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 Post subject: Summary, 3 FEB thru 7 APR sessions!
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:06 am 

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Latest Saturday DnD SI radio group sessions summary, covering from 3 FEB thru 7 APR 2018!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(3 FEB, 10 FEB, 17 FEB)
Having tracked the likely location of the stolen airship to a cave complex, hidden behind a wall of vegetation,
accessed by approaching from the sea aboard summoned Phantom Steeds, the party pushed into the cavern and
subsequently encountered 'uplifted' intelligent, magic and tactics using great apes (tactics meaning, using
traps, insect attracting bags of goo, bags of feces to try to nauseate the party, and hiding in the vegetation
covered roof of the extremely large cavern. The party also found that the cave was filled with 'ruins' of the
ancient civilization that had flourished under the reign of the 'King that Bore the Artifact of Mind Controlling' - -
aka, the fancy artifact that was broken into pieces and scattered across the entire world centuries ago, that the
party was questing to find, to keep out of the hands of the King of North Osatia. During the battle with the
uplifted apes, their bat animal companions, an insanely big hidden underwater gigantic tentacle plant monster,
shrieker mushrooms, and towards the end, a Colossal sized animated statue (carved to resemble the previously
mentioned ancient king), the party managed to pull off a few notable moments, such as:

--Anabus, being annoyed by the hidden apes hiding in the vegetation, set a new 'one round kill record' with his
casting of FIRE STORM into the top 10 ft area of the cavern. (117 HD of mobs were scattered in there hiding...)

--Villi having shape shifted mid air into a trent, found out that a colossal sized statue swinging at you in mid air,
hits quite like a professional baseball playing swinging at a slow pitch... (WHACK! He got some good hang time, and

-- Sonlar decided he does NOT like being trapped behind a wall of force, directly next to anything of colossal size.

-- Lyi'anna the wolf, and her pet elf drood Ai'wendil decided they do NOT prefer the taste of singed ape meat, over
peanut butter.

Successfully managing to back the airship out of the cavern, and 'tricking' the colossal statue into entering the
water near the cave entrance, the party beat a hasty retreat, leaving the hidden tentacle plant monster to duke it
out with the statue... (3 FEB, 10 FEB, 17 FEB)
- - - - -

---After traveling a 'safe distance' the party set the airship down, checked it over for damage...and encountered...
a friendly pack of uplifted apes, these ones being not only a different color than than the cave dwelling ones, but
when Sonlar cast Detect Evil (he's a Paladin, they cast Detect Evil like the rest of us breathe) was found that
not only were they indeed, not evil, but they actually had some Ape Paladins in their pack! The friendly apes
assisted the party once communications were 'somewhat' established, by offering them some ancient artifacts dating
back to the time of the 'Empire,' and also some shipwreck debris that belonged to the FIREBRAND company (17 FEB)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(24 FEB)
The next day, after resting and conducting repairs the the airship...the party had a bizarre encounter, that was not
easily explained...a strange portal appeared in the air on the beach - - a portal when inspected, seemed to radiat
heavily the same sort of magical energy that TELEPORT spells have an aura of, and thru it spilled
several bizarre, seemingly clumsy and comically inept acting, goblins...only their leaders seemed to be
'competent,' and even he spoke in an odd manner, with everything he said actually being the OPPOSITE of what
he wanted done. The encounter, naturally, ended up in combat (would you expect ANYTHING less with out party? :) ),
and to the parties surprise, the odd goblins seemed impervious to damage, seemingly to RELISH the feelings of pain,
both from melee combat, spell casting, and even seeming to DELIGHT in the effects of Anabus' 'negative energy'
based tentacle spells! Luckily, Sonlar stumbled across the tactic of 'healing the foes' and that seemed to hurt
them a great deal...then Anabus, fumbling his attempts to 'dispel' the portal the odd goblins had come thru,
managed to accidentally 'reverse' the portal, and it sucked the strange little creatures BACK into itself,
before disappearing with a rather anticlimactic "POP." (24 FEB)

[NOTE: also during this battle, the party did attempt to 'avoid the fight for the most part' by lifting off with the
airship...but it turned out some of their 'repairs' (players having to improvise a bit, since no character actually
have any skills that directly relate to 'fixing boilers' or 'repair gnomish airship') were not quite up to the task,
so there was a rather frightening 'airship spinning around out of control, almost smashing into summoned Walls of
Force, possibly destroying said airship in a permanent damage to its hull manner....luckily, Rufus channeled his
inner 'lucky rabbits foot' and rolled several times high enough to set the airship back down without crashing

