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Wonderful weekend
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Author:  Darkpotato [ Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Wonderful weekend

Well I had the most wonderful weekend I want to tell you about. Thursday I woke with a really bad taste in my mouth around one of my teeth. The tooth has been broken for 4-6 months and has not been a problem, because money is tight I haven't had it fixed but the bad taste means it most likely abscessed and started to drain and now needs to be taken care of. The taste persisted 13-15 hours so after I got off work I made an appointment to have pulled, next opening was Monday. At this point it didn't hurt that much, mostly the left side of my face was sore so that was fine but as time went on it hurt more and more.

Friday I had more things to do after work so I rushed around and in doing so stubbed my toe. If you think about normally you stub the big toe or the pinky as they are on the out side but I managed to stub my middle toe and hard enough that it swelled up and turned dark red and sore as all hell. Trying to walk on the sore toe as little as possible I put most of my weight on the heel but when you do that on stairs you tend to put the heel on the back on the step you are going down from. The problem with this is the stairs in my house have old carpet that has pulled away exposing the carpet nails at the back of the stairs. So I stepped on the exposed carpet nail, not hard enough to break skin but I felt it enough to react by putting the sore right toes down and push off hard. That hurt but the real problem is my left foot was already in the air meaning that now both feet were mid air. On the right side there is a banner which I was holding but neither foot positioned to stop me and nothing to grab on the left wall I started to fall. This in when my anime style reflexes kick in and smash my left elbow into the wall and braced my forearm on the fist stud I hit. This did stop my fall but now my left arm is bruised and scratched up. Also when I do feel better I have some dry wall to fix, YAY more money go bye bye!

Saturday I needed to do my shopping and was for the most part uneventful but I think the shaking of the vehicle irritated my tooth causing it to swell a lot and it was very sore wearing headphones would have been torture.

Sunday I finally got the swelling to go down a little and the side of my face was no longer sore so I actually got to play 1 game with a friend YAY!

Monday the tooth was pulled with out issue and I have a doctors note saying that I can't work for the next 3 days which is good, although that means I lose 3 days pay which is bad, part time no sick pay. I'm not in that much pain and wanna play with my friend but the left side of my face is sore again so I can't wear headphones again.

Anyway I wanted to share this wonderful weekend and I blame it all on the fact I was born on the 13th so every few years I get a Friday the 13th wonderful weekend. YAY happy birthday me!.... /cry

Author:  anirtak [ Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wonderful weekend

That's quite a weekend. At least you survived :)

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