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Crimson Tide (WIP, Based off cosmic break)
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Author:  Cybernetic [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Crimson Tide (WIP, Based off cosmic break)

"I want to be big and strong daddy, just like you!" said Shiraharo with a small cute grin on her face, her father daren't deny her anything she said, she was born with a strange condition, you could practically shake her arm right off. Yet she prevailed, she was only six at this time, but why don't we skip ahead?


It was a cold dark night in the space shuttle heading for the cosmic ark, Shira waited in her seat, waving her legs back and forth, humming a little tune to herself, when a loud BANG rang through out the passenger area. There was something like smoke, but heavier, and carrying a presence of death, a scream escaped the lips of another passenger, much older then Shira, as their body crumpled horrifically to the floor. At this point Shira hid behind some boxes in hopes they wouldn't find her, but she was forced to watch the carnage, people being teared limb from limb, their blood showering every corner of the small room, their bones bleach white with stains of red from the blood and fresh chunks of meat. She sat there her eyes gaping as she watched this all helplessly. 'What can I do, I can't leave or they'll find me....what, oh what should I do' she thought to herself, but she couldn't take it, and broke down, screaming and wailing, tears seeping through her tightly shut eyelids. "She's over here!" Said a harsh voice of a grown woman "Good, now get her for me," a robotic voice boomed from behind, "We need her alive for this to work." the next thing Shira knew, her neck as being grabbed by the cold hand of the one woman, slowly squeezing her windpipe, causing her to gasp for air, and pass out.


She awoke in a strange facility, obviously not in the shuttle, but on the ark, the lights above shone brightly, causing her vision to blur and falter, she tired to move her left arm, no response, she then strained her good eye to look at her arm, there was nothing there but charred flesh, nerves, and some blood veins. She was so shocked that the sight nearly made her puke, but she didn't, she slowly lifted her head to look down, sure enough, her lower half was gone too, she was connected to a massive machine, pouring multiple liquids into her, she caught sight of a man, or was it a robot? towering above her, as her vision clouded and she fell asleep, so deep, nothing could awake her.

Shira finally had re-awoken, but the air was damp and cold, almost as if she was underground, or in a cave she slowly got to her feet, 'Wait, I thought...something had happened....or...' she stretched her arms and looked at her hands, and jumped from shock, her arms were metal, powder white, deep black, with neon blue lights, she had to take a moment to figure out what had happened as she observed the surrounding area. She was in a massive rusted metal room, with a window on the roof, the panes shattered and vines creeping through, everything looked ancient, thousands, maybe millions of years old. She looked for a way out of this death trap, making note of a few places she could jump from, making herself steady in this new armoured form, she swiftly climbed an old rotting wooden ladder to the surface, in front of her was a vast lake, with sandy beaches outlining it, she jumped right into the water -which was suprisingally shallow- and made her way to the shore.

At the shore, she slowly stepped out of the water, making sure none seeped into her armour (Thankfully none did) and made her way towards a massive towering building, hovering over a platform enveloped by light, she looked at it in amazement as she stepped on it, her body began to dissolve; without pain though, as she slowly moved towards an ever growing light into the unknown. When the light had left, she saw in front of her, a construction site, a building in progress, with I beams curved, and straight lying around, with small welding bots floating about, she simply ignored them and went onwards to the small counter-like structure, and asked the attendant "Excuse me, but where am I?" she said in a calm, yet angered voice. "You are in the central area of the cosmic ark!" The robot said in an overtly cheerful voice. She stared at it for a moment before moving on to the small over-hanging bridge area and sitting down on a rock, before she began to tire.

Before she closed her eyes, she had seen a tall (or was he short?) teal robot, stepping towards her, he was short-ish, with a nearly rectangular head, with two elongated eyes making it look like a helm, his body appeared to have two machine guns on it as well. "You must be new to the cosmic Ark, I am Cosmo Kaiser, leader of the angel force, the army who stops the forces of the chaos from spreading to our dear home." Shira just stared at him as he went on. "But as of late we have been a bit short handed, would you care to help us?" She continued to stare as she thought this over and finally nodded, "IF you pay me well, and supply me with what I want when I want it!" She made the best she could of a smirk behind her metal helmet. "Very well." Cosmo said as he turned and gestured for her to follow, and she did just that.


Hours passed, they felt like days, but they made it to the planet. "Green bar.." Cosmo said with a hint of reluctance, "Never did like this place, it's always infested with delgons, Devlins, and Ranbots, keep an eye out." He motioned for everyone to come forward. Shira hesitated, but began to slowly walk forward, Cosmo had given her a large halberd to carry and use. As they stepped off this raised ground, two small purple and black balls had appeared, crackling with electricity. The burst open to reveal two small brown and black Cycloptic robots. "What are those!?" Shira screamed out, unsure of if they would be dangerous, but Cosmo just cut right through them. "Devlins, don't worry, they won't hurt too much if you kill them fast" He said in a calmed voice. "Al-alright." Shira hesitantly responded. A few moments later, they found themselves face to face with a robot bigger then anything they ever saw, the omega golem!

Chapter 1: new life, old ways;

Hours after thier encounter with the omega golem, shira and cosmo stood their ground, shira panting from overexerting herself, but she never felt better, cosmo had gotten his arm broken from a shell fired by the golem, but he called it "just a scratch, no worries" Shira just looked at him funny and headed for the shuttle heading to the ark. Around 3 hours later, they landed, but not at the ark, this place was in ruins, tinted blood red by the smoke and fire, and in the middle stood a lone figure, weilding two swords, their golden glow emphisised from the burning fires, shira hadn't known why, but all she could say, in a low quietly shocked tone "Blackcomb" Her eyes widened as she remembered the golden glow of the robot that murdered her family, the reason she went to the ark, what she hid from when the shuttle was borded. Her fear now looked at her, eyes locked as it lowered both blades and began to charge.

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