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 Post subject: Summary of Events in the Temple of the Forgotten Sun/Son
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:32 am 

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**bullet points for summary post to SI forums for 'Temple of the Forgotten Sun/Son' sessions:LARGE APOLOGIES for it being bullet format...a certain
goat may have FUC**D up and managed to delete his efforts of writing it all up in cool story format... :( And yes, this summary should be listed before Doragon's very nicely written Anabus' perspective of 'events on the map room' i.e. bullet points 24, 5th paragraph...but I don't have fancy permission to shift stuff around on the forums, so you'll have to do a tiny bit of thinking. :)
- - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - -
1. Party 'reunited' with Anabus...of course, the party was now starting to resemble a cluster of strangers,
not the 'tight group of folks who had grown to actually care about each other' that it had been before...

2. gigantic crystal light source riddles, powered by reflected lights bounced off of mirrors held by statues?'ve MET our team, right? We just blow shit up, loot the remains, then blame it all on the absent
halfling druid.(8 July)

4. Party comes across totally cute and innocent puddle critters, just chilling on a commences
killin' mode, slaughters off cute innocent puddle critters. (Them's XP baby!) (8 JUly)

3. Olga totally 'helped' Dren with 'disarming' a sneaky trap room...cue flooding entire dungeon, entire party
doing 'themed waterpark slide impressions' by being flooded down various hallways... (8 July)

5. some shiny stuff was found by the party...and by 'found by the party,' naturally I mean 'found and quickly
stuffed into pockets to prevent other party members from seeing said loot. :) (Gotta call dibs, mofo's!)
- - - - - -
6. More exploring, and some 'accidental' activation of nasty humaniod scorpion statues...AND actual giant scorpoids!
...after a multi room battle, the party figured out the fastest way down a to convince Kyur'gan theres
naked boobie pics at the bottom, and loot was found. (15 July)

7. Rufus continued his trollery of Olga, as she tried to 'Detect Magic' on the bow he found in a pit, but he
bagged it to make her waste a spell..because he hates half orc ladies... ;) ... (15 July)
- - - - - - - - - - -
8. The party continued to open up more areas of the temple...and after figuring out another 'riddle' doorway...thank
goodness at least a FEW party members can read...cue: GIGANTIC HORRIBLE CORPSE COLLECTOR MONSTER!!! Very nasty
battle, entailing several horrific moment of party members being grappled and IMPALED...getting very close to death...
and only thru some seriously epic smart fighting moves from a certain Paladin...cough cough SONLAR....and brilliant
use of DISPEL MAGIC from Anabus on the Corpse Collectors power source, i.e. horrible puddle of gore. Rufus will
definitely need therapy after his almost death via impalation...(22 July)
- - - - - - - - - - -
9. Dren managed to get the 'stairs' to the upper floor open by solving another elaborate riddle,
with 'help' from Olga...honest, she helped...(22/29 Jul)

10. The party explored the downstairs area a bit, carefully exploring...well, not really, we explored in classic gamer
style, meaning some rooms very carefully, some haphazardly...several appeared to be bedrooms...

The party continued to explore the downstairs area, and found a rather expansive 'library' area, which included a
very large BOOK GOLEM (a golem made up of actual books and scrolls). Kyurgan stumbled across the concept of giving the
GOLEM more books, by sacrificing his beloved 'Elven Boobie Book' which made the golem change form into...a somewhat sexy female
form! THis of course made the simple minded feral barbarian want to feed it MORE books, so he began ransacking the various
rooms of the library looking for MORE booby books... (29 July)

11. Cue party splitting up (yaay, always fun for both GM and for campaign note keeper!) ... some upstairs...
some downstairs... UPSTAIRS, first several 'red herring' chests which eventually were searched...three sessions
later...and not much of import was inside them...but more importantly, Sarocophagus with really old corpse
inside...and STONE TABLETS with an ancient language engraved on them...the 'Rosetta stones' of the ancient language,
as one said words in common, so matching them up...can be used to translate... (QUOTE from tablet: Crime is contagious,
if the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself, it invokes anarchy.")

