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 Post subject: And you thought self pairing socks were the coolest thing...
PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:54 pm 
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Well, you thought wrong!

Socks have evolved over the centuries from the earliest models which were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankles. In the 8th century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair for warmth. The Romans also wrapped their feet with leather or woven fabrics.

But from the dawn of sock history, people have had to have the tedious task of sorting their socks. EVEN STILL TODAY WITH ALL THE TECHNOLOGY WE HAVE. I mean, we live in the 21st century! We shouldn't have to sort out socks!

But lucky for you guys.... the solution exists at the tip of your fingers (or iPhone application). Let me introduce you to the world of self pairing socks (and yes, this product actually really exists!) Smarter Socks system from BlackSocks (established 1999... ) has noticed the lameness of sorting your socks.


But now... you actually CAN Say... you have an app for that! Using RFID chips embedded to the socks, a scanner device and an application on your iPhone you can let your iPhone do ALL the work for you. The app features very useful information like the sock's ID, its partner, how many times it has been washed and how many times you have scanned the sock's information.
Oh, and you can also check how black your sock (WTF?) is with the help of your phone's camera.

You know how boring sorting out is, so you don't mind the a bit salty price, now do you?
With only 19$ a pair and a fabulous starter pack with 10 pairs of socks and the scanner unit at the price of 189$ even YOU can have this ever so needed product.

In fact. We liked this product so much on Electric Addiction show that we have now decided to bring you a NEW, much improved product with all the next step technology -well, or at least the social media aspect.

Let me introduce you to....


Wouldn't you just LOVE to have all the latest info from your socks, including the need to wash, the abuse from your roommates (seriously, don't leave your socks unattended). How this gorgeous idea could ever go wrong?

Now, enjoy some of the tweets our IRC people came up:

<Cookie> "you fucker, you washed me in too high heat"
<anirtak> "Yo bitch, I'm getting all wet and sudsy"
<anirtak> "I'm getting my black washed off :("
< Cookie> "oh gods, I'm going to throw up! Why it won't stop spinning"
<anirtak> "my mate is rolling around in an orgy and I'm here on the floor all alone. FML"
<anirtak> "HELP! HELP! The dog is chewing me! AAHHHHH!"
<MadHatterJimmy> "NO! I am not for your dick!"
<Lunia> "Hey don't stick that in me!"
<Doragon> "that's not what I am supposed to be used for!"
<TooMuchCoffeeKid> "Saw a pretty skirt, wonder what legs it belongs to"
<HardCore> bleach?!? where you gonna put that man?!?
<Kamikaze> "that... does not feel like a foot"
<Kodiak> "Your feet stink!"
<Kamikaze> "seriously dude... you put me on with sandals again? pretentious douche"
<Doragon> "I'm wet and sticky...but I don't think that is sweat"
<anirtak> "I don't know how you can love cheese so much. I hope it's better than the cheese I get. This shit is fucking nasty."
<Zan> "warming a 9 iron? Seriously?"
<Ryagas|werk> "what happened to your foot?!?"
<anirtak> "Beauty is on the inside? Is that why you turn me inside out and wear me again? Thx for turning me into all around scum. FUCK YOU!"
<HardCore> stuffed in a gas tank?!? FUCK YOU MAN!
<Zan> "Despite the smell of Irish Spring attended the best blanket party EVAR!!!"
<Doragon> "what...what is that smell?"
<Zan> "If you're wondering where I am some douche bag sewed eyes on me and is using me to entertain his 3 year old brat!"
<TooMuchCoffeeKid> "Wish you could see what I see when people think I'm not looking..."
<HardCore> "how the fuck did i get stuck to the ceiling?"
<vaxamond> "I'm Mr. Lonely. Never gets used. especially after my partner left."
<Kodiak>"Now I'm wondering. Am I right? Or am I left?"
<anirtak> "Man, I'm ALWAYS on the doorhandle :/"
<anirtak> "gagged a bitch to death @framedformurder"
<Doragon> "who knew I could hold so many balls?"
<Doragon> "in a staring contest with anirtak's bra.....don't know who will win"
<vaxamond> "why am I stuffed down this guys pants? and what with the pale one eyed twig?"

Also, stay tuned for our other clothing lines from Tweeting Wear (Trademark pending)

<anirtak> underwear tweet: "Oh yay, I'm edible. Can't eat the pussy, eat the pants. FML"
<Cookie> "Oh gods, not the brown streak again!! FML"
<TooMuchCoffeeKid> Underwear: "In or out... Make up your mind."
<Doragon> underwear: "Journal Entry - Day 15. So very, very dirty....I desperately seek water, but so far nothing. I believe the human has forgotten about me, having placed a second pair atop me."

[Retired crumbly Cookie]
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 Post subject: Re: And you thought self pairing socks were the coolest thin
PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:18 pm 
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And, if that wasn't enough for you. We now have SIsocktweets on Twitter.

Oh, it's real now. Log on and follow SIsocktweets today :D

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