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Author:  narcangoat [ Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:15 am ]
Post subject:  28 Aug session (from Marcus' perspective)

(Summary of the NarcanGoat run session, as described from Marcus' perspective: VERY nicely written by Nate.) ((GM Note: as with all 'character perspective summaries, some details are not correct; they are how the character in question viewed the events. In this case, how Marcus 'remembers' it going down.))
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My Dearest,

Our little caravan continued travelling East for a day since my last letter to you. Along the way I discovered that one of the trees had a marking which we found out belonged to a logging company that operated in this area. There was indication that led us South to where we shortly found a group of ridiculous gnomes who were attempting to cut down a tree with probably the most ludicrously designed contraption I have ever seen! No less than seven gnomes had attached themselves to, and were powering a device designed to cut down a large tree. Curiosity led me to examine the device, but I couldn't begin to make heads or tails of it. It was so impractical... if I had the ability to laugh without you by my side, I surely would have had sore sides before I was done.

I miss you.

The gnomes had an interest in one of the large axes our group was transporting and (I really don't care to go into all the details, but..) I was able to negotiate a favorable arrangement on behalf of the group. The gnomes got the axe for their contraption and we received a writ, signed by their sensible human foreman, good for two hundred fifty pieces of gold from the company's headquarters in the city of Makandah. Normally I would have brokered a much better deal, however wisdom from my experience as a bureaucrat and bookkeeper told me that being generous now would lend toward them giving us a better deal in the sale of our many other goods later on. We were able to get some other information about the local area and the road to Makandah before we left, but honestly by that point I was so overwhelmed by gnomish antics, I wasn't paying attention. In fact, I missed one important note about a local creature menace which I will bring up in a bit...

The next encounter we had that day was yet another 'bump in the road'. The same horse who nearly died during the bulette attack lost a shoe and received a minor injury as a result. While the halfling druid and a couple others stayed to tend the horse and watch the wagons, I led the rest ahead to scout things out. Altogether we were four (five if you include Stitch); Anabus the wizard, Otiian the scout, Olga the... orc, and myself.

After a time we came across a very interesting situation in two parts. On one hand, there was another bulette a good distance to the South of us. At an almost equal distance to the East was the river we had been travelling toward, and a ferry which was being manned by (sigh!) gnomes. Near this ferry was also a contingent of mercenaries led by one 'Sir' Dirkston. A pompous leader who was a noble through technicality, certainly not through proper upbringing. But for all my annoyance at his character, the man was hospitable, fair, and provided us with some information and a rare treat in these parts; hot tea.

Following a wager he made to have our scout make a terrific long range archery shot (which was made into an easy task through the aid of my magic), he informed us that Thay may be in the beginning stages of war; which is to say, there was starting to be war-like activity in the waters around Thay. Moreover, it sounds like Rashan has been having dealings with North Osatia which may result in Rashan going to all out war with Thay. South Osatia has it's own issues and is not likely to lift a finger to help Thay, or anyone really. To further complicate matters, it was pretty clear that Sir Dirkston's band of mercenaries were heading toward Oba'deg, and while I can't guess at a specific purpose, I was able to get out of the man that North Osatia is trying to gain a foothold in the south. My harmless inquiry about their activity was met with guarded secrecy, and I'm pretty sure if I wasn't such a great diplomat, blood (theirs of course) would have been spilled. Anyways, I really don't care what happens between these mad kings and kingdoms. Soon I will unlock the secrets we need to be together once again. Forever...

After the mercenary group's departure via ferry, one of the gnomes approached and pleaded with us to take care of a local menace which had taken many victims and was affecting their business. I could not refuse such a pitiful soul and directed my companions to follow me on a hunt of this creature.

I pause in the story here for a moment to remind you that I had missed an important detail that the first group of gnomes had shared with us. Also recall the bulette we saw near the ferry? Well I bravely decided to investigate it following the archery wager I mentioned earlier, however at that time I was unaware of a terrible trap which was waiting in that direction. Those gnomes had warned of a massive 'tangler' tree which had fifty foot long vines which would draw a man in and devour him whole. It was also capable of hurling massive objects with uncanny accuracy. That bulette was in fact it's latest victim and I was on my way to be it's dessert! Fortunately, I was able to survive that potential pitfall through some wise use of my magic which alerted me to the threat.