(Olga may have re-searched the sarcophagus to make sure the corpse didn't have any 'extra phat loot.' No respect for the dead,
from a filthy half orc!)

There was also a statue found, that seemed to be 'lacking' something from if it should be holding an object: this, of course
led to NUMEROUS times Anabus tried shoving various objects that had been found into that statues hand...(not just stuff found
in the Temple...stuff Anabus had been collecting across various continents for MONTHS of game time... :) )

Also there was discovered a wicked cool throne, which of course Anabus had to sit on to 'try it for fit.' He discovered some
more hidden rooms thru fiddling with throne decorations, which led to Anabus finding even more shiny stuff!

Upstairs, the exploration continued, and a room with a rather fetid pool of nasty water was found, along with several more statues that
resembled the dead man from the sarcophagus...(29 Jul)
- - - - - - - - - - -
12. In the nasty pool of water room, after some initial investigations and casting of a few spells, an magical item was detected at the bottom of the pool.
During the parties efforts to retrieve said item...their actions cause a HORRIFIC TENTACLED SEE THRU HORROR (later identified as an Aboleth), to attack,
using its powers to not only bestow a horrific body altering disease that made Anabus flee in terror...not to mention starting to become slimy, see through
and wracked with pain...but it also gained control of some of the party members minds! Luckily, Sonlar was 'on point' using his Paladin powers to remove
the control, and thru some extremely lucky dice rolling (and i mean, LUCKY, since if that thing had gone full spamming control mode, we'd have been
really, really dead meat) the party once again perservered! Thanks to the sounds of the battle, and Anabus's incredibly loud screams of pain...the
members of the party that had been downstairs came upstairs to join in the battle, and assist in the post battle recovery...(5 AUG)

13. Searching the rest of the upstairs area, the party came across a few more rooms..and managed to fail to detect a rather nasty trap attached
to some more loot that they were trying to get their hands on...resulting in DREN suddenly starting to grow..and...grow...and..GROW!...Soon his
size was reaching dangerous proportions, not only endangering his life, but the lives of all the party members near him, and the structural integrity
of the very temple (well, probably not the temple...magically boosted stone tends to hold up better than fragile, even buffed by magic, flesh...
predictions were favoring DREN doing his best recreation of a balloon filled with red goop popping...)...after waiting till likely the 'last second,'
Anabus used a DISPEL MAGIC to reverse the effects of the magic, and DREN slowly shrank back down to normal, did he learn the lesson of
'just because you roll to find the trap, doesn't mean you found all the traps?"...probably not. ;) As during the potential exploding DREN situation
it seemed that Anabus was enjoying the suffering of the trapspringer, Olga had run downstairs to try and find THEOBALD, who had previously shown the
ability to also cast DISPEL MAGIC...but sadly, the often scatter brained elderly mage, having been left to rest near the temple entrance...had once again
wandered off into the dessert...whereabouts, unknown... **note:at players request, character written out of campaign** (5 AUG)

14. After the debacles upstairs, the party went back downstairs, to examine the strange library and the BOOK GOLEM that they were still unable to
communicate with ...(5 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
AS THE PARTY FLUNG 'DIFFERENT THAN NORMAL TACTICS' AT THE MOBS. (Thanks Ian, for running that session.) ((12 AUG))
- - - - - - - - - - - -
16. Now back in the library, the party once again split up...some of them trying to figure out how to communicate with the BOOK GOLEM, others trying
to figure out the trick to opening a clever glass container hiding from their greedy hands more potential loot. RUFUS came up with a good idea to offer
the Book Golem something to write with...and found some dried out ink and parchments...(nice work by Gadrius coming up with that plan). Cue: Golem commences
attemps at communications with RUFUS, DREN and SONLAR...but two of those fellas failed to catch on that the Golem was talking in very specific, appropriate
for a Golem built to protect what was once a VERY HOLY SITE for one of the most self rightious of religious groups (aka, followers of PEYLOR) their
blurted responses with no skill checks to back them up failed badly...and the BOOK GOLEM deemed them to be 'INFIDELS!' .. cue possibly TPW fight...but
luckily, sometimes the dimmest bulb can shine the brightest, when its really dark...SONLAR came thru in the cluth, pulling off an EPIC Knowledge: Religion
check, realizing that the GOLEM was looking for specific responses...and with a tiny bit of help from the somewhat crazy dwarven deity in his head...Sonlar
managed to come up with the right words to calm down the GOLEM. Now accepting the party as at least being allowed to be in the library, the GOLEM
started to aid them more directly...of course, Kyur'gen kept trying to find more booby books to feed to the golem, but the best he could find was an
interesting book filled with pictures...that turned out to be a pictoral retrospectrum of native monsters and beast to the continent of SERYON...

