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The Hall Of Monuments swapping thread
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Author:  Tasha [ Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  The Hall Of Monuments swapping thread

Missing some stuff to get your 30 points in the Hall of Monuments? You're in the right place!

This thread is for people who have extra items that would count towards the Hall Of Monuments and want to swap them for others. Maybe you got 3 Mursaat minipets? Or love farming Ancient Armors and are looking to swap them for some Deldrimor ones?

Simply reply with what you have extra and what you're looking to get hold of.

If someone has something you want, pm them on the forum and arrange to meet in game. Likewise if you have something in abundance that someone's looking for, give them a shout via forum pm!

What is the Hall of Monuments?

The Hall of Monuments is a way of preserving your Guild Wars accomplishments and carrying them into Guild Wars 2. Obtaining certain armors, weapons, pets, minipets and upgrading your heroes all give points in your hall, as do adding titles you've got. The Hall of Monuments itself is found in the Eye Of The North, and is available to players who have purchased the Guild Wars: Eye Of The North expansion pack. You can read more about the Hall of Monuments here.

How many points do I have right now?

You can check using the official Hall Of Monuments calculator. Simply put in any of your character names to see how many points you've attained so far and a break down of where you got them from.

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