The local menace, this 'tangler', proved to be no match for my men and I though once we decided to aid the poor gnome. Thanks to my discovery of the creature's location, we skillfully approached and got the jump on it. The elf and orc's arrows were essentially useless of course, but the wizard hurled several minor fire and lightning spells which weakened it over time. I was busy at first casting spells of healing to keep the men from dying on me, but once I was able to break free of babysitting duties I charged in close and destroyed the enormous monstrosity with my strongest fire spell! To his credit, the other wizard did a lot of the work, but then became scared of an infant, essentially harmless, tangler which he felt demanded his full and immediate attention.

Following the battle, I ordered the men to search the monster for treasure while I made sure the area was safe. We discovered some undigested coin within the creature, as well as some baubles and, amazingly, the holy symbol of an elf which our scout had previous relations with. The creature left an awful mess and horrible smell, so I had them set up camp near the water to get cleaned up, and wait for our other companions to rejoin us.

That has been this part of my quest to bring you back, my love. As always, I live only for you and my only purpose is to bring you back.

Your Marcus
- - - - - - - - - - - -
(GM note again: VERY nice write up, Nate. Very cool insight for the rest of us into the way Marcus' mind really works...)

Author:  WarMarshall [ Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

(2nd narcan run session from perspective of Kyur'gan)

Kyur'gan bounced along in the new cart and lost himself in the noise of the ancient forest. Between the birds and wind rustling the leaves, the gentle sound of the horses hooves in front of him, and the more jarring flatulance being ripped behind them by their overly fed donkey, Newt, Kyur'gan almost felt content enough to lose him in thought and ponder the serious questions of life. Questions such as "Is Sand called Sand because it's between the Sea and the Land?", or "if a bunch of cats jumped on top of each other... would it still be called a Dog Pile?" Kyur'gan's mind was blown however when he realized that there were twice as many nipples in the world as there were people. Kyur'gan clicked the reins he was holding and gave himself a great big grin at his own cleverness.

The path was long and despite Kyur'gan's best efforts to keep himself entertained, he was beginning to itch for a change of pace. it was close to noon when strange signs were pointed out to him about damaged trees. Kyur'gan, eager for ANY distraction at all, didn't hesitate to leap off the front of the cart he was driving. The cart horse plodded on, barely even realizing that the driver was gone as the large man made his way over to investigate what the others were seeing.

The others were pointing at gouge marks left in the large trees, reasonably fresh and discussing the possibility of what might have caused them. Kyur'gan nodded vigorously when the others were talking about trajectories and paths of impact. He looked at the massive damage to the great trees and occassionally added his professional input to the conversation. "mmm" kyur'gan grunted. "big hole....... strong creature" he said for the benefit of the party which remained silent towards his remarks out of obvious respect for his vast intellect.

it was quickly decided that the party would move on and not attempt to look for whatever gigantic creature was tearing through the woods. the point driven home several times by their always "happy to help" halfling who was screaming in the distance "fuck side quests!!!" They made their way back to the carts and resumed their way. they saw more and more signs of damaged trees before finally setting up camp for the night. Kyur'gan grabbed a spear and went to fish for something fresh for the group while the others set up. After careful aim, he was able to thrust his weapon through the body of a large trout. "Wooo!" he yelled on the bank, and flexed in victory. "first try!" he yelled as the spear and his prize drifted quickly down the river due to the current. "probably should have tied something to the spear..." Kyur'gan mused to himself before shrugging and making his way back to camp. he had some good art to study up on before calling it a night.

He sat up with a bolt as someone shook him awake. it was the middle of the night, and the others were talking. Anabus was insistant that the others go with him and Ottian into the woods and slay the creature harming the trees. With a yawn and a fart that made Newt nod in respect, Kyur'gan climbed out of bed. "What and the who now?" Kyur'gan asked, picking up his hammer with one hand while scratching himself with the other. "i need you!" Kyur'gan heard in a clear beautiful voice. before him was the most amazingly attractive, most amazingly nude woman he had ever seen. "i must draw you" kyur'gan thought. "your face, your boobs, your waist, your boobs... i must capture your beauty on paper!" the barbarian said, quickly scribbling on a blank page in his book. He was in the middle of drawing the beautiful woodgrain of the woman's skin (thats a normal thing, right? forget it) when the woman said to him gently. "please, i need your help. i am hurt.. i need you to get rid of the monster that hurt me." Kyur'gan glanced up from his potential masterpiece long enough to ask "what's in it for us?" giving the beautiful woman a thorough look over to make sure he was drawing her details and proportions properly. "well... i can me VERY grateful" the woman insinuated. Kyur'gan paused with a blank face as he processed what had been said. "alright guys! we gotta do this! good of the people and all that!" and tossed his boobie book over his shoulder onto his belongings and didn't hesitate to start marching into the woods. It took the others a long time before they finally caught up to him, but he was already on the hunt, silent as a Hinji fart and more hidden than Kyur'gan's father's affection towards him as a child.

