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Memorable IRC Quotes
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Author:  anirtak [ Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[14:12] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> my mother turns 50 tomorrow
[14:13] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> party this weekend
[14:13] <%Uriain> you should (as a joke) hire her a strippergram
[14:13] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> took monday off as another day for recovery
[14:13] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> Uri, my dad is terrified that theres gonna be a stripper
[14:13] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> because we've joked about it
[14:13] <&anirtak> just tell him to have dollar bills ready
[14:14] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> lolz
[14:14] <Doragon> and drop off a pack of condoms with a note
[14:14] <%Uriain> get her a singing strippergram then?? so at least there is music
[14:14] <&Cookie> xD
[14:14] <Doragon> "soon"
[14:14] <&anirtak> and that if he thinks about it, maybe the stripper will make your mom all crazy horny and she'll ride him like never before
[14:14] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> ...
[14:14] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> why would you say that?
[14:14] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> jesus h christ
[14:14] <%Uriain> cause its funny
[14:14] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> It is not
[14:14] <&Cookie> bwahhahhaaa anirtak. I love you
[14:14] <Doragon> lol, mental images for happy
[14:14] <&anirtak> ^^^^
[14:14] <&Cookie> happy - cuz that's what they did to make you ;)
[14:14] <%Uriain> so.. whats your mum address?? imma get her a cowboy hat for the weekend ;)
[14:15] <&anirtak> xD
[14:15] <Doragon> cookie, we all know that to make babies the woman has to be on the bottom :D
[14:15] <&Cookie> lol
[14:15] <Doragon> the real question is "face down or sunny side up?"
[14:15] <&Cookie> so doggie style is safe? Gotcha ;)
[14:15] * happy|ProfessionalGriefer (happy@siradio-584A66FD.ariba.com) Quit (Quit: )
[14:15] <&Cookie> oh wait, that's still on bottom.
[14:15] <%Uriain> get her one of those leather swings.. you know.. "sex through better living" kind of presant
[14:16] <%Uriain> lol
[14:16] <&Cookie> ... did we make him quit? :O
[14:16] <%Uriain> yep
[14:16] <Doragon> lol
[14:16] <&anirtak> he's still logged in on his home compy though
[14:16] * Doragon rolls
[14:16] <happy|DomesticGriefer> im still here you fuckers
[14:16] * &anirtak points to irc list
[14:16] <%Uriain> aw..
[14:16] <&anirtak> and there
[14:16] <&Cookie> lol
[14:16] <happy|DomesticGriefer> :P
[14:16] <%Uriain> I thought you had rage quit... I was going to manaically laugh
[14:16] <%Uriain> now I shall just chuckle.... :(
[14:16] * %Uriain chuckles
[14:17] <happy|DomesticGriefer> i was shutting off everything except Chrome for a minute... had some performance issues
[14:17] <&anirtak> Uri, wait till he tries to sleep and visions of his parents pop in his head.
[14:17] <Doragon> its happens to everyone at some point happy|DomesticGriefer
[14:17] <&anirtak> Then you can evil laugh
[14:17] <happy|ProfessionalGriefer> fuuuckkkkerrrsssssss

Author:  Fumiko [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

Meanwhile on DJ booth:

[19:55] <@Chaotica> ....you reminded me my vacuum cleaner doesn't suck ...as in it's bad... it does suck ;)
[19:55] <@Chaotica> YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
[19:55] <@Chaotica> =)
[19:55] <&Cookie> lol

Author:  anirtak [ Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[18:09] * Mongoose|WoT now feels like screwing a chicken...wait did I say that outloud?
[18:09] <&anirtak> you did

Author:  anirtak [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[16:38] <godisnowonline> so i apologize amusic.
[16:38] <~aMUSiC> so yeah.. don't mind while I flatter myself ;)
[16:38] <~aMUSiC> your sins are forgiven ;)
[16:39] <&anirtak> hehe
[16:39] <godisnowonline> ok thanks
[16:39] <~aMUSiC> whoaa.. I just forgave god for his sins..
[16:39] * ~aMUSiC marks the date on his calendar
[16:39] <godisnowonline> XD

Author:  Zack_McCracken [ Wed May 08, 2013 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[19:15] <Qubehog|Neverwinter> I have been mounted!
[19:15] <Styrxx> Teehee.

