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 Post subject: Who said Time ran in a straight line?
PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:09 am 
Keen Fingers
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Hawk held the woman in his arms tightly the romantic music flowing around them as both ignored Jules and the others peeking their heads in at them. Hands pull her close as her eyes close and his lips touch hers letting their breath mingle for that first kiss.

Fainche giggles in memory as her feet barely touch ground the whole way home wings fully spread touching her lips giddy the whole way home to her new apartment. The pups cock their heads as if puzzling this two legger's behavoir as she basically floats past her sisters not even acknowledging they're there.
"Did she get with some drug or something?" Dawn shoots half sarcastically.
"Someone must have spiked the punch, you nkow she can't hold her drink at all." Arlene retorts thoughtfully.
"Sisters mine, I fear it's far worse than either of those choices... our baby sister's in love." Rose sighs pulling out her Fainche's mind a sad look on her face.
"Just why would that be so bad?" Arlene turns to Rose a baffled look on her face the white glowing of the kheldian proving it was lsitening close as well.
"You don't see many full blooded Fae this far from the homeland and what there are seem to be of the lower court and not nearly of her size to make it worth her time to even look so that leaves..."
"Oh? OH!" Arlene and Dawnchaser have a twin short speak conversation in their bond before both wince. "Ouch!"
"Exactly.... no matter what happens her heart will be broken so let's hope when can keep him alive as much as possible before that happens." Rose speaks calmly though the grief still fills them.
"Couldn't we find some way of breaking them up before she gets too attached?"
"It's already too late for that." Rose picks up her pair of pups and heads for the door dressing in looser dress than she used to. "All we can do now is protect and pray we can find a way of lengthening his lifeforce to hers that they'll both be willing to accept."
"Too bad no priestess fr the blood binding... maybe it's just puppy love."
"Keep telling yourself that, Nimue. Somehow I doubt she'll listen."
Time passes as it's wont to do. The Rikti have been pushed back once more. Another day of life for the citizens of Paragon. Hawk pulled Nelks aside whispering a request in his ear before pulling Fainche into the atrium leaving their comms on to listen to the music.
"I hadn't realized how much I missed having a grove to call relatively my own." she spoke wistfully laying her hand on the tree before feeling the slightly fetermined stance of the man behind her. "Something wrong, Hawk?" She turned to look at him quizzically light navy and gold wings fluttering as she swallowed hard.
"Fainche, every day in this city we put our lives at the mercy of those we protect it's time we started putting our lives at risk for each other instead of the faceless masses." he knelt opening a velvet lined box as her eyes widened. He picks the ring up holding between his thumb and forefinger. "I want to be by your side and you by mine. Will you marry me?"
"This had better not be a joke Hawk or I swear you'll feel the sharp end of my blades I can't..." she stutters looking a bit shellshocked.
"It's not a joke and it's not the adrenaline from the battle. A simple yes or no would be nice please." Hawk grimaces.
"I... if you're sure yes!" she launches herself hugging him tight, laughing a bit.
The comm cuts in for a talkover from Nelks. "Seeing as Hawk man hasn't come back out looking like a broken man or Fainche come out looking for a shovel to bury the body I think we have congratulations in order. Dedicated to Fainche from Blackhawk 'Beautiful' from Cinderella fear the Fae."
She snickers and looks softly at her fiance.
"May I have this dance?" he stands slowly untangling himself laughing.
"You may." She leans her head on his shoulder as they dance the night away not seeing the worried looks shot their way from Aiden and Rose Wilder before shrugs were exchanged.
Aiden relaxes sniffing at his glass of wine staying calm though the groom's obviously sweating bullets pulling at his collar. "Calm down she's not calling off." He chuckles at the glare shot his way. "She just had to undo a few things and do a few more up before she could start the walk so relax it's a beautiful day. The falls give a nice primal backdrop and so far the pups have only torn up one stuffed animal between them." He sets the glass down picking up his daughter one armed as soft lyrical strain echo as the sisters file up with their mother followed by a white veiled green dressed female nervously fidigiting with the bouquet not one ounce of skin visible. She pushed the veil back skin having changed from a mortal color to more of a soft moonbeam white.
"Sorry took so long to unravel my glamour it's been in place so long figure you'd want to see your bride in her natural colors instead of the artificial." She lowers her eyes a bit a faint pink color in her cheeks.
"And the green dress?" came the quiet whisper obviously trying to avoid interrupting the ceremony now that she was there.
"Mocking superstitious Irish beliefs that if you're not in green some Fae lord will be able to see you and sweep you away from the altar on your wedding day." came the faint teasing back.
The familiar ceremony and vows came until Fainche's vow to "Love honor obey" came to be "Love honor strength causing a raised eyebrow but no comment from the groom.
