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 Post subject: Mortogg's story
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:12 am 
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Mortogg released an unsure breath. "Do you really want to hear my story...? Well I guess you do, or else you wouldn't be asking. Ok well I'm not the best storyteller, but here's how it came to be…

”I wasn't always the big black werewolf you see today. No… I was just like any other normal teenager. You know the type: you would pass them in the halls of the Paragon City University campus at Gimry Ridge in Steel Canyon.

“I would spend my days going from class to class. I would learn all the basics I would need to follow in my father’s footsteps in the emerging field of Metaphysical and Psychokinetic Sciences - or better-known as MAPS, reputed for the AKKORD Project developed and put into practice by Doctor Michael Bodae and Doctor Derek Volos.

”My father was one of the many scientists that helped with the AKKORD Project, working under the great man that once went by the name of Michael Bodae.

”I had better jump ahead or else I will be telling you just about Dr Bodae and Dr Volos all night!

“One night, my Father and I decided to go on a camping trip out to the woods. The purpose was to celebrate the proven effects of the AKKORD Project; Dr Bodae had unleashed his own abilities, granting him super powers that would lead him to become the hero Accord.

“Anyway… after we got settled into our camp site, we were attacked by a dark shadowy figure that appeared to be feminine in shape. The only light source was from the campfire, so it was too hard to see properly.

“That was the last time I saw my father…

”I spent the next couple of weeks – it could have been longer… it's still too fuzzy to remember. But from what I can remember I know that I was trapped inside a large glass tube full of some strange looking chemicals. I was hooked up to cables that entered and exited my body all over…

“Don't ask exactly where they went… I try not to remember… But the one thing I can remember the most is the pain: the burning, tearing, agonising, excruciating… pain…

“Then the world faded to black…

”I would later learn what had happened to me when I was... well… I guess you can call it: used as a weapon. I had been transformed into a werewolf and brainwashed so there was only the bestial animal left inside.

“I was taken to the MAPS building in Steel Canyon. There I was commanded by my captives, Rescind - Dr Volos - and Night Lynxx. Both had created their own powers using methods opposed to the AKKORD Project. They acquired power purely for themselves, rather than for the benefit of others. Dr Volos had called such things the Rescind Effect.

"I’ll make it as simple as I can: AKKORD Project; good… Rescind Effect; bad."

“Anyway… I was commanded to attack and kill Michael Bodae – now under the name of Accord - and any other person that I was to come across. When I was ordered to attack I did - but thanks to Accord's help, I was able to break some of the brainwashing. Unfortunately, Derek Volos – now known as Rescind - was able to escape, and would later destroy the MAPS building.

“I still had a scrambled mind - more beast than man... Well, I would actually call it more caveman by how bad my speaking skills where at the time, but I easily slipped back into a berserk wolf-rage at the drop of a hat. This meant that for my own safety and the safety of my liberators, Halo Force, I had to be kept locked up in a detention cell while they tried to help free me from my own mind.

“This all happened about a year ago, so let's skip forward to the present and fill in the blanks…

“Halo Force has grown into a well-know and loved Super Group of Paragon City, one I am happy to be called a member of. The brainwashing – the mental conditioning - is completely gone, thanks to Accord. I still have the wolf-like mind, which kicks in every so often, taking over my actions without me knowing until I snap out of it. Some of the sillier things I have been known to do are chasing cats, eating anything and everything that smells edible... including garbage - YUCK! The number of times I've snapped out of it just after finishing something in the bottom of a dumpster.”

Mortogg shuddered with memory.

“Basically, as it stands now, I’ll chew anything that isn't nailed down, slobber over new people like an excited doggie, and even bury Dead Man Dave in the back yard. Ooh… And I keep taking Fire Foxx's evening shoes. I don't know why… My wolf mind must like leather.

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