It wasn't too long before Ottian and Kyur'gan had found the layer of the monster who's death was going to get him laid. "this is obviously it's place of residence... notice the proximity of the water source, the rutting of the ground and the damage to the surrounding trees.. obvious signs of marking it's territory. ""mmm" Kyur'gan grunted. "big holes....... strong creature" he said, repeating his earlier findings for Ottian's benefit. "yea...." Ottian said softly. "i'm going to get closer and spot the creature" They slowly seperated and crept forward to ambush their oversized victim.

Suddenly a squeal loud enough to be a roar erupted out of the cave in front of them, charging directly at the party. With a roar of his own, Kyur'gan leaped into combat with the others. It was a hard, chaotic fight. with allies being trampled and tossed about. blood from the boar and friends alike stained the mud and grass between their feat. Magic was thrown with abandon as Kyur'gan took hit after hit from the Dire boars charges. His strength was ebbing out along with the blood from his many wounds.. "why won't you.... DIE!" Kyur'gan growled through gritted teeth, ending his rage before his wounds would risk him losing his life. There was something going on with this creature that simply wasn't natural even for a hulking Dire Beast. Kyur'gan's joints popped as he pushed against the boars snout to keep it at bay. He couldn't hold it back much longer. "think damn you!" Kyur'gan muttered to himself, regretting for the first time abandoning his wizard studies. Something would have to happen, or Kyur'gan was done for, never to sample the flesh of the woman who made promises to him earlier. Kyur'gan's foot slipped in the mud and a feeling of dread washed over him.

Suddenly, Stitch was there. That flying Horror, the deranged and vile, wonderful creature it's self was there to tap him on the shoulder. Kyur'gan was invigorated and felt his health restore. With a quick move, Kyur'gan pushed the boar forward just enough to make a retreat and regroup with his allies. But the boar didn't give the party a chance. with a roar and not a glance spared towards the small creature, Stitch was trampled under it's hooves as it continued to rampage the party. "Nooooooo" Kyur'gan yelled, sending arrow after arrow into the body of the monster. "why didn't you fly away?!" Kyur'gan asked of the small crumpled body in the mud. The creature finally fell to the combined efforts of the party, but it was too late. they had lost one of themselves to the fury of the beast.

Many of the group were silent... numb from pain and exhaustion. Ottian quickly rushed to Olga and healed her. the open spurting wound in her chest quickly closed over and she gasped a breathe of air deep into her freshly repaired lungs. Everyone was limping, but no others were at risk of death as Kyur'gan glanced around. He spotted Marcus marching away back towards camp, the small crumpled body of Kyur'gan's savior held in his arms.

Quickly the barbarian rushed over. "leave me alone!" Marcus muttered with hate in his voice as he got close. Kyur'gan looked into the man's eyes and saw the rage that lied within. the pain that was there even before the fall of Stitch had surfaced after being so carefully hidden. It made the hair on Kyur'gan's neck rise, the aura of menace he felt from Marcus, but a debt had to be paid, even if now was not the time. Kyur'gan stood in front on Marcus, stopping the man who simply glared at him. He snatched the amulet from his neck that he had worn as a child. A pendant from a grandfather long since gone that he valued very much, even if the cost of the bone jewelry was not very much. Kyur'gan quickly drew the heavy bladed kukri at his belt and slide the blade through the flesh of his palm that held the pendant. "For the efforts of Stitch saving my life... i owe you a Blood Debt. This i vow" Kyur'gan said grimly, blood seeping through his fingers as he handed Marcus the Amulet. Marcus only stared at him. refusing at first to take the object, before finally snatching it from Kyur'gans hand without a word.

They made their way back to camp alone and in silence, leaving the others behind.

The next morning, the nights horrors were past him, and Kyur'gan felt invigorated from his nightly activities with the Beautiful wood-grained skin woman that he learned was a Dryad, And though he smiled, he knew he would not forget the debt he owed.

Author:  narcangoat [ Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  session summary for 17/24 Sep 2016

(note: to properly understand and appreciate this summary post of the last two sessions of SI radio's DnD group, you must read this entire posting in 'old timey radio announcer voice.' Failure to do so will result in less than optimal smiles of happiness.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*Que appropriate slow rising crescendo musical intro*

"We rejoin our heroic band of adventurers as they finally arrive, with all three wagons of supplies intact, at the outskirts of the city of Billers Bridge. Even though the hour is very late, the party finds the town still quite lively and awake, filled with numerous folk still up and about, many of them hoisting tankards at the numerous inns scattered around town. Quickly deciding to find rest for both themselves and their hard working pack animals, the party purchased rooms for the night at one of the more upscale taverns, and entered inside, seeking rest and respite.