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(3 MAR)

Spending one more day resting, recovering, and repairing the airship once again (MAN, is that thing a LEMON...good
thing we can't return it to the previous owner and demand a refund!) , the party took stock of the situation, made
the tactical decision to 'follow far behind the North Osatian fleet, watch where its heading, then fly down to
RAZOR SCALE ISLAND, set down somewhere FAR from where they saw the fleet heading, then try to find the 'X on the
map that hopefully marks the location of the next part of the artifact. The party traveled in 'relative safety' down
south to the coastline of Razor Scale Island, even taking the time to do some 'trolling style shark fishing.' (YUM!)
Surveying the lay of the land, the party planned out a route to try to cross the island with, and began traveling,
eventually setting down for the night...and naturally, while we were trying to rest, some of the native wildlife
decided to come around sniffing for food...two T-REX's decided that Villi and Rufus smelled delicious, but thanks to
our melee fighters efforts (Sonlar came out and joined in), both giant dinosaurs were dispatched. Deciding to shift
camp a bit, as such giant corpses would certainly attract other wildlife, we shifted camp a few miles, then tiredly
landed again...and amazingly enough, managed to get an uninterupted night of sleep! (3 MAR)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(17 MAR)

Lifting off in the airship after a restful night, the party began to travel 'inland, flying above the canopy of
swampy jungle forest below...we spotted a VERY large RED DRAGON flying about, seeming to be looking for...something.
Knowing of dragons ability to spot things very easily...and sniff out magic items...(like the ones our entire party
is covered in, making us a delicious target for anything that is greedy...ya a RED DRAGON)...we quickly
opted to 'fly down lower FAST'...unfortunately, the canopy of the gigantic trees didn't want to part to let our
airship thru, so we ended up 'parked' 200 feet above the ground, high up in the trees...luckily, the dragon didn't
seem to spot us, so we opted to 'travel more on foot, down on the ground.' We left our heroic wolf companion
Lyi'anna and her pet elf Druid Ai'wendil to guard the airship (and act as our 'reserve, come save us when we really
mess up badly' force) and after realizing the entire area was boggy, marshy swamps...we crafted a raft large enough
to carry us all, and began 'poling' our way thru the soggy land, with Villi scouting ahead a bit, then returning...

...sadly, our classic 'bad adventurers luck' held to form, and we stumbled into an encounter with giant crocodile
riding swamp trolls! Initially there were only a few, but more..and more...and MORE mobs kept adding to the battle!
Things seemed grim indeed, with Villi battling in the water in lizard-being form (note: if you opt to fight in
water, assuming a form that actually fights well in water is a good idea.), Anabus accidenally 'bamfing' directly
from the clutches of one angry mob, almost into the MOUTH of another (NOM, grappled by croc bite!), and the party
scattered across several areas of the looked like we were in serious trouble... (WE WERE.)

..cue, Sonlar, remembering he had some potions that he had acquired that were purportedly 'very powerful magic', but
he had no idea what they would do. Deciding to trust to 'the whims of fate', the bold Paladin chugged the greenish
goo...the SWELLED to HUGE size, turned bright green, and began radiating a zone of 'sickness inducing' magic. It was
...effective...meaning if affected a few of the mobs (one of them luckily being the croc trying to swallow Anabus,
who was Barfed up to semi-safety)...but it also affected OLGA, and VILLI (cue, constant barfing jokes), which
greatly increased the danger the shape shifting Villi was in...

...the battle swung back and forth and finally, thru some excellent heroics by Sonlar, Kyur'gen and Rufus, and
some fancy spellcasting by Anabus, the tide shifted in the parties favour...but not without a cost, as Villi,
changing form once again into a bizarred huge plant tentacle beast...remained in the water one round too many,
and the swarming Crocodiles whittled him down to single digits of hit points....Villi had just enough time to
stumble ashore..before going down to the negatives...then sadly, a slightly miss-aimed SPARK spell cast by
Anabus glanced into Villi as well as some mobs, and with one last 'dying gasp' attack to take a foe with him,
the Shapeshifting Villi died...his corpse twisting and shrinking back down to his human form in his final repose.

