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Moan (Ft. Ane Trolle)
Wasabi will eventually take over the world by sheer force of will.
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Fear Me, Love Me.......Do As I Say and I Will Be Your Slave!
My location:
East Coast USA West Virginia
My birthday is on:
10th of February

My first time on the siradio airwaves:
Monday, 21 January 2013
A little something about me:
I'm ever changing, growing, expanding, diversifying, and journeying forward. I am ever on a continual quest for knowledge in all forms. Currently I am on a journey into the obscure world of metal. There are sooo many styles from new and interesting regions out there today. Come on a journey with me out of the mainstream and into the obscure. I've always been very obscure in my life preferences, not because I tried to be but because I just am this way.
When it comes to music I like:
The games I'm into:
GW2, Second Life, anything DnD/Forgotten Realms, Dragon Age (Origins and 2), Lunar Series, FF series up to 7, KOTOR, UO, too many more to list here omg!
I like to fill my belly with:
Any pasta/beer (preferrably our own, we brew)
I've got a cunning plan:
I never make plans...
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