Once inside, they encounter the heavily armored and heroic of temperament paladin SONLAR, a fellow traveler much like themselves, who had recently taken employment, however temporary, in the inn, acting as security in exchange for room and board. After initial pleasantries were exchange, and the party was made aware that the rules and regulations of the town were strictly enforced - - specifically rules about peace bonding weapons when inside establishments in the city, and outsiders not being allowed to harm citizens of the city - - the weary adventurers scattered a bit...some quickly taking refuge with their loyal animal companions in the stables...some striking up conversations with newfound friends...some attempting to drink their body weight in cheap booze...some slipping off to give well deserved deep tissue massages to fellow party members who had saved their lives at the last second...

Anabus, being the clever businessman, entered into a friendly game of chance with several traveling merchants, and thru clever use of both words and magic, managed to convince the most talkative merchant to offer up a possible contact in MAKANDAH to sell much of the parties supplies to...unfortunately, Anabus' gaming skills didn't quite match the merchants skill at cards, but thanks to the distracting presence of the saucy halfling HINGI and the massage offering OLGA, the party managed to get their hands on that information after all!

...suddenly, amidst the rest and revelry, an alarm was raised in the town...the EASTERNERS were attacking! As the locals and traveling merchants alike scattered in response, those members of the party not sleeping deeply in their rooms decided to take action!...not necessarily action to defend against the EASTERNERS, but to at least ensure their property out in the stables remained intact. Rushing outside and into the already raging battle, the party found themselves in fierce battle against not only against several EASTERNERS (who were apparently the name of the residents of the city across the river from BILLERS BRIDGE) but also the dread privateer BACKBEARD...and also several of the previously friendly traveling merchants, who had decided that the parties three wagons worth of supplies would be some easy pickings amidst the chaos!

After many a close call, many acts of derring-do, including the still drunken Kyurghen managing to drunkenly capture the dread privateer BACKBEARD with assistance from SONLAR, several members of the party turned their efforts towards helping the townsfolk put out the numerous fires the raiding EASTERNERS had set, to assisting with the injured and the dead, and in the case of two members of the party, interrogating the surviving leader of the merchants who'd tried to steal the parties supplies. While SONLAR, QUESRIK, HINGI and OTIIAN continued to help the town and townsfolk respectively, OLGA and ANABUS offered the merchant their silence about his actions during the raid by using his contacts to arrange shipboard travel for the party, MARCUS disappeared, spending some time alone experimenting with recently unlocked powers at his command...

...as the townsfolk continued to deal with the aftereffects of the raid, even more chaos and confusion began, as word that someone had actually raised some of the fallen guardsman from the dead spread around town like wildfire! Finding that two party members, SONLAR and QUESRIK, were both deep in the center of the rapidly growing chaos surrounding this command over the very powers of death, we aren't surprised to find that ANABUS and OLGA have already moved the parties wagons of supplies and animals onto a docked ship, ready to transport the party onward to the city of MAKANDAH...after some very clever words of convincing from QUESRIK, and some excellent spell use from the other party members to momentarily stop the mob of townsfolk trying to grab onto SONLAR, the party reached the relative safety of the ship, which quickly set sail from the docks of BILLERS BRIDGE, floating out into the deeper waters of the OSATIO river...when suddenly MARCUS's absence was discovered!

Scanning the city from amidst the ships rigging, the party was able to spot their friend...who quickly sent them all a MESSAGE thru his mastery of magic. He wished them safety and success in their continued journey, but he would be leaving their sides, as it was time for him to return to his wife's side...and an indication of MARCUS's recently discovered newfound power was evident, by the presence of STITCH, flying around above the city! Friendly waves of farewell were visible from all aboard the ship, and a single shed tear from a certain half orc lady was shed, as we close this chapter of our brave adventurer's book of heroics.

What will happen upon the waters of the OSATIO as our party continues their trek? You'll have to tune in this Saturday the 1st of October, 2016 to find out!

This adventure session summary brought to you by the fine folks of the TREE-B-GONE FORESTRY SERVICE, handling all your tree chopping needs! Gnomish owned and operated, TREE-B-GONE FORESTRY SERVICES is a proud supporter of the 'chop 1, plant 3' initiative! "

*Que appropriate musical fanfare*

Author:  creepiz [ Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

This is a recap, from Hingi's perspective, of October 8th, 2016's session:


Just before dawn.