17. Anabus, with not much help really from Olga, managed to come up with the solution to the riddle of the glass container (using the Rosetta Stone tablets
found upstairs in the sarcophagus) to decipher the script carved into the glass. Activating the magic of the glass, Anabus was able to spot the loot
hidden beneath it...a magical small staff(more of a pimp cane), how to reach it? (19 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - -
18. The party continued their examination of all the possibly loot...and knowledge, sure they were after that the library. Of special note, were
4 statues each bearing an exotic and powerful looking weapon. After asking the BOOK GOLEM about the weapons, it was determined that each statue represented
a long since passed great champion of the god PEYLOR...and each weapon was a very powerful magical item, that were used to supply magical power to the temple
itself. If removed, and not replaced with another magical item, the temple and the GOLEM, would fall. Working out that they could sway items they
were not using very often, the party proceeded to swap out some 'older magical items' for the powerful weapons carried by the statues. Kyur'gen, always the
smoothie, swapped the bow that RUFUS put into one of the statues hands, out with a different weapon, and presented it to Olga as a, did the
parties professional meat shield put some ranks into 'Woo the Ladies' when we weren't watching?...(26 AUG).

19. Continuing to search for valuable information, Anabus realized that some 'critical to campaign success' info was likely in the library, so he began
focusing his efforts on talking to the BOOK GOLEM...figuring out that he could feed the 'Rosetta Stone' tablets to the golem and give it the ability to talk
directly to the party instead of having to write out its words in ink...began to gather more info about the next location of the parts of the artifact
that he was seeking, from WAY back in the 'vision quest' he had received in the Elven Village.
(remember back that far? Man, was that a long time ago!) (26 AUG)

20. ...meanwhile, DREN managed to, while searching one of the bedrooms previously discovered, activated some sort of 'trap or monster' inside the mirror...
using some smart tactics, he got out of the room unharmed, and advised the rest of the party of the potential danger...cue heroic SONLAR naturally being
the first to seek out the danger...and he destroyed the mirror...cue HORRIFIC COMEDY as Sonlar found that each tiny shard of the mirror had formed a tiny
version of him...which swarmed across the noble warrior! (YES, totally mentally picturing the scene from Army of Darkness is appropriate...just a LOT MORE).
The rest of the party swarmed in to help...cue amusing comedic style battle as everyone tried to hit teeny tiny shards of glass. Eventually the group
prevailed, and the remains of the shattered mirror were gathered up and flung down the deepest, darkest hole that Kyur'gen and Olga could find. (26 AUG)