Author:  NazTheEternal [ Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

TIMxIRISH wrote:
Yes I do entertain myself much. =P

Giving the countdown to pass teh DJ powaz to Naz...
<timX> 2
<Naz> k
<timX> 1
<Naz> ready!
<Naz> O_O
<Naz> what
<Naz> lol
<Reynard> heh
<Naz> O_O
<Naz> that confused me for a sec
<Naz> lol
--- Naz is now known as Naz|AoC|ONAIR
<timX> enjoy :)

Gotta mess with the newbies every once in a while, amirite? :D

Props if anyone knows where the "don't talk shit about total" line's from.

Blast from the past, that confused the heck out of me at the time :P

Author:  Zack_McCracken [ Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[22:02] <SacMike> Not sure who was here for it last night, but I asked Chaotica to tell Laurie on air to be nice to me, and be glad she has soemone as wonderful as me in her life.
[22:02] <Mace|Food_Coma> aaand what did Chaotica say?
[22:02] <SacMike> So Chaotica gets on air, and yells: "Hey Laurie! Do me a favort and smack Mike upside the head, OK?"
[22:02] <&Chaotica> Yep :D
[22:02] <HardCore> wow i really hate i missed that
[22:02] <Mace|Food_Coma> \o/
[22:03] <Mace|Food_Coma> Chaotica+++++++++++
[22:03] <SacMike> Laurie hasn't been introduced to SI or the IRC yet, so she had no idea where it came from, or how. Freaked her out for a sec. :D
[22:03] <HardCore> haha "The voices told me to do it!"
[22:03] <SacMike> "What the hell was that all about?!? How do they know my name?"

Author:  Mongoose [ Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

Cause we haven't had one for a while

[04:02] Primorcian whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt
[04:02] Primorcian ki
[04:02] Primorcian lol
[04:02] Primorcian im not that dfrunk
[04:02] Primorcian dru]
[04:02] Primorcian drunk
[04:03] |<-- Kelindra has left irc.siradio.fm (Connection reset by peer)
[04:04] Wasabi Wasabi is on air. :: Track: Dope - Debonair :: 41 listeners are rocking it out.
[04:04] Primorcian ok im so gone i forgot i had balls

Author:  Mongoose [ Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[23:38] TankGirlAlex hands Mongoose a child.
[23:38] Mongoose isn't hungry but thanks anyway
[23:38] TankGirlAlex Take her or go bald.
[23:38] Mongoose takes the child
[23:39] Mongoose is this the child of prophecy?
[23:39] Wasabi Wasabi is on air. :: Track: Gackt - Redemption :: 41 listeners are rocking it out.
[23:39] Doc moo?
[23:39] Mongoose is this a child for sacrifice or protection?
[23:39] Mongoose is confused
[23:39] TankGirlAlex She is good at pulling hair and destroying a room in seconds.
[23:39] Mongoose ...so WMD?
[23:40] Mongoose waves at the NSA
[23:40] Doc shhh
[23:41] Skyscream ?up because the band is named Gackt.
[23:41] TankGirlAlex Doc has the goods. The president will like them.
[23:41] -->| Listener3597 (Listener35@siradio-B99DB133.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has joined #siradio
[23:41] =-= Listener3597 is now known as NSA
[23:41] NSA waves back
[23:41] |<-- NSA has left irc.siradio.fm (Quit: Page closed)
[23:41] Mongoose ...
[23:41] Mongoose that wasn't creepy at all
[23:41] TankGirlAlex lol
[23:41] Skyscream hehe

Author:  Krystl [ Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Memorable IRC Quotes

[14:35] <Skyscream> My brain refuses to hear Lube andreplaces it with Boob. That's kinda sad?
[14:35] * Skyscream laughs.
[14:35] <Skyscream> ?up
[14:36] <kitten36_> hahaha sorry
[14:36] <Skyscream> :P
[14:36] <@Krystl> isnt that just a typical guy?
[14:39] <Skyscream> lol Krystl
[14:39] <Lina|MarvelHeroes> Skyscream: totally thesame for me ^^'
[14:39] <Skyscream> :D
[14:39] <Skyscream> I swear. I always hear Boob.
[14:39] <Lina|MarvelHeroes> i thought she said boob
[14:39] <Lina|MarvelHeroes> until someone explained it
[14:39] <Lina|MarvelHeroes> ^^'
[14:40] <Skyscream> Ditto. lol.
[14:40] <Lina|MarvelHeroes> but i still hear boob

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