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Memorable IRC Quotes
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Author:  numbers1thru9 [ Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

07:53 <@Cookie> aww. I was gonna torture Zine now that I'm paying attention
here again
07:53 <@Cookie> booo :(
07:53 < numbers1thru9|work> you can "torture" me and tarshan cookie ;-)
07:54 * Cookie tortures Tar instead and colors his hair bright pink
07:54 <@TarShan> been done before allready cookie.
07:54 * Cookie and dresses 1-9 as pretty pretty princess
07:54 <@TarShan> it was HOT neon pink for 2 weeks.
07:54 <@Cookie> Tar, pfft liest. I've not seen pic proof. So nyah ^^
07:54 < numbers1thru9|work> but i can NEVER be as pretty a princess as SRT10
07:55 * TarShan goes dogging for the pictar
07:55 <@TarShan> BWA HAHA 1-9 wins!
07:55 * numbers1thru9|work takes a bow

Author:  Meh [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

<BareBear> HOLY SHIT!
<tink|game> O.o
<BareBear> A MALE DWARF!
<BareBear> OMFG
<Kermina> o.O
<@Discord> is your character female?
<BareBear> no
<tink|game> O.O
<@Discord> ...well now
<BareBear> my guy just fucked a dwarf
<tink|game> .....
<@Discord> that's different
<tink|game> >.> was it a display of dominance?
<Meh> i think there is only male dwarfs
<Kermina> LOL xD im gonna die of laughter
<tink|game> no, there are females, but its the beard XD
<Kermina> lol
* @Discord humps barebear's head
<tink|game> XD
<Meh> only in your party
<BareBear> i didnt know what i was doing, i was listening to rob zombie, and all of a sudden ALMOST NAKED MALE DWARF IN BED!
<tink|game> LOL
<Kermina> lol, just lookin for other ways to pat rent arnt ya?
<Cylis> that's not a story line I want to follow.
<Kermina> lol
<tink|game> lol
<BareBear> omg
<Meh> is your person a dude Bare?
<tink|game> wow that totally makes up for my death in game
<BareBear> im scarred
<Kermina> lol the question is do you feel violated?!
<tink|game> i know my eyes do >.>
<BareBear> yes meh my guys a elf mage
<Kermina> lol
<BareBear> and now my guy is nude, and hes down 40 silver pieces omfg!
<Meh> hehehehehehe
<tink|game> XD
<Kermina> your doin it wrong then!
<Meh> you fucking fail
<tink|game> LOL Bear
<BareBear> ><
<BareBear> that was awesome, i need a cigarette after that
<tink|game> sexfail?
* Meh is rofling
<@Discord> wow, wtg bare... way to stir up the room
<tink|game> XD
<tink|game> roftlecopter
<BareBear> my tall angular, swarvy, elf mage just mounted a male dwarf, FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Author:  Zine [ Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[13:37] <Bunnykin> no no.."cinergized" is how it's spelt in the gym lol because incorrect spelling is a sign of a fit body.
[13:37] <Kermina> Sinergized
[13:37] * Ninja_Mafioso (Mibbit@siradio-5AAA97F3.unl.edu) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[13:37] <%Zine|Nekkid> How do they figure that out?
[13:37] <%Zine|Nekkid> Apparently I am in tip top shape!
[13:38] <Bunnykin> *shrug* but apparently if you're cool, you spell it "cinergize" because you're ripped..and you're awesome.
[13:38] <@TarShan> yes because sex appeal makes right.
[13:38] * @TarShan eye roll.
[13:38] <%Zine|Nekkid> Oh, I am not ripped
[13:38] <%Zine|Nekkid> I am Awesome though
[13:38] <Bunnykin> you're ripped hunnie.
[13:38] <%Zine|Nekkid> I am ripped of awesome
[13:38] <Bunnykin> you're ripped like a verile african rhino in heat!
[13:38] <%Zine|Nekkid> o.o
[13:38] <Bunnykin> >.>
[13:38] <@TarShan> Bunnykin++
[13:38] <@TarShan> XD
[13:39] <Bunnykin> ^_^
[13:39] <%Zine|Nekkid> -.-
[13:39] <@TarShan> she just called you fat and sexy all at the same time zine!
[13:39] <Bunnykin> *kiss* there there, it's a compliment!
[13:39] <@Wasabi> Zine is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: MuteMath - Typical :: 118 listeners are getting loud and mental.
[13:39] <Bunnykin> zine isn't fat, he's PHat!
[13:39] <@TarShan> ^5's Bunnykin!
[13:39] <@TarShan> I LIKE you!
[13:39] <%Zine|Nekkid> To the DJ page!
[13:39] <Bunnykin> see, bad spelling makes everything better.
[13:40] * Bunnykin hugs tar
[13:40] <@TarShan> \o/