21. More information is gained by speaking to the BOOK GOLEM, and it is revealed there is a 'hidden room' that the Golem is aware of, but cannot actually
see. The Golem advises the party that, much like many parts of the Temple, it is unaware of what is inside the hidden room, only that it was advised
by its creators that there was a 'strong evil power' inside, and it was used to also supply magical energy to the temple. (26 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
22. The party, having come to the decision to at least find out what was inside the 'hidden room,' commenced searching and quickly found the exact
location of the secret doors...two of them in fact, the exterior one being a traditional style 'heavily locked...and trapped it turned out, as DREN
didn't quite find the nasty dart trap that managed to impale his hand...luckily, Sonlar's healing powers were up to snuff and easily took care of the wound.
After getting the exterior secret door open, the party found the interior door was heavily coated in numerous runes carved into it, all of which
spoke similar words in Draconic, Abyssal, and Dwarven. All were words speaking of prisons...containment...cells. Kyur'gen found he was able to easily raise
the door with brute power...actually it took very little effort at all...and then all were able to see inside the hidden room...
...where it was revealed there were two large, horrific looking monstrosities, and a devastatingly beautiful woman trapped inside a glass container. The
second the interior door was open, the two large monstrosities turned to look at the party. Kyur'gen and Sonlar were quickly inside the room, engaging the
monster in melee combat, with Dren slipping inside right behind them. Anabus attempted to aid them by summoning a powerful Fire Elemental...but the second
the Elemental crossed the interior doors threshold, it disappeared in a flash...subsequent spells attempted to be cast thru the doorway also fizzled out.
Olga attempted to fire a magical arrow thru the doorway, and it crumbled into dust! Inside the room, Kyur'gen and Sonlar found themselves in a very
dangerous battle indeed, as not only were the monstrosities apparently able to summon reinforcements, but wounds inflicted by them to the party were
instantly infected with a horrific disease, powerful enough to overcome even their natural(and magical) resistances! After some very fancy rope work by
those outside the room, Sonlar, then Kyur'gen were pulled from the room...and the monstrosities inside proved unable to cross the threshold, as the
one beast that tried to reach thru the doorway had its fingertips burned to ash! Once the party recovered their breath, they realized a few things:
That no magic spells were able to pass thru the doorway...all buffs were removed as they passed thru...and even Kyur'gens barbarian RAGE was removed!
Actually, they were quite lucky indeed, for the power of the wards on the door might even have been able to destroy their magical gear! (2 SEP)

23. During the entire battle, the maiden trapped inside the glass container inside the room had seemed overjoyed to see the party, and had reacted positively
to their efforts, and with great sadness when they first closed the interior magically warded door...then the party closed the exterior door as well, with
DREN taking extra special efforts to attempt to jam the locking mechanism to prevent future openings. Deciding to rest and recover a bit, then depart the
Temple the following morning, the party got into a discussion about the nature of the female captive in the secret room...which was a quandry indeed, as
Sonlar, doing what he always does, had DETECTED EVIL in the room, with the two monstrous creatures glowing with the telltale signs of BIG DAMN EVIL...but the
woman showing as not evil in the least. As Sonlar, Anabus and Olga debated the situation...the Book Golem stated that if there was a chance that something
NOT EVIL was being used as an unwilling battery, that it would rather crumble into nothingness than remain alive by the suffering of another. This totally
was in line with Sonlar's heroic mindset...and all Anabus had to do to convince Olga to assist was to point out that the woman was a slave...bam, half orc
former slave totally on team 'bust out the lady.' Thru comparing what was known about the rooom, it was determined that if both Arcane magic (Anabus),
divine magic (Sonlar), with assistance from the Book Golems magical powers (bit of both), the wards could be destroyed...or at least depowered. (2 SEP)
- - - - - - - - - - -
24. Having rested, and memorized up as many 'DISPEL MAGIC' spells as they could prepare, the party turned their efforts back to the secret 'cell' room.
Of course, having done some fantastic disabling work the day before, DREN now had to work double hard to not only undo his previous efforts, but to once again
unlock the door that still was likely trapped in numerous ways. Luckily, DREN is quite a talented trapspringer, and he managed to avoid impaling
his hand this time. Once the interior door was exposed, the combined efforts of Anabus, Sonlar and the BOOK GOLEM's dispel magic spells made the
wards on the door flicker...then fade. Lifting the door once again, the party saw the two monstrous beasts inside looking at them in surprise, as was
the beautiful woman. Of course, any previous plans made the night before about 'trying to talk to those trapped inside' were lost instantly, because
plans don't last beyond the first two seconds of a certain barbarian when he sees things to attack, or boobies...cue Kyur'gen charging in and attacking!
...and his weapon passed harmlessly thru one of the monsters, as it disappeared in a POOF! of stinky gas. THen the other monstrosity disappeared as well.
The captive lady inside the glass cage...first unbelievingly...then cautiously joyfully...stepped down out of her now gone cage. (9 SEP)