Two badgers wearily make their way through the broken streets and homes. While most of the city is content on ignoring this broken part of the city and its people, the badgers race deeper within the darkened alleys and damaged homes.

Turn left at the grocery stall.

Run down the alley.

They slow their pace as the small lot comes into view. As they approach, the smaller of the two badgers morphs back into her halfling form and starts rummaging in the pack attached to the larger one. She withdraws a small makeshift bag, unfolds it and places it on the ground.

“I hope this offering is acceptable.” She says as the starving dogs approach. As the alpha begins to eat, she and the badger move to their usual spot and begin to settle.

They had found this place a few days after they arrived in Makandah. She had decided to follow Quesrik and Sonlar on one of their expeditions through the poorer areas of the city. She had offered little in aid to the people of the area, but had set about taming the wild dogs that inhabit this park.

She assumed it was a park, anyway. The remnants of a garden and pond could be seen among the weeds and decrepit benches. When she had first approached the lot, the locals had warned her away. Some claimed it was an old cemetery and evil spirits lived there. She doubted that. The spiritual presence was lighter there than the rest of area. She could sense the unease throughout most of this part of town. Many of the spirits here suffered violent ends and had not been able to accept that their life force had ended.

Others had incorrectly assumed she was a child and tried to warn her away because of “scary men” and “violent animals.” The animals were easy to deal with. She spoke their language and had worked out an arrangement. She only had one issue with a person. A man had assumed she was easy prey and attempted to grab her. She didn't know what he had had planned, but she was sure it didn't involve the 600 lb badger that forced him to the ground and only released his throat after the halfing called him off. Word had spread quickly and most of the locals avoided them after that.

The only other disturbances she had endured were the local children. Once their fear sub-sided, they had quickly learned that the over-sized badger did not mean them harm. They would often approach Hingi and ask about her “pet.” They always seemed to relax when they learned that his name was Diggles. That probably should have concerned her, but she felt protected with Diggles near and figured that these children needed that feeling too.

She did like her solitude, however, and had learned that getting to this park before dawn was needed if she actually wanted to get her meditation done without interruptions.

She settled into her meditation position, which to outsiders would have looked like a small child napping on a giant badger. Diggles was settling into a deep sleep, exhausted from the long night.

“Jiggles.” She thought, reaching out to touch his spirit.

She felt the familiar presence laying in across her legs. She knew that it was most likely in her mind, but the thought always comforted her and reminded her of times when he was alive.

“I missed you today.” She thought. She felt the spirit warm in response.

“I miss our forest too. It was nice to be stable for a few days, especially after being on that boat for so long.” Hingi shuddered a tear away. She had lost Jiggles during another ride on a river. That loss had been the hardest. In the weeks before that, she had seen most of her friends meet a violent end. Those that hadn't, had left for parts unknown. She had hoped that they had found peace and settled into a nice life. Through the rumors she has heard in the recent days, it seems unlikely. The war has spread and is starting to consume the smaller villages.

“The people are too stuffy here.” She felt Jiggles's spirit warm again and continued, “Anabus, Olga and the new guy finally had time today to go to the library, so we can finally research this artifact. On the way there, we ran into Kyur'gan and his little party. One of the ladies he was with invited us to a party. It sounded like a lot of fun while she was discussing it with Olga. Anabus seemed anxious to go and seemed insulted that he had to be Olga's 'plus-one.' It wasn't until later that he explained that it was a high-society party and there were expectations.

Olga was really excited though. She talked about it the entire way to the library. You would like her. She is kind and looks out for me. I think she was grateful that I was able to tell her that Mittenz was at peace. She is much more open than Mittenz was, though. I thought she was going to give the librarian a heart attack.

These people baffle me, Jiggles. They really do. When we got to the library, they wouldn't let Diggles in. Then, they told me he couldn't lay under a tree because he would 'damage the grass.' They made me tie him to a post! I honestly thought they were not going to let Olga in at first. If is wasn't for Anabus insisting that he needed my help, I would not have gone in. I would have stayed out there with Diggles and showed them how much control they truly have over their precious lawn.

