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Author:  Jules [ Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Welcome to the Writing & Fan Fiction Forum!


Management has noticed quite a few people writing stories of their own, as of late. And we figured, why not give you all a place to put your stories?

There are only a couple of rules for this forum, and they are as follows.

* The writing must be of your own. If you want to share someone else's story, simply create a new post, and provide a link to the location where the story is hosted.

* Please do not spam the forum with a ton of posts. If you want to share a bunch of stories, create one thread, and continue posting in it.

* If an author asks for feedback, please provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

* If your story contains content that is unsuitable for those under the age of eighteen, please note this at the top of your entry, or in the subject like. NC-17, NSFW, Harry Potter slash, OH GOD MY EYES ARE BURNING! Etc.

* Be nice and have fun!

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