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Author:  Cyclometh [ Sat May 11, 2013 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Minecraft!

Hey kids, hope all is well! If you're a Minecraft player, you may be interested in this.

I run a small, private Minecraft server. It started out as me running it on my desktop PC for my son and daughter, then for a few of their friends. Eventually I started a new one on a hosting service.

If anyone is interested in playing with a small, friendly, cooperative bunch of people on a private vanilla server that has TONS of brand-new wilderness to explore, you may want to check it out.

The players I invite to join us are mature, friendly, enjoy playing in a quiet environment and won't engage in anti-social behavior with others on the server.

Here's the basics.

Server Rules
  • NO GRIEFING! - Should go without saying, but it's important to say it up front. This means all that goes along with it- don't break other people's stuff, build in the middle of an area obviously being used by someone, making giant penises or other silly things. The definition of what constitutes griefing on the server is mine- and mine alone.
  • No modified clients - This means no clients modified to affect gameplay, like TooManyItems. Passive mods that simply make your experience easier or more fun are probably OK- such as Rei's mapping plugin. If you have questions about what's allowed, just ask. The purpose of this rule is to enforce that this is a vanilla SMP server and we avoid using shortcuts.
  • No non-consensual PVP - If you want to duel or build a spleefing arena, have at it. But we're not a PVP server.
  • No theft - Don't take things from people's chests or buildings without asking.
  • Avoid traps - Random traps or redstone contraptions designed to hurt or inconvenience players are not allowed. I don't have a problem if you clearly mark an area as off-limits and want to put traps or something in it; as long as a person should have reasonably known they were not welcome. That said, traps are kind of anti-social and while they can be fun, don't do it to excess, OK?
  • No profanity - This is a family-friendly server, and we have players of all ages, and this server WILL be a friendly and safe environment for all. I monitor the server carefully, and I will RUTHLESSLY enforce this rule. There's plenty of servers without this kind of restriction, so if you need to do that, go for it on one of them. :)
  • Have fun! - We're here to have a good time.

Server Features
  • Bukkit - We're running on Bukkit and I keep it updated to the latest betas or stable releases as I see fit, to keep pace with new updates from Mojang. It updates frequently and I try my best to keep it in sync with Mojang's updates.
  • Mob griefing disabled - Creepers will explode and damage you but they do not damage blocks.
  • Commands (not complete) - /teleport, /warp, /home, /back and other utility or transportation commands are enabled.
  • SecureChests - Use the /sc lock, /sc add, and other /sc commands to lock, manage access lists and more for your chests and doors.
  • Mail boxes - I have built a post office near spawn, each player gets a secure mailbox with their name.
  • Dynmap - The dynmap plugin generates a Google Earth-like map that updates in real time via a web browser. Players can register by using /dynmap webregister.

If you're interested in playing and can be a positive asset to the server, feel free to send me a PM. Any questions, post them here and I'll do my best to answer. :)

Author:  Cyclometh [ Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minecraft!

The server's gotten some more players lately and we're still interested in more. If you want to play in a friendly, low-stress environment, check out http://rivendell.cyclometh.com and shoot me an email or a PM to talk about joining the server.

Author:  zeeshan002 [ Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minecraft!

I've got a plan to create a joint project for lots of people. As a remote server is not possible on the xbox I am planning on using one of my refurbed consoles as a "server" and leaving a Minecraft game running 24/7. This would allow friends to enter and leave as they please and build what they want.

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