I'm not sure if I should be insulted or proud......

Author:  numbers1thru9 [ Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

09:55 < xero> ?up
09:55 < xero> ?up
09:55 < xero> ?up
09:55 < xero> wasabi plays good song, news at 11
09:55 < LadyZyre> If its indiana im there! :P
09:55 <@Wasabi> xero: I do not understand.
09:56 < xero> obviously wasabi
09:56 <@Wasabi> xero: What makes it so obvious?

Author:  zhennTil [ Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

23:21 < nighttraveler|work> take it wasabi!
23:21 <@Wasabi> nighttrav: Where do you want me to take it?
23:21 < Kamikaze> um... that wasn't wasabi
23:21 <@Wasabi> kamikaze: Really. I thought it was too.
23:21 < zhennTil> hahah
23:21 < Kamikaze> lmao
23:21 < nighttraveler|work> In the ass, wasabi, in the ass
23:21 <@Wasabi> nighttrav: That was a long time ago.
23:21 < Kamikaze> lmao
23:21 < zhennTil> wait WAT now? :D
23:21 < Darkfrost> LOL
23:21 < nighttraveler|work> are you sure about that, wasabi?
23:22 <@Wasabi> nighttrav: I am as sure as I can be.
23:22 < Pzych> dirty turtle
23:22 < zhennTil> OH my GOD, we've got dirt on the turtle! :P
23:22 < Darkfrost> So, wasabi takes it in the ass.
23:22 <@Wasabi> darkfrost: Wow! How old are you?
23:22 < zhennTil> and he's a pedophile too!
23:22 < Darkfrost> ._.
23:22 < Kamikaze> lol

Author:  nighttraveler [ Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[16:43] <nighttraveler|work> wasabi do you want it in the ass?
[16:43] <@Wasabi> nighttrav: If I had it what would I do with it?
[16:43] <James> lol
[16:44] <nighttraveler|work> enjoy it, wasabi
[16:44] <James> LOL
[16:44] <@Wasabi> nighttrav: "it" being it in the ass?
[16:44] <animejunkie> Wasabi TarShan would
[16:44] <@Wasabi> animejunkie: Can you tell me any gossip?
[16:44] <imonsei> bwahaha
[16:44] <nighttraveler|work> wasabi: yes
[16:44] <@Wasabi> nighttrav: Mmm.
[16:44] <animejunkie> Fuck bot spam