Fainche slips from the bed barely keeping herself from rushing from their martial bed enough to wake Hawk up before rushing at full tilt for the bathroom not quite making it as her dinner the night before came up hard making her groan in pain. *Not again. That's the sixth time this week. If I could find a way of calling Mom or Rose without worrying Hawk I would have done so.* She flinches as a pair of hands rub her back in soothing gestures. "I'll clean it up honest."
"I'm not worried about that I'm more worried about you! Woman, sometimes you push yourself too much I was starting to wonder if you were sleeping around. I'll call your sister then clean it up you go back to bed and stay put until they get here." Eyes concerned he shoves her out pulling out his cell phone as he tucks her back in. "Hey Aiden. Yes I know it's early but could you please get your wife down here if she has a moment? Alright, I'll keep the balcony door open."
Hawk couldn't keep his mind on the mess with worry enuogh Aiden sighed setting the baby down and helping him both males looking up as Rose and her stepmother appear. "Well?"
"She's very weak but if we can boost her strength congratulations you're going to be a father twice over. We just need to make her slow down at least for now."
"I'll help force her to slow down if I have to sit on her." Hawk grimaces throwing down the scrub brush before rushing to his wife's side to see how she was taking the news.
Fainche bit her lip as pain was obviously pulsing through her body shaking like a leaf.
The ladies of her family had pretty much thrown Hawk out and the worried looks they were shooting each other boded as ill as she was afraid of. The gathered cursed as the vanguard raid warnings went off. "Not now..."
"Actually, Mom, this might be a good thing. Let me tell him to go then we can head to the hospital... you know I can't last... much longer without trying human medicine my wings have no flutter left..."
Arianna grimaced looking at her other daughters sighing. "Stubborn... one second I'll get him but we have to go fast if we're to have a chance."
Hawk came in looking distracted and torn between his two duties teeth gritted as he came in.
"Please, my love, go... it'll get your mind off this for a while and you'll fight harder knowing you have to come back to me."
Jaw clenched he gave her a firm hug. "No matter what happens I'll always be with you." A last glance over his shoulder made Fainche's heart yearn to stop him but her mind said to let him go since she didn't want his last memory of her to be writhing in pain. "Let him get a good distance then let's go. I'm so cold..." She wiped at the tears in her eyes heart already grieving thinking that unless the human doctors gave some hope that would be the last time he saw her alive. Aiden scooped her up while Nimue shook her head.
"Someone has to stay behind to watch the imp. I can't imagine loosening the little terror to be bored in the hospital and not like I'm much good there." The warshade winced as she realized she had just put herself on babysitting duty but turned to work on her duty.
Hours pass the doctors work valiently the tank slipping out the doors while his wife and mother in law act like Fae generals bringing a halfhearted smile to his lips as her goes to find the father to be. Three more warnings had gone off while they'd waited and so he planned hitting the most recent and working his way back hoping to find the father to be. What he found stopped his blood cold as he fought through the Rikti even having to punch a hero or two in the face to get through the chaos to one still figure on the other side of the battlefield. He checked for a pulse and finding none tried activated the beacon cursing he grabbed the fallen hero up over his shoulder and flew to the nearest hospital. The announcement was exactly what he feared. DOA. No pulse unable to resuistate.
Fainche curled up on the couch arms aching. She had to keep up the facade for both her children and her more adult family but the image was wearing her down slowly she had been working on a side project only the goddess knew if it'd actually work or if she was commiting enough sacrilige that she would be punished for hubris. Pulling back the cloth, she looked at the faceted crystal. *If only you were here I wouldn't have to... but it's because you're not I have to consider it. Mother doesn't realize how much danger her prophecy puts the twins in. If you were here we both could be protecting them instead of being picked off one by one. To think I built this to go back to save you my love and here it is fifteen years afterwards and instead I'm sending our children back to save their lives from your dark mirror self. Nimue fell and Arlene. I'm the last defense here and they'll probably hate me worse than they already do for this. My babies you'll have to forgive me but I can't lose the little of him you still have.* She went upstairs to write the note that would hopefully get them sanctuary in the past. The trap to send her children back without them protesting and making her hesitate set. Let teenage rebellion finish the rest.
The pair stuck their noses in the basement curious what their mother had been working on that had been so noisy.
"What do you think it is?" Grace poked it peering at the crystal frowning.
"Dunno but one thing's for it's more of an adventure probably than Mother dear would let us have elsewise... I think this is the controls." Skywing poked at a couple buttons eyes widening as the crystal glowed brightly.
A crash sounded overhead as Fainche came down the white streak of her grief over Hawk prominent upon her brow as she looked the pair over coldly before hitting something in a wristheld computer and shoving Skywing through tucking a folded envelope into his shirt, before turning to her daughter beguinning to shove just as a loud explosion burst the door a bit of shrapnel cutting Grace's eye as she fell through the portal.
