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Quad Damage


While running around PAX East 2017, I took a look at a survival racing game called Distance. I sat down with Jordan from Refract Studios to give us some details of the game. Check out the interview and the game trailer below! 



I took a look at a co-op, action RPG being featured at PAXEast 2017 called Dauntless. I sat down with Jesse from Phoenix Labs to give us some details of the game. Check out the interview and the game trailer below! 



On the day we lucky folk on the European side of the pond get our hands on World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix have unleashed a brand new trailer for next month's Final Fansaty XV.

Entitled Omen, it shows a possible future, which looks almost as catastrophic as the one we may well face if Donald Trump says mean things about Vladimir Putin's mum. 

It's been made in collaberation with Digic Studios, who are the team behind Kingsglave, and according to Square Enix is an "epic production that can only be described as a nightmare for the struggling Noctis".

You can check it out right here, right now, and join in the excitement for when the game drops at the back end of next month.


Here are the free games coming your way from Sony this month thanks to PlayStation Plus.
There are the usual six titles available, but with PS4 cross-buy support, you can play four of the titles! Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and The Deadly Tower of Monsters are free for the PS4. You can also play the two Vita titles, Letter Quest Remastered and Pumped BMX+, on the PS4.
Pumped BMX+ also lets you cross-buy with PS3 in addition to the two PS3 titles available - Costume Quest 2 and Dirt 3.
The games are available starting on Tuesday November 1, so get your October titles that include Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation before they expire! 

The internet has been falling over itself with Red Dead Redemption 2 this week, and finally the wait is over for that promised trailer, it's here and you can watch it now.


Aside from the stunning backdrops, and grand theft cowboy based fun, we know that the game is coming out in Fall next year, but there's a little bit more that has come direct from Playstation Blog.


The game will have "select online" content that will hit PS4 first, and the game has been (in their words) handcrafted to take adantage of the PS4. Also, the game will have online multiplayer features, and that's about it for now.

Lastly, Rockstar have announced that the game's predecessor, Red Dead Redemption will be coming to Sony's PlayStation Now service, meaning that we'll be hearing the collective screams from a disgruntled Xbox community who just lost their backwards compatibility exclusive.

More on this as we have it, but for now...YEEHAW!