24, cont. ...When Kyur'gen, always eager to be near to beautiful ladies(did we mention BOOBIES?), she reacted as if afraid, and cautioned him in a voice
that was as delicious to the ears as she was visibly to the eyes...warned him that she was 'incredibly hungry' and 'couldn't be sure she could control
herself if she was touched.' Cue SONLAR again, casting DETECT EVIL...and once again, the lady showed as 'not evil at all.' After questioned, she
without any hesitation admitted to being a SUCCUBUS, but continued to behave courteously and politely, and extremely grateful for being freed.(9 SEP)

24. cont. ...meanwhile, outside the room, RUFUS spotted what seemed to be the monstrous beasts that had disappeared, moving about down the hallway back
towards then entrance to the Temple. Offering her assistance, the SUCCUBUS assisted the party by advising she would 'talk to the VROCKS' to keep them
from fighting the party...but naturally, certain party members couldn't resist rushing ahead and attempting to battle...why, one party member even
ignored the ladies repeated warnings to 'please don't touch me...I'm terribly hungry' brushing past her somewhat rudely...which of course, caused
said party member to feel very weak and drained. Luckily, once the lady managed to catch up to the VROCKS, she spoke to them in Abyssal, and identified
herself as which moment, the VROCKS all bowed in supplication to her and disappeared once again. (9 SEP)

24. cont. ...after the VROCKs were dealth with, the SUCCUBUS< identifying herself by the name 'Lisa,' expressed her gratitude and offered to assist the
party in any way she could...including with any and all of her magical powers. When asked why she was in the cell in the first place, Lisa said she had
been placed there by the worshippers of Peylor, for a period of 100 days. Of course, cue surprise all around when the information was shared from the party
as to the actual current date...and Lisa realized that she had been in the magical cell for...quite a bit longer. More than a THOUSAND YEARS in fact...cue,
rather shocked...then ANGRY look on Lisa's beautiful face...and some impressive 'clean' profanity being spewed about the integrity and honest of Peylorian
worshippers in general... After briefly going outside the temple...and witnessing the terrible changes to the very landscape around the temple (where once
was lush green temperate lands, now only horrific extreme dessert, remains) Lisa returned to the parties side, and again offered all her assistance, once
she had rested...(9 SEP)

24. cont. Cue Lisa first resting in one of the bedrooms..with numerous guards outside the door...then after a few short hours...asking first Kyur'gen if
he would be willing to 'aid her' as she was quite famished...(cue Kyur'gen screaming 'BUCKET LIST!' and running in)...then a short hour later, Kyur'gen
staggering out the door, looking VERY drained but with a smile glued to his face, then falling down into a sleep coma. Then Olga stepped in to 'help Lisa'
a bit (because 1. Barbarian, 2. One does not pass up an offer of romance from a SUCCUBUS, that is EPIC grade sexual knowledge.)...Cue a scant bit of time
later, Olga staggering out, same stupid smile glued to her face...and her falling down right next to Kyur'gen in a sleep coma. Sonlar was asked if he
would care to sample Lisa's gratitude...but he remained prudishly aloof...even though little Sonlar was up for it, and heck, even the dwarven goddess in his
mind was saying 'I'd hit that.' But Sonlar stood firm. A short while later, Lisa emerged fully rested and magically refreshed, and she restored the
energy which she had drained with her natural way of feeding, by means of magic, first to Kyur'gen, then to Olga...then after waiting a bit, even restored
the drained life force from DREN, who had shoulder checked her previously...she then went to assist Anabus in his research in the map room of the library,
and epxressed her gratitude to him as well...(we pull the curtain closed at this point, with the BOOK GOLEM actually standing as a 'bouncer' if you will
to prevent prying eyes from seeing into the map room, as Lisa shows Anabus her appreciation for his fine work with Dispel Magic on the wards of her prison...
by showing him some magic of her own...rawr. (9 SEP)


 Post subject: The Tale of the Tribe of the Sky Wizard
PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:37 pm 
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A tale told by Dren around a campfire late one night ... not written down, for, as all should know, writing steals the words from one's mind and locks their power away from all but those who record them ...

