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 Post subject: Symbolism story!
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:22 am 
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First post! Anyways, story time.

One night, a child named Henry woke up in his bed from unsettling dreams and saw outside of his window a red star. Young Henry had never seen a red star before, and he was quite concerned with the state of the universe, (or the state of his mind). The red star was huge, and it seemed slightly smaller than the moon. Henry did not know what to think of this, so he went downstairs to tell his parents. Henry found his parents’ bedroom, and knocked on the door, as he was a polite child and did not want to barge into anything.
His parents came out of the bedroom and saw upon their doorstop a child, about the age of 7. They looked at the clock and saw that it was exactly midnight. They looked back at the child, who was indeed our Henry, and asked “Who are you?” The child flew back aghast into an unholy rage and grew several limbs that ended in cruel claws. He also metamorphosed his spinal cord into a pair of wings. The child let out a harpy’s shriek and dove upon the parents like vultures on fresh meat. The parents screamed and locked the door. Poor Henry knew not of what his parents were doing, and was quite confused. He felt quite odd though, as his head dangled on his neck at an odd angle, and he seemed to have more hands than usual. Henry saw that his parents were of no comfort so he got a glass of milk and brought it back to his bedroom. The red star seemed to be growing in size was actually quite big, bigger than the moon. Henry watched in amazement as the red star grew in size, and it even seemed to be shrieking. Suddenly, Henry knew that this was not a red star, this was a rocket, sent from one of the communist parties. The rocket exploded into Henry’s room, shooting through the window directly at Henry. Henry sent out an agonized, unholy shriek and swallowed the rocket. He fell unconscious, and then he saw nothing.

Henry woke up from unsettling dreams, and found his room in quite a disarray. He went into his bathroom and looked at the mirror. On Henry’s face, was the hammer and sickle. Around him, numerous markings of “40 DAYS” and “HELP ME” covered the walls, painted in with fresh red stains. The door to his left was bolted shut and shown signs of rust. To Henry, this was not a dream.

Save for his weary face and cut arms, Henry looked the same as usual. No harpy-like claws or wings, and especially no dangling head. Of course, Henry was very disturbed, as his well being seemed to be in danger. The toilet had red and yellow stains in the center. Yet something was peculiar about the toilet. Someone seemed to have written “Down here for escape” Henry was a very smart person, and he knew how to follow directions quite well, actually. Henry then stuck his head into the toilet bowl and flushed repeatedly. Something strange happened, and he was sucked into the ‘colorful’ waters. The last noises he heard from the bathroom were yells and thumps from the doorway.

Henry looked around and saw that he was in a sink. He was sitting, in a sink. There were a few dishes laden with obvious delicacies, such as caviar and traditional apple pie. He stepped out of the sink, and set his feet upon the floor. He saw several dead children and nuns, obviously from the Children’s Crusade. The slave traders were in the conjoined room, having a lively discussion on the effects of communism on children, and they were enjoying several cups of tea with a lively plate of crumpets and an alive plate of cookies. The plate of cookies suddenly leaped upon one of the slave traders and the trader screamed for his life. The plate of cookies dragged him under the couch and several crunching noises and loud screams were heard. The traders exclaimed “I say!” And they took several pokers from the fireplace and started having a tussle with the rogue cookies. The cookies had an obvious advantage, as they were made out of chocolate, and the traders were not. Henry, oblivious to the commotion only a room away, walked past the corpses out to the Backdoor conveniently placed in the kitchen. He came upon a patio, a nice patio, filled with luscious fruits and flowers. He found there several nuns and children, alive of course. Henry inquired about the deceased persons placed inside the kitchen. The nuns explained that they threw their dead into the kitchen whenever someone died. It kept the patio clean, and there were too many nuns and children anyways. They knew that their bodies were going to a good cause anyways. Henry was intrigued on this process, but he had places to go and people to meet, so he said his goodbye’s to the nuns. But then, the cookies hopped out the Backdoor, and Henry turned around astonished. The children saluted the cookies and congratulated them for a victory Henry did not know of. The children circled the cookies and began to laugh and play about them. The cookies took hold of the children’s hands with their chocolatey appendages and began to leap in time to the nuns’ playing. The nuns were quite prominent electric guitar players, and they were very good at it. Henry decided to join in for several hours.

After the party, the cookies agreed to guide Henry to a place where he may be safe from those who put the soviet mark on his face. Henry thanked the cookies and began to devour them. The cookies wished Henry a good luck while their bodies were being grinded in Henry’s mouth. The cookies would still guide Henry, although they were in his digestive system. Henry walked on through the lush garden that is the patio (which, by the way, was extraordinarily large as it had to hold several thousand nuns and children) en route with the voices in his stomach. He stopped at an arch, where underneath, thousands of children lay sleeping. He saw in front of the arch a friendly guide, wearing a pretty hat. She told Henry that these children were being stored for the annual Slave Trader Games, where slave traders all over the world pitted children against themselves in bouts of skill. The cookies in Henry’s stomach told Henry in hushed, urgent tones “This is a trap! Those are not children, those are communist dinosaurs! This is who we battle against!” Henry instantly saw that this was true, as the guide let out a primordial shriek and ran towards Henry. Henry smacked the dinosaur with his hand, and instantly killed it. He waded through the sleeping child-dinosaurs, hoping not to be noticed by the many guards stationed at intervals. Suddenly, Henry tripped on one of the dinosaur’s faces, and guards let out an alarm shout. The children began to writhe and grabbed at Henry’s ankles. The cookies shouted “Run Henry, run!” but the children were too many. Henry curb stomped several of them on his escape route, and he reached the end of the swathe of children. Yet a certain child-dinosaur stretched its elastic arms and grabbed Henry’s neck. Henry could not break free. The cookies yells faded from his stomach; Henry’s digestive tract was too fast for the cookies, and Henry felt the need to go to the bathroom. The dinosaurs chanted “You will be one of us…” Henry was done for.

Henry was taken to the dinosaur conservatory, located in the basement of the kitchen. Henry was enslaved by several dinosaurs, all wearing tweed suits and fancy monocles. They demeaned Henry with cruel glares, and Henry had to accept defeat. The dinosaurs said to Henry “You should have stayed in bed, Henry.” The dinosaurs injected Henry with the syringe of communism, and Henry became one of them. Henry became a communist dinosaur.
The End

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