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Author:  Lily [ Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  What happens when a sleep-deprived lily chats with weasel?

[06:30] <Weasel> If I was an alien space weasel I'd lay my eggs in Nelk's esophagus. o.o
[06:30] * MrPenguin|Sleeping is now known as MrPenguin|shower
[06:30] <Lily> Me on No sleep + Weasel + IRC = scarrrrry times HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE
[06:30] <Weasel> :D
[06:30] <Lily> ewww then they'd come up his throat when they hatched...
[06:30] <MrPenguin|shower> oh wow what did i awake to see
[06:30] <Lily> or he'd just swallow them
[06:30] <Lily> which means...
[06:31] <Lily> NELKS SWALLOWS!
[06:31] <MrPenguin|shower> or burst out his chest
[06:31] <Wasabi> Split Infinity Radio is offline.
[06:31] <Weasel> XD
[06:31] <Nelks|OnAir> Pfft.
[06:31] <Weasel> No bursting.
[06:31] <Lily> little Nelksy alien space weasel babies go RAWWWWWRRRRRRRRR and boom outta his chest.
[06:31] <Weasel> Space weasel babies use their host for sustenance.
[06:31] <Wasabi> DJ Nelks is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: Detroit Swing City - Alien Fashion Show :: 30 listeners are getting loud and mental.
[06:32] <Weasel> So one day you gonna find a hollow Nelks sitting in a chair. :D
[06:32] * Lily needs moooore caffeine.
[06:32] <Nelks|OnAir> Babeeeeehhhhsss!
[06:32] <Weasel> And you go over to see what's wrong and he crumples and all these space weasels go running everywhere!
[06:32] <Lily> or they just grow inside his body, and they are fruitful, and multiply
[06:32] <Nelks|OnAir> Oh god lol
[06:32] <Lily> so little baby nelks weasels are constantly fucking inside of nelks
[06:32] <Lily> and eventually have an entire army in there
[06:32] <Weasel> And Nelks looks like the one lady from Slither?
[06:33] <Lily> then decide to one day conquer & divide
[06:33] <Lily> or divide & conquer?
[06:33] <Weasel> Either way it'd end with Nelks exploding like a party favor methinks.
[06:33] <Lily> nelks pinata ftw
[06:33] <Nelks|OnAir> Ay Carumba! =P

Author:  MissChelly [ Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

rofl "lay my eggs in Nelks' esophagus" that just got me rolling..LOL ahh fun times :)

Author:  Omega574 [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:32 am ]
Post subject:  omega

[01:25] <Omega-574> Fear me! For I am none!
[01:25] <Estef|EQ2|OnAir> WTF a third none has popped up
[01:25] <Omega-574> lol
[01:26] <Omega-574> just kidding. I'm not none
[01:26] <Estef|EQ2|OnAir> I know you arent
[01:26] <Lily|DumbLikeAMoose> ...
[01:26] <Lily|DumbLikeAMoose> k
[01:26] <Omega-574> With a name like Omega, a name that strikes fear into the minds of all and makes grown men wet their pants
[01:27] <Lily|DumbLikeAMoose> meh
[01:27] <Omega-574> ..
[01:27] <Omega-574> I rule you!
[01:27] <Lily|DumbLikeAMoose> i hear omega and i think jackass.
[01:27] <Omega-574> you should
[01:27] <Estef|EQ2|OnAir> LOL

Author:  Omega574 [ Tue Nov 21, 2006 2:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

maybe one more

[08:16] *** Omega-574 is now known as Cat|Omega574
[08:16] * Cat|Omega574 pounces Weasel
[08:16] <Cat|Omega574> thats rrandom my friend
[08:16] <Weasel> NOT IT'S NOT! Ooo look. Eggs!
[08:16] * Weasel squeaks!
[08:16] <Cat|Omega574> Where?!
[08:17] <Cat|Omega574> did you take them from the penguins that attacked us yesterday?
[08:17] <Cat|Omega574> or did we attack them?..
[08:18] <Wasabi> DJ Darkfall is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: Disturbed - Liberate :: 32 listeners are getting loud and mental.
[08:21] <Weasel> >.>
[08:21] <Weasel> <.<
[08:21] <Weasel> I forget.
[08:21] <Weasel> I didn't take these eggs.
[08:21] <Weasel> I liberated them.
[08:21] <Cat|Omega574> ....
[08:22] <Cat|Omega574> haha

Author:  Lily [ Sat Nov 25, 2006 2:03 am ]
Post subject: 

[20:59] <Wasabi> DJ Jamicus is spinning the decks. :: Now playing: Falco - Rock Me Amadeus :: 48 listeners are getting loud and mental.
[21:00] * FerreT|Omega has quit IRC (Broken pipe)
[21:01] <Lily> jamicus jamicus
[21:01] <Lily> jamicus
[21:01] <Lily> ooohh oooh oooh
[21:01] <Lily> jamicus
[21:01] <Jamicus> what
[21:01] <Lily> ROCK ME JAMICUS

Author:  Zalibar [ Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:17 am ]
Post subject: 

<Zali> I gona go sleepy
<Zali> I sick
<Zali> V__V
* Zali is now known as YouGuys
<YouGuys> Good night Zali *Tucks her in*
* YouGuys is now known as Zali
<Zali> Aww, thank you..
* Zali sleeps

Me..sick..having to tuck myself in cause you guys are abusive and neglect me..V_V

Good night Zalibar
Good night guys! *Waves* *Sniffles out, is sick, caught Chelly's cold through the enternet*

Author:  Jules [ Sun Nov 26, 2006 1:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

<Jules> JoeJ, you get the net. Anjay, you get the tranqs.
<Jules> 'Kay?
<JoeJ> kay
* Sgt_Anjay locks and loads tranqs
* Exorcist comes back
* JoeJ gets a really big net
<Exorcist> whats with the net and the gun?
<Jules> Nothing. :)

I blame this on the oh-my-Bob-its-fucking-early morning set.

Author:  Baku [ Mon Dec 04, 2006 2:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

[14:36] *Weasel has joined
[14:37] Zali: OH GOD WEASEL
[14:37] *Baku spews
[14:37] Zali: I mean
[14:37] Zali: Hi weasel..
[14:37] *Zali hides the pitchfork
[14:37] Zali: I love you?
[14:37] Baku: lol
[14:37] *harris`sleep has disconnected: Ping timeout
[14:37] Zali: Nooo! Harris Exploded!!

Author:  Euphraxia [ Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

[10:07] * Euphy runs in the room naked, grinds a little, CAKES a little, feels a little, then giggling runs back out
[10:07] <MrPenguin|LovesTheMiss|Sleeps> i would be so pissed off
[10:07] <MrPenguin|LovesTheMiss|Sleeps> o.O
[10:08] <^ichi^> O_O
[10:08] <Baku> O_O
[10:08] <Zali> This is why I fear Euphy!
[10:08] <Baku> >_<
[10:08] <Zali> YOU SEE WHY I FEAR EUPHY!


Why fear me...I'm not scary....*sighs*



Author:  Abramo [ Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Why would you fear that!?!?!

*Me grinds with Euphy, then CAKES her!*


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