I crested a dune amid the sea of sand, far ahead of the others, scouting forward to find any danger that might threaten my new tribe. I sat down and stared at the twinkling lights of the city we sought, off in the distance towards the shore of the great salt water bay. It was there that our chieftain, the sky wizard Anabus, sought to find us a wondrous form of transportation from an age long past, and to take it and use it to help accomplish the goal he had set the tribe - to recover an item of great power, a spear, no doubt forged in blood and agony by the greatest of demons, that could dominate armies and command the land itself. I sat, and thought ...

It had been not many moons since my new tribe had found me, a hair's-breadth from death and caked in blood and sand, at the barred door of a long-forgotten traveler's waypoint. They rescued me, brought me back to life. As all know, honour demanded that I travel with them and use my own mean skills to protect them, help them, support them.

I smiled. I had done what honour demanded, yet I remained with them, adopting them as my new tribe - the Tribe of the Sky Wizard.

The tribe was a strange one, no doubt - its members were powerful, learned in the ways of battle and the world beyond the hills, yet but babes in the ways of the spirits of stone and water. The chieftain, Anabus, was a great and terrible sky wizard, who had chained many demons to his soul and ripped power from them to destroy the tribe's foes. Sonlar, the pious warrior, dedicated to the light and a forgotten ascendant demon - ah, I should say god, or goddess, perhaps? A furious foe in combat he was, calling down power to smite his foes and protect the tribe. Kyur'gan, the jovial, bestial warrior, as awesome in battle as a tempest, yet one who could engage in a battle of wits with a camel and lose. Olga, the half-demon ... ah, half-ORC, I should say ... female who wilfully ignored what should be her place in life, and reveled in the fact. Neither warrior nor sky wizard, but a bit of both, refreshingly crude and lewd, she was the one who drove the tribe forward, and occasionally to distraction. She reminded me a bit of Gran, my previous companion ... but that is a story for another time. Finally, there was Rufus, an acerbic, reserved, dark-armoured warrior with a fascinating blade wrought of a dragon's tooth, one who had travelled far in search of knowledge to aid his homeland. Had he found it?

And myself. Dren. Scout, rogue, outcast, killer. I was one who had fallen so low that I had once murdered a man for a tankard of ale - and not even GOOD ale. Now I was trying to make amends for my past. It was not an easy task, given how low I had sunk into the dark mires of the soul. Yet I tried so that one day I might return to the hills of my youth, to be forgiven by the spirits of stone and water and accepted once again. Until then, though, this group was my tribe, and I would defend and aid them with my heart's blood if need be.

Together, we had torn apart the long-forgotten Temple of the Sacrificial Son and emerged battered yet victorious from the ruin. In doing so, however, a true, ancient demon - a drainer of life, a twister and raper of words, bodies, minds, and souls - had been released from its rightful place of bondage back into the world. In truth, I was quite unsettled by our chieftain's decision to liberate the foul thing ... but it is not for anyone as low as myself to question the choices of a sky wizard, let alone those of our chieftain. I am sure Anabus had his reasons, as hidden and unfathomable as they may have been to the rest of us.

We continued forward, as our chieftain commanded. On this leg of our journey, the tribe battled another great demon of the sands ... a battle for which, I am ashamed to say, I was not present for, having scouted too far forward and rendering myself unable to return in time to lend what little assistance I could. I would not make that mistake again.

I stood up, shaking off the sands of the blasted wasteland, and returned to the tribe to tell them of what I had seen. What happened next, you ask? Ah, that I shall tell you, but not now, as the hour grows late, the sky grows dark, and I am first on watch. Rest for now, and perhaps tomorrow night, we can return to what I call the Tale of the Tribe of the Sky Wizard ...

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