We stayed in the library for a while. Olga was trying to show me different dresses for the party and was really happy and giddy until the uppity librarian came over. The stupid elf kept shushing us and then got even more mad when Olga apologized to the whole library. She seemed almost grateful when Anabus requested her attention. Olga had finally settled on dress idea, when Anabus motioned us over. He had had little luck finding the information we were looking for, but did seem to finds clues that the information we needed was locked behind some door in the back of the library. Olga tried opening the door, but it wouldn't give to her strength or magic. When that failed, she decided to move the bookshelf to try to go around the door. It was too heavy, so she started throwing all the books into a pile. Anabus flipped out and the noise caught the attention of the snooty elf again, so I started trying to put the books back on the shelf. I wasn't fast enough, though. Olga managed to pull the bookcase from the wall about the time the librarian came back over. She informed us that the door led down and that going through the stone walls was not going to work. Olga then pulled carpet up and tried to go through the floor, but that just made things worse. Anabus wound up trying to drag us out of there while the new guy tried to distract her. It was a mess. I was glad to be out of there and the gardeners started yelling at us as we were leaving because Diggles had broken free of the leash and was laying on under one of the trees.

Stupid elves thinking they know better than everyone else.” Hingi felt Diggles move beneath her and an odd unease to Jiggles's spirit. She slowed her breathe and calmed her emotions.

She continued, “The rest of the afternoon was rather odd. Olga bought here disguise hat and showed me how to use it. She said it would be easier to use the hat rather than buy a new dress for the party. It did actually work. Once I learned how to use the hat, I tried to figure out how I wanted to appear at that party. Nothing seemed right. You remember the parties we had with Numo in the forest. This was nothing like that. Everything Olga showed me seemed to like it would draw attention to me and when I tried to mimic what I saw in the city, I looked like a child's doll. Anabus just made things worse when he started explaining what would be expected of us. This seemed to confuse Quesrik the most. I do not know much of his life, but the look on Anabus's face when he asked why the party-goers would not be in their armor made the evening worth it.”

Hingi sensed Jiggles's confusion. “Quesrik explained later the only celebrations he had been to were in times of war. Everyone wore their best armor to celebrate the winning of the battle or to lay their dead to rest. The idea that people would throw parties and argue about trade routes and land holdings over dinner seemed petty to him.”

Jiggles essence warmed again. “The ride to the party was unremarkable. Anabus had taken me to several shops to give me an idea for a dress. We finally settled on a long green dress that reminded me of the forest. He assured me I would fit in perfectly. What he failed to mention was the all of the attention that Diggles and I would attract. I tried staying with him and mimicking what he was doing, but most of that was introducing me to other people and discussing local politics. Diggles seemed like the party though. He ignored almost everyone, unless they offered him food. The party-goers seemed amused by us and kept asking how I managed to train a badger. 'I asked him' did not seem to be the answer they wanted to hear. Anabus always made up some other response that would be a laugh and the people would move on.

That went on for a while until he realized that I was tired of being a conversation piece. His solution was to drag me on to the dance floor. I noticed a twinge of embarrassment when Olga noticed us and leapt over the table to drag Kyur'gan on the dance floor. I was actually glad for the distraction, since their dancing caught most people attention. It was probably the only time that I didn't feel people watching me.

Anabus attempted to distract me, but seemed genuinely disappointed that I didn't open to his flattery. I am not sure if he was being sincere, but I trusted it about as much as I trusted the rest of the people there. He seemed to share the idea that they are better than everyone else because they have money that can 'benefit everyone.' I would laugh it that idea hadn't cost me my home and my friends' lives. If it hadn't cost me you. He seemed honestly shocked that, despite all that, I don't desire revenge or wealth or fame. I buy what I need to survive so that we have a chance to stop the king. Once that is through, I will return to our forest and begin healing the land.” Hingi paused again when she noticed Jiggles's restlessness.

Calmed, she continued, “Thankfully the dancing didn't last long. Anabus noticed the count we were looking for and approached him. After the did their fake kissy thing, they discussed some local history. The elf, who I guess if traveling with us, joined and they accepted a job from the count. In exchange, we will get go behind the big door in the library. I swear, if this is another witch hunt to someone else's asinine problems...”

Soft footsteps broke Hingi's meditation. The sun had risen above the city walls and people were starting to move about. The dogs had moved back to their preferred spot near the stagnant pond, but were aware that an someone was approaching. Diggles awoke with a long stretch, irritated at the disturbance. Hingi looked around the overgrown grass and saplings that for light and water. She stretched to resume her badger form. Content, for maybe the first time since Jiggles death, that everything will work out.

Because in the middle of the Great City of Makandah, amid the crumbling buildings and the city's forgotten people, there is an abandoned park where nature is reclaiming what is hers.

Author:  Orthallon [ Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

Meanwhile, back at Biller's Crossing...