Falling endlessly falling and twisted out of her natural shape into something unnatural that wouldn't let her scream.
~I can guide you out if you're willing.~ a polite voice echoed in her head seeming familiar and at the same time not. ~Less guide me out!~
Meanwhile back at the house Fainche hit another button before breaking the main controls letting the sparking and sizzling show her contempt for the man and his chained Fae dog show in her eyes.
"Come on Tomcat let me play with this one... you don't give me enough toys and when they do they always break too easy she wouldn't have let the children out of her sight not her." Morgana sneered and Fainche stood her ground at the twisted dark version of herself knowing finally she'd done what she could it would soon be time to make her peace with the spirit of the one she loved while his own counterpart killed her. She had no idea when and where the shard of ice and fire she had saved went nor did she care so long as it went away from her children. If the random generator was before they grew to adulthood game over but Fate had her hands in this too far to let that be the result of chance. She clutched at her side a spear that had once been part of the door coated with blood sticking out of her side.
"Tell me where they are and I might give you a quick and merciful death."
"Go to hell. You have no power over my life." She closed her eyes and the breath left her body as firm hands held her spirit tight as they watched the rest unfold the date making her cringe. "What have I done?"
"You saved our children now come on love we don't belong here anymore."
Tomcat seethed as her tore apart the house looking for the children to end the threat to himself before it came to fruition and was about to burn the house to the ground when the Portal Corp scientist who went turncoat on his people for simple greed stopped him. "Maybe I can find whatever was on that computer but not if you blow it up in a fit of rage."
Morgana smirked before wincing as the one who held her leash dug the iron spikes just enough to threaten but not break the skin. "The crystal did look familiar some reason please master let go."
Tomcat nodded and walked out to let his temper cool. That witch had outfoxed him and wasn't like she was smarter than him. How? How had she hid herself and those children all these years from him? And now when victory was within his grasp she had snatched it away at least for now.
"Sir the coordinates are re set to last configuration and we have the device running again it's ready when you are." Tomcat ripped the wristborn computer from the dead Fae before slapping it on his own. "They die now. He grabbed a modified Rikti gun holding it. Ironic they'll die to the one thing their father spent his life fighting isn't it?"
Peregrine Island was full of Rikti that day portals opening everywhere, BlackHawk was sweating bullets. *Maybe wasn't such a good idea keeping going instead of pacing the house halls waiting for the baby cries but she wanted me out so I'm out. Please let her be alright. Oh shit.*
His eyes widened as he took in his polar opposite standing on the battlefield. None else noticed as the Praetorian strode over being so busy with the fighting regarding especially the heavy suits. It was large it was messy it was war.
Tomcat shot some jolt of electricity disabling Hawk's body making it shake as it was electrocuted shorting out the beacon. "I'll just ask one time. Where are the brats?"
"What?" Hawk shook his head trying to clear it as a few Rikti became blackened craters around the pair.
"Wrong answer... I suppose ending you would clear up my little problem though before it became a problem though so... good bye never trouble me again." the trigger gets squeezed off once twice before he scowled and ran seeing a younger version of himself and a slight female with a star shaped scar around her eye both sent energy blasts where he'd stood just a second before before cursing since instead of hitting their target they hit the Rikti behind where he'd stood just a second before and turn to look at their very pale uncle who was shaking his head.
"It wasn't the Rikti... he came after us and instead killed our father before we could know him. How long are we going to be caught in this twisted loop?" Grace turned to her grandmother glaring.
"Util he's put down then destiny will stop being interrupted... which means we have to make sure your uncle takes you in in the past sooner than he did this time. At least you two being here means we got your mother to the hospital in time but now we have to fix the timeline further. Man shouldn't mess with his destiny nearly so bad."
"I'll write the note Arianna... hopefully my past self believes it and follows my request." he sighed and flew off refusing to allow his family to see the weakness and how shaken he was seeing his sister in law's husband fall.
Grace stood slowly fairly disoriented as her brother steadied her concerned at how pale his sister had become and the glowing eyes like the aunts as a red and yellow suited Peacebringer towered over the pair of them.

 Post subject: Re: Who said Time ran in a straight line?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:49 am 
Oh it *IS* on!

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This is neat. Is it part of a longer story?

 Post subject: Re: Who said Time ran in a straight line?
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:00 am 
Keen Fingers
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How did you find out about SI Radio?: PBS on CoH
Hawk and I been tossing ideas back and forth on the next sequel story this is pretty much the backstory

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