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MMOs I'd Like to See Made: Starcraft
Dream MMOs - Starcraft
I'll admit it, I was sort of a little sad that Project Titan was announced to be a new IP. Why? I personally would have loved to see them make a Starcraft MMO.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need a decent non-swords-and-sorcery MMO on the market. People keep saying they won't work, but I call bullshit. City of Heroes worked for years, and it's not in that mold. It can work, the setting just needs to be robust enough, the game mechanics strong enough, and the interest high enough to support it. Starcraft has the interest and the setting, and Blizzard can always bring the mechanics.
Plenty Of Faces With Plenty of Races

Starcraft comes pre-built with three races, the Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Not only does that give you a three way battlefront for plenty of gory PvP action galore, but it gives you plenty of story telling leeway as well. You can talk about how the Terran and Protoss play off each other, Terran and Zerg, Zerg and Protoss... or have other weird races pop up say, as the three of you are fighting over Planet XJ-993's resources.  A common enemy you can unite forces against. This is Blizzard, they've done this before with the opening of the Dark Portal and the Lich King. I have faith they could do this well.

All three races have great back stories already built up courtesy of the two RTS games now on the market.  There have been numerous side characters, like Tychus Findlay, introduced that would be very interesting to see what made them the way they are. There is also plenty of opportunity for new and interesting story lines to come out and shine.

Classes are semi fleshed out already as well, but if you needed to cut them down to some of the barer bones classic archetypes you'd think of in a MMO, such as:
Soldier: These are your Marines, your Zealots, your Zerglings, the base unit you use for tanking or maybe even DPS.
Engineer: These could be your more specialized classes. Perhaps a Medic from Starcraft: Brood War, or a unit that repairs somehow.
Special Ops: Your Ghosts, Marauders, Infestors or your Dark Templars would fall into this category.
Really the difficulty here would lie in the representation of all of the units. There are a lot of very large, powerful units and flying units as well that would be difficult to translate into a MMO universe. Perhaps things like the seige tank or the Protoss carrier could end up becoming modes of transportation rather than playable units.
The Universe is a Big Place
The opportunity for exploration and expansion is immense here. You can literally keep spawning worlds at will, making their back stories what you want, because the entire universe is your world.
The player being involved in pushing the exploration could potentially excite the growing crowd who enjoy a sandbox experience. While out in the universe, they could also run into the main characters and advance their story line at random. Perhaps a mechainc like this would be enough of a draw for the more traditional folks who like their MMOs more on rails. 
Mission wise, there's always the traditional helping out the locals for a little bit of spending money, but you could expand on that with setting goals like prospecting an area for your particular race. Large corporations with interests on far off worlds that can widely range could provide a lot of different mission ideas. Test plants to try to find a cure for some rare disease. Tag and release various animal life for scientific study. Or perhaps kill and clear a plot of land so a mining operation can land safely and begin operations. Explore a zone to find a suitable site for colonization for a group of separatists. There are endless possibilities.
This MMO could go in a lot of directions and possibly make a lot of people happy. Maybe some day it'll actually come to light. Here's hoping!