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TV and Movies

Sometimes we get news stories that make you shake your head, mutter "What the fuck?" and shake your head once again in total disbelief. Today is slightly different, for today you'll probably read this and be following that WTF mantra for the next couple of weeks. 

In news stranger than finding out Kim Jong Un has been playing a massive practical joke on us all, and North Korea is actually the most liberal state on the planet, we have new gaming movies to tell you about. But, dear reader they're not what you expect. There's no Uncharted - The Movie. There's no GTA - The Movie. And no, we won't be catching Fallout - The Movie either. But we are going to be subject to a couple of gaming classics from years gone by in the form of Centipede and Missile Command. Both films are said to be in early development in a partnership with Atari, Emmet, Furla, and Oasis Films. And will be released over a course of two years.

But that's not the really insane WTF bit. It gets a little crazier.

It's also been announced that Tetris, (yes Tetris) will be getting a movie too. It's just been given $80 million in investment from an as yet unannounced Chinese studio , and is billed as being a "Scifi Epic" with a Chinese cast for Chinese audiences. 

And that's not it. The movie is said to be a part of a trilogy of films. We can only guess (and mockingly hope) that they'll be called "Tetris Begins", "Dark Block" and "Dark Block Drops". But whatever they are, they can't be anywhere near as bad as Battleship. 

We'll have more news on this as we get it. And I really wish it were a joke, but apparently, this is going to happen.


Do your specs excel in MMO content? Are you constantly asked about point distribution and soul pairing? Listen up Trion wants your builds. From now thru May 20th 2016 Trion is accepting builds for their Preset Redux and forum guides. You're able to win multiple times and all wins will be placed in game with credit going to you! That's right MMO Immortality !!!! Find all the info here and good luck !!



So, who loves Pokemon? Everybody. That's who. And as we all know, November 18th is going to be giving us all a reason to buy a 3DS (or in my case, likely regret selling theirs) because Pokemon Sun and Moon will be dropping.

Nintendo have released a teaser video showing not only a small snippet of the Hawaiiesque setting, but also the starters you can choose at the beginning of the game. 

First, is the owl-like Rowlet. A flying grass Pokemon. Second is Litten, a fire based kitten who rewrites the very definition of adorable. And lastly there's Popplio, a seal-like creature that won't sing "Kiss From a Rose" but will give you a water option to choose. You can check out the video below, and get very excited indeed.

General Geek


DJ Pixyl brought back some League of Legends Swag from PAX East 2016 to give away to 3 awesome listeners! Check out the details below!



Roaming around the exhibit hall of PAXEast 2016, I came across Orcs Must Die: Unchained and was able to have a chat with Ian Fischer, Design Director of Robot Entertainment. I even enjoyed a friendly little death match with some Orcs. Pretty fun game I must say! It is currently in Open Beta and F2P at!

Check out the interview and game trailer below!