"Before we eat, we should give thanks." Marcus eyed his companions who stared at him impatiently. "Justin, what are you thankful for?"
"This food" he replied, looking down at the meal before him.
"Lana, what are you thankful for?"
"I am thankful to be alive" she replied, looking at Marcus.
"And you, Thomas?" Marcus asked the first of his new companions.
"I am thankful for you, master"
"Thank you my friend." Marcus smiled warmly. "I am thankful for you all as well. And thankful that the soil was still soft from the recent burial. I'm not cut out for a gravedigger's work. Please, dig in!"

The necromancer watched his companions.. his 'children', as they ate their fill of the Easterner who had attacked the small city only a few days hence. Even though he could control them through force of will, he liked having them appreciate him and follow his suggestions on their own. Besides, he really wanted to know what to expect and how to make the experience as pleasant as possible for Selene's return.

"Thomas, please hand me the rest of that forearm, for Stitch." Thomas looked at the hunk of flesh already separated from the body for a moment, then obeyed. "Be sure to eat your fill", Marcus told the group, "over the next three days I will be bringing three men to join us, but they are not to be eaten and I don't want your hunger causing you too much discomfort. We have enough food for all, if we ration it, and we'll get more once we are all together."
"What is your plan, Master Marcus?" Lana asked.
"I am going to magically alter my appearance and go into town tomorrow to convince Thomas's brother to join us. Once I lure him here, Thomas may be the one to take his life and then I will return it to him so that he may be with us, forever."
A look of thankfulness mixed with a hint of horror came over Thomas's face.
"This is what you want Thomas? I will only do it if you think it will be okay."
Thomas looked down for a moment in contemplation before responding. "Yes. My brother. My old family with my new family."
"That makes me so happy to hear. Family is so important." Marcus smiled again.
"What about Harold?" Justin asked.
"And my Jasper?" Lana inquired hopefully.
"Yes, yes. I would bring them all at once if I could, but I can only bring one of them back to us each night. Justin, your son will be next, and Lana, your fiance soon after. Please be patient."

Satisfied, they returned to their meal. Marcus was pleased that things were going so well, despite all of the bitterness he still felt. There was a time when he too would have been amazed and overjoyed at having a hero appear in a town he lived in, raising the dead like it was some parlor trick. But where was a hero when thieves broke into his home and murdered his wife? Where was a holy man who would bring his wife back, even when he offered every gold to his name? But now it was like Pelor himself was slapping Marcus across the face while the rest of the gods laughed and jeered at him. He had never been anything but a good person and a loving husband. How had life chosen this fate for his innocent wife and him? It had to be some sort of twisted fate. A fate that Marcus now understood and has come to accept.

He would not reveal his other intention to his new companions. Would not tell them that the reason he chose them first was so that he could use their knowledge and appearance to lure out the three guards the fool Paladin raised from the dead. Their fate should not be any better than Selene's. And that son-of-a-bitch Paladin's reputation can go straight to the ninth level of hell. After he brings them back, Marcus will command them to walk into town at night, and then release his control over them. We'll see what the townsfolk think of that holier-than-though bastard when those he brought back from the dead are revealed as ghouls only one week later!

"After that, there is just one more order of business before I head North to you my dear", Marcus said to his Selene, talking softly so that the others could not hear him. "That dryad is the real reason we almost lost Stitch. And that bitch's home needs to burn."

Author:  Orthallon [ Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game


I have joined the group I mentioned in my last report. This past week we have been in Makandah so that they could sell acquired cargo and rest after being on the road for lengthy period. I made myself useful to them by showing them around a bit, making lodging recommendations, and so forth. So far they are an agreeable, although certainly eccentric group. Most importanly, they do have some insight into the motivation of this "Mad King", who I am still not convinced is King Vargas Y' Arrubarra (King of North Osatia) by the way, and I have decided to accompany and aid them for now.
A chance encounter with Baron Von Cleeson, a prominent noble here, provided us an opportunity to access the Makandah library vault for some promising research, however he has asked us to investigate a local cult to earn this privelage.

For my part, I visited Algernon (my half-elf barber contact in Makandah), who is well, to see if I could help gather information but the others had more success than I. As you probably are aware, this Cult of the Black Dragon, has nothing to do with dragons. While not evil, the reasons for their curious pursuit of knowledge seems to be a guarded secret, and their means for gaining said knowledge includes some odd means in which members of their cult often go missing. I fear sacrifice and otherworldy connection may be involved.

We learned that the cult headquartered in the Southwest area of Makandah; one of the poorer parts of the city, although when we questioned a neighbor, the old coot spoke highly of them. We learned that they had been absent of late, and he mentioned that a woman, Jessica, who could normally be seen making trips into other parts of town, also has not been seen in about a week. It was also noted that some loud animalistic screams could be heard from the cult residence sometimes. It is hard to appraise this situation.