...Finally polishing off the last of the mobs, the party pauses just long enough to catch their breath, ensure there
was no more mobs in the immediate area...then drag the corpses together to give Villi a proper 'funeral pyre.'
We bid farewell to the strange shape shifting being who had been part of our group ever so briefly, then made our
tired, unrested, still somewhat wounded (and our PALADIN was a walking radiation zone, so we were as stealthy as
a cloud of toxic radiation floating thru downtown San Francisco...a side effect was the zone of ick would last for
a few days....which Anabus put up with for about 1 hour of travel, then spammed Sonlar with DISPEL MAGIC until he
stopped glowing...) :) we traveled on deeper into the swampy bogs, our hearts heavy with sadness and exhaustion..and our magical
reserves getting dangerously low... (17 MAR)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(7 APR)

...we rejoined our trek into the swamp...tired....low on magic....but still filled with the drive to 'find that
damn artifact part's hiding place.' As we traveled further and further west, the trees and foliage started to thin
out a bit, but the swampy terrain remained. The party started having to 'backtrack' a bit, to remain on the raft
for easier traveling...

...and we cme across a battle in progress, an pack of extremely 'strangely scarred with flesh embedded with spikes'
large trolls, who had surrouned a strange dressed foppish looking man in a large tree, that had also been set on
fire! (the tree, not the foppish man.) Being the heroic fools we are, we opted to not 'just bypass it' as Anabus
initially suggested (which we tactically thought wouldn't work, as trolls tend to not be too cool with folks
'just passing by' thru their territory. Using up our last few buff arcane spells (DRACONIC MIGHT, for the win) on
Sonlar and Kyur'gen, our meat shield types charged to engage the trolls, as us caster types hung back with Rufus to
protect us....the trolls saw Sonlar and Kyur'gen, and several of them moved to engage us.

We were met with a nasty surprise, as our resident 'big damage dealers started chopping down the odd trolls, it was
revealed that when slain, they EXPLODED in a 30 foot cloud of bits of metal and hunks of flesh! (For quite a bit of
damage.) Anabus opted to 'fly up high' to survey the battle (and to get FAR from fella, that Anabus)...
but once he reached a fairly high altitude, a concealed magic wielding foe shot at our resident rep for Firebrand Inc
with some Magic Missiles! Anabus and Olga flung their favorite 'TENTACLE' style spells up to the northern part of the
battle, Anabus successfully snagging the magic flinging foe, and Olga managing to...well, damage the heck outta the
tree at least. (Classic low grapple roll for Olga's tentacles...they're more 'kinky' than dangerous it seems.)
As we distracted more and more of the trolls, they started to swarm our direction,
giving the treed fop a chance to escape his peril...which he did, by casting a strange 'eldritch' series of spells,
one of which was an 'AoE pulse of 'tainted' Good magic, which struck down a HUGE pack of the trolls...unfortunately,
the stranger hadn't planned very well, as that pack of trolls proceeded to EXPLODE, causing huge damage to Sonlar
and Kyur'gan! Olga, seeing Sonlar in pretty dire straits, showed her true actual caring nature...for the Paladin
at least, and she rushed over to toss what limited healing magic power she had available at him...and...declaring
her love for the heroic Sonlar. (AWwwww....gag....choke...yuck...Half Orc love...dont' get any on you.).

As the last of the troll foes were put down, and the magic wielding caster who had attacked Anabus fled, the party
looked warily at the fop who'd been treed..and who'd almost caused the death of Sonlar and Kyur'gen...only thru
some fast talking on his part, and some of the cooler heads in the party prevailing (Olga for one was on team 'kill
him for almost killing my beloved Sonlar..and hurting my close...personal...associate Kyur'gen.') And we
decided to at least 'give the new guy a lift' to our next camping spot.

After a few miles travel up/around/back down the winding swamp, we eventually made camp...and after using a ZONE
OF TRUTH scroll to ensure the newcomer wasn't 'lying thru his teeth' Olga eventually warmed to the man named
LAZAR...and subsequently the party had an almost...friendly...around the hot tubs/dinner table/comfy chairs in
Anabus' summoned magical turned out the party and this 'somewhat likeable pirate type fella' LAZAR
had some common goals...and we offered to have him come along. (7 APR)
[note: someday, Mace will introduce a replacement character to the team in a manner that doesn't make them
want to kill him...maybe. ]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(DING, summary of last few sessions all done!)

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