Author:  xero [ Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

13:56 < xero> nah, she LOVES the cock
13:56 <@Villan> me too

Author:  numbers1thru9 [ Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

OK So this one is long, but oh god SOOOO worth reading

09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> i do gotta ask though, NT, after aaaaaaaaall the
time you were friends with this girl, was it worth
09:40 * numbers1thru9|work petpets chaotica
09:40 < nighttraveler|work> we just kissed >.>
09:40 * TarShan gets Chaotica soem coffee
09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> are you F'in kidding me
09:40 < nighttraveler|work> unfortunately, no
09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> ok
09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> so
09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> you
09:40 < numbers1thru9|work> FAIL
09:40 * TarShan swats NT with a news paper
09:40 <&Chaotica> hahahhaa
09:40 <@TarShan> bad Costa rican! BAD!
09:41 < nighttraveler|work> its a work in progress
09:41 <&Chaotica> For the rest of the day I'm calling you Mexican for that fail
09:41 * numbers1thru9|work agrees with Chaotia
09:41 <@TarShan> BWA HAH!
09:41 < nighttraveler|work> Chao, no.
09:41 <@Wasabi> Doc is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: The Wurzels - I Am
A Cider Drinker :: 97 listeners are getting loud and mental.
09:41 <@TarShan> MEXICAN!
09:41 <@TarShan> \o/
09:41 < numbers1thru9|work> and to think i thought you did something cool! damn
09:41 < numbers1thru9|work> always disappointing
09:41 <@TarShan> xD
09:42 < nighttraveler|work> don't worry last sunday i fucked my ex for some 8
hrs straight
09:42 -!- aMUSiC [amusic@siradio.fm] has quit [Ping timeout]
09:42 < numbers1thru9|work> but thats your ex
09:42 <@TarShan> exactly
09:42 <@TarShan> old hat
09:42 < nighttraveler|work> she came to my door begging for dick
09:42 < numbers1thru9|work> so
09:42 < nighttraveler|work> it was kinda awesome
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> nothing like ex sex but theres a difference between
what youve had and what youre trying to get
09:43 <&Chaotica> did your mom back you both cookies afterwards? :)
09:43 <&Chaotica> bake even
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> BWAHAHAHAHAhAHHAAHHAHHAA
09:43 <&Chaotica> i can type
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH
09:43 < nighttraveler|work> she... did... bake chocolate chip cookies
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> god that was funny
09:43 <&Chaotica> dear god
09:43 <@TarShan> ROFLMFMFAO!
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> BWAHAHAHAHAhAHHAAHHAHHAA
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> BWAHAHAHAHAhAHHAAHHAHHAA
09:43 < numbers1thru9|work> BWAHAHAHAHAhAHHAAHHAHHAA
09:43 * numbers1thru9|work starts crying from laughing
09:43 * Chaotica falls over laughing
09:44 <@TarShan> cant...
09:44 <@Wasabi> Doc is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: Tina Turner -
Simple The Best :: 96 listeners are getting loud and mental.
09:44 <@TarShan> breathe...
09:44 < nighttraveler|work> i'm glad i am a source of entertainment for you all
this morning lol
09:44 < numbers1thru9|work> my abs are getting one hell of a workout
09:44 <%anirtak> XD
09:44 <%anirtak> IRC is full of win today!!
09:44 -!- LadyZyre [WarKitten@siradio-24351FC2.neo.res.rr.com] has joined
09:44 * TarShan hugs NT
09:45 <@TarShan> its just too good to NOT laugh at NT
09:45 < nighttraveler|work> i know
9:45 < nighttraveler|work> i just hadn't realized she DID bake cookie that day
09:45 <&Chaotica> "Oh my baby's getting laid, totally time for cookies for that
special moment..."
09:46 * Chaotica falls over laughing
09:46 * TarShan starts laughing all over again!
09:46 < nighttraveler|work> you should've seen the look on her face when she
came into my room with a plate and then saw the
condoms in the trash can and the lube and toilet
paper on the bed
09:46 * SillyWabbit has a vision and now needs a brain scrub
09:47 * Chaotica falls over laughing again

Author:  numbers1thru9 [ Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

09:27 * numbers1thru9|work kicks wasabi in the nuts and then castrates him for
playing this song
09:27 * anirtak|work pets numbers1thru9|work
09:28 <%anirtak|work> I still like this better than the bat rap
09:28 < Meh> wasabi is a her dumbass
09:28 <@Wasabi> meh: Not if I can help it.
09:28 < Doozle> ?down
09:28 <@Wasabi> meh: No I'm not.

Author:  LadyZyre [ Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

Poor Shnbvn, honestly I didn't think you would reply to it.

<Shnbvn> i'll metabolize the booze when i'm good and ready to
<Shnbvn> but not yet
<Sadpanda> more room to drink!
<Wasabi> Wasabi is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: Emerson, Lake + Palmer - Karn Evil 9 2nd Impression Part 2 :: 98 listeners are getting loud and mental.
<Shnbvn> i also had to lean against the wall when i peed
<Shnbvn> oh wow
<Shnbvn> this song + drunkness = whoa moment
<LadyZyre> squirrel!
<Shnbvn> where
<Shnbvn> ...damn youLZ
<Shnbvn> that wasn't cool
<LadyZyre> lol
<LadyZyre> omg that was epic

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