 which got its PS4 remaster last year. Square Eniz are promising a remaster of the entire game which is set to include the Zodiac Job System, a newly remastered soundtrack, a brand new trial mode, and the tantalising promise of "more".

We'll have more news on this as it comes in, but for now you can make do with the official trailer.

TV and Movies

Sometimes we get news stories that make you shake your head, mutter "What the fuck?" and shake your head once again in total disbelief. Today is slightly different, for today you'll probably read this and be following that WTF mantra for the next couple of weeks. 

In news stranger than finding out Kim Jong Un has been playing a massive practical joke on us all, and North Korea is actually the most liberal state on the planet, we have new gaming movies to tell you about. But, dear reader they're not what you expect. There's no Uncharted - The Movie. There's no GTA - The Movie. And no, we won't be catching Fallout - The Movie either. But we are going to be subject to a couple of gaming classics from years gone by in the form of Centipede and Missile Command. Both films are said to be in early development in a partnership with Atari, Emmet, Furla, and Oasis Films. And will be released over a course of two years.

But that's not the really insane WTF bit. It gets a little crazier.

It's also been announced that Tetris, (yes Tetris) will be getting a movie too. It's just been given $80 million in investment from an as yet unannounced Chinese studio , and is billed as being a "Scifi Epic" with a Chinese cast for Chinese audiences. 

And that's not it. The movie is said to be a part of a trilogy of films. We can only guess (and mockingly hope) that they'll be called "Tetris Begins", "Dark Block" and "Dark Block Drops". But whatever they are, they can't be anywhere near as bad as Battleship. 

We'll have more news on this as we get it. And I really wish it were a joke, but apparently, this is going to happen.