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 Post subject: Router Stuffs
PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:40 pm 
Oh it *IS* on!

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Okay internet peoples... If you're using an ISP supplied router or a store-bought router you're probably getting screwed. Hard. (there are exceptions if you got a good one from a store, but from an ISP... nope, anal rape, no lube.)

This guide will attempt to give you the basic tools and information to BUILD your own.
Yes, it's scary, but really. It's much easier than you'd think.

These are the general steps.

1) building a system / re-tasking an old system.
2) putting together installation medium
3) installation
4) configuration

1) Building System
This is the only real cost in doing this. You don't need a quad-core, hot-shit gaming rig for this. A single-core POS from 2001 will do the job. (as long as the hardware is stable and isn't going to lock up on you while you're on hour 4 of a boss run) -- (or in the middle of a set, dj's) :P

If you have an old desktop you aren't using, gathering dust in a closet, etc. It will work. All it needs is (2) ethernet ports. Buying an additional ethernet card is cheap. Usually about $10-$20 online or from your local store. (they even sell them at best-buy / walmart)

For myself, I use low-end / low power systems. Intel Atom's are good for this.
Look on newegg or wherever for a barebones mini (or micro) atx system. As long as it has the requisite (2) ethernet ports, you're good to go. The only stipulation here is that you use x86 processors. (ARM is doable, but you'd have to use an alternate distro than the one i'm going to recommend later in this post) If you want to get into doing an ARM based router, message me directly. I'll get you setup. If you have specific questions on the hardware, again, message me directly. The options here change almost daily, so there's no real point in me giving a detailed run-down of what's available at the moment in time I'm posting this.

2) Installation medium.
This is where most folks freak out. But really. It's easy.
Step One:
This is the distro I use. It's solid, updates well, has flexible options to add new functionality and is generally user-friendly. Download the most recent release.

If you're looking for something else, here's a list: ... tributions

Step Two: Installing the image on a flash drive. ... lash-image
Very easy to follow instructions.
This method is the standard for pretty much all distros.

3) Installation.
Most of you have installed windows before, this is, functionally, no different.
Attach your new flash drive, boot the system. Make sure the BIOS is set to boot off the flash drive and not the harddrive. Follow the on-screen instructions. Simple.
If you have specific questions about the distro you're using, check with them.

4) Configuration.
This is pretty simple too. And not that different from your commodity router.
If you're using ipfire then it's web-based and easy to configure.
just navigate to: type in your username / password, and voila, you're golden.
The real difference is that you'll have about 50x the options to control your shit over what a craptastic ISP router will give you.

This will not include a wireless access point. You can re-task an old router to do this. (by disabling DHCP!)
Or just get a wireless access point that's a single device that's not a router. (i prefer this method, as they tend to be of higher quality / signal strength)

Now you can use tools like QoS / Network-wide VPN's / etc.

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