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Indie Spotlight: A Valley Without Wind 2 & The Banner Saga: Factions



It’s Sunday, the day of the week that likes things before they were cool. Yea, hipster Sunday. So with that I guess it’s time for another Indie Spotlight. Today we take a look at another 2 titles plucked from the infinite maze of indie releases, and put them through their paces. Read more after the break...



A Valley Without Wind 2

Sequel to the original indie title, A Valley Without Wind 2 returns with the same 2D ‘Metroidvania’ style gameplay, where faced paced platforming & keen reaction times will be your biggest assets.  This time around, we see a new story and all new game mechanics being put into place to help make the game more user-friendly, which is quite the stark contrast to the original which saw users frequent an in-game manual to try and decipher what the hell they wanted to do. A welcome change I can assure you.


vvw2But it’s not all jumping and shooting mindlessly, scratch past the surface and a deeper strategic experience awaits. Without spoiling too much, the story introduces followers for you to micromanage when on the world map, to help you accomplish various goals as you attempt to scout out important features. How you manage the placement of your followers across the world not only provides you with the necessary resources needed to progress your characters development, but can also lead to their inevitable death, with a faceless spectre set to slowly move across the map looking for you and your buddies to munch on.


With the combination of high paced 2D platforming sprinkled with strategy elements, AVWW2 has a sizeable chunk of entertainment to offer. Add Coop multiplayer into that mix and you’ve got yourself an indie game worthy of playing.


A Valley Without Wind 2 is available over steam for £9.49 and comes bundled with the original game.


The Banner Saga: Factions


This Multiplayer only F2P title snuck out of nowhere, and everyone was pleasantly surprised. The Banner Saga: Factions is a turn-based Strategy game which allows players to assemble a variety of classes and enter them into fights against other players in a deadly game of Vikings VS Vikings.




Fans of the Final Fantasy: Tactics/Fire Emblem games will feel at home here, with the same Rock-Paper-Scissors formula at work to provide each unit class with its own identity. As the player fights their units will gain fame, which in turn can be used to upgrade the individual characters in the roster, ranging from stat boosts to promotion to more advanced classes.


Hours of enjoyment lie in store for players with this hidden gem, whether you’re fighting strangers or friends, participating in tournaments or just sitting back and enjoying the games fantastic hand drawn art style, there’s plenty on offer for your inner Viking to have fun with.


The Banner Saga: Factions is a free to play title available through steam