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Song of the Month - July

Amelia Sweet - The Zombie Stare

Radio News


Last weekend's LouieThon was an amazing event with Twitch gaming sessions, public debasement and of course the music which was played and attended by DJs old and new. A lot of money was raised via the official GoFundMe page. The grand total at the time of writing is $12,780 raised to pay for Lou's living and medical expenses, and is still raising money even now to help his family through such a difficult time.

During the event we held a seies of raffles and giveaways, so check after the break to see who won what. 

Radio News


Sometimes there are no words for the heartbreak and the sadness we feel, but today it's with a very heavy heart that we bring the news that our beloved friend, colleague and commander of the Zombie Army, DJ Louie Louie lost his battle with cancer. 

Louie meant more to us than being just a colleague, he was, still is and always will be a great friend and member of the SI Radio Family. A great inspiration who made us all laugh, brought us all joy and kept us entertained for many years with his humour, his positivity, his love for KISS and his friendship.

Lou (Louie Louie) Beaver is a huge inspiration to us all and although so ill, was always so willing to make us all smile from his hospital bed and inspire us all to the very end. He showed great courage until the end where he left our world with the words "I'm not scared, I love you all, thank you".


So, on behalf of Split Infinity Radio I'd like to say Thank you for all the crazy, crazy nights and we all miss you, love you and thank you for being a wonderful part of our lives.

Godspeed and peace to you Louie. 

Radio News

Join Cyclometh for the LouieThon Kickoff Event!

Tune in tonight, July 18th at 9 PM PT (July 19th at midnight ET) when Cyclometh will be doing a four-hour Twitch session of him making a fool of himself live to raise money for LouieThon, Split Infinity Radio's event to raise money for our good friend and fellow DJ, Lou "Louie Louie" Beaver.


Radio News

Here is the list as of now of prizes we are raffling off when you make a donation to DJ LouieLouie's Go Fund Me page.  Each $1 is one raffle ticket. Once you donate, forward the Payment Confirmation email to louiethon@siradio.fm and you're entered!


  • Steam Gift Card
  • Wildstar Rowsdower Plushie 
  • MC Chris Signed CD 
  • $10 League of Legends card
  • $25 League of Legends card
  • SW:TOR cards
  • Payday2 Steam keys - donated by Overkill Software
  • Dragon Age Origin Ultimate edition (steam key) 
  • XCom: Enemy Unknown (steam key) 
  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (steam key)
  • BioShock  (steam key) 
  • BioShock 2 (steam key)
  • Mafia II (steam key) 
  • Battlefield 4 (XBox One) 
  • UFC fighting (XBox One)
  • Battlefield 4 (PS4) 
  • UFC fighting (PS4)

It's possible that this list may change, so keep your eye out, and thank you for supporting DJ LouieLouie in his time of need.



This weeks Indie Saturday Premiere game comes from Panzer Gaming Studios and is available on Steam. The devs have stated that the game in its Alpha infancy is buggy and has issues. That has never put me off from trying out a game after all some of the best moments I've had in games come from buggy situations. That being said lets dive into it:

You are a lone survivor in a zombie and mutant creature infested world. You load into an abandoned facility - or is it? Armed with your handy flashlight and a gun you turn a corner only to come face to face with what appears to be an inmate that has mutated into a crab crawling creepy thing. There are no melee abilities yet in game so one of your objectives is to not get cornered at least until you get some additional ammo. You do have a passive ability that is fire based and works great against baby spiders. Included in this facility from hell is your run of the mill zombies, mutated fireball shooting mamma spiders and fire charged zombies that light up the area around them.