With (what I belived to be) permission from nearby guards, the residence was accessed and searched to find it empty and musty. The situation quickly turned sour with them though and the group was actually arrested. These "so called" civilized people are simply too much, so I handled it in what seemed to be the fastest, most direct means available to me. I cast fly on Ly'ianna and headed over to request aid from the Baron, however he was already out of town and it seemed he would be for a few days. In good faith, I returned to the guardhouse and turned myself over, trusting that reason would prevail. This was not the case though and once we learned that the guards intended on keeping us prisoner for three days (or more if the Baron never showed up) on nothing more than suspicion charges, it was too much for my companions. I confess I had had enough at this point too and was prepared to back any play my new companions had. (Note: at this point there was a strong suspicion that these guards were involved somehow with this cult, or in covering up something related and likely nefarious)

With any hope of being treated fairly or justly out the window, action to free ourselves was initiated. I was prepared to violently, yet not lethally, aid in our escape, however I then realized that this facility was much larger than I thought and the city had accumulated close to two hundred guards, tightly packed in their large hall to guard six persons on suspicion charges?! There must have been all sorts of demons in the other cells. I quickly realized that no matter what we tried, things would not go our way, so I allowed myself to succumb to these fates and took to meditating to pass the time.

EDIT: Coming out of my meditation I witnessed the guards take down our warforged companion who made it out of his cell somehow. The wizard seemed to have been trying to aid him, and was subsequently hauled over to a cell which had an anti-magic field about it. As much as I wanted to help, I knew it was futile. As for the others.. I could not tell very well what they were doing, but was glad that they at least seemed safe until we were finally all released eleven days later. Coincidentally, Kyur'gan's warhammer was completed by then, which I suppose gave him the courage or sense to return to us. It seems another noble, Mrs. Nezbit, was also brought in on charges with us somehow... I don't even know how to explain that one, or how she was behaving...

I simply don't understand how other races, humans in particular, can have a poor opinion of elven society when things like this take place. It was too much for the brave warforged and noble halfling who have decided to part ways for a time. We wish them well and hold them in our thoughts as they undergo their many (yes, gonna say it) side quests, and look forward to crossing paths with them again. I don't believe Hingi would be interested in joining our circle, so please ask the Circle of the Open Road druids to keep an eye on them.

Your servant,

P.P.S. Edit Correction Thingy - Please disregard all as it turned out to be simply a harsh, drug and alcohol infused dream of Olga's. Stay tuned for the Thelma and Louise ending!!!

P.P.P.S. One thing that actually did happen though... While walking down the street past the Tree B-gone Headquarters, a grunt from Diggles prompted Hingi to realize Quesrik was no longer beside them. Glancing down the nearest side street, she noticed a metallic looking hand waving from the top of a giant wicker basket which was being rushed away on the shoulders of many, many gnomes. Quickly Hingi and Diggles pursued, but after rounding a corner to find what looked to be a dead end, Quesrik was lost. Sharing a determined look, the duo vowed never to quit until they had found their warforged friend.

Author:  creepiz [ Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

So, Dan and I realized, during dinner, that he schedule is lot crazier than we originally planned. I think this would be a good time to go ahead and back out of the game. Dan just simply does not have the time anymore and I will be gone almost as much as him in the next few months. I will look into joining again next year, when things die down.

I will keep y'all informed and talk to you in chat.

Author:  Orthallon [ Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

In the Navy we say "fair winds and following seas". Dan, thanks for standing a watch for us all.

Creepiz, don't forget how I told you how to get his immediate attention!

See ya at the (IDCWYSI) The Spook Show. ;)

Author:  narcangoat [ Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Dan deploying down the road, so he and Creepiz departing gam

Well. Fudgeknuckles.

...which will be Hingi's next badgers name, if Diggles dies.

Hugs Dan. Keep you and yours safe on the deployment, my friend.


Author:  narcangoat [ Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  summary of 22 and 29 Oct sessions

Present: Olga, Anabus, Otiian, Sonlar, Ai'wendil and Ly'ianna,Kyur'gan
MIA: Quesrik, Hingi and Diggles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
QUEST: Find out about the Mysterious Cult of the Black Dragon (ongoing)
* writer note: this write up will be a mix of 'Olga perspective' and 'Classic Narrator Voice'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
...Olga couldn't shake the feeling that somehow, things were happening that had happened before. Or more accurately, things were happening differently, than they had happened before...the curse of Divination magic is that you often see things that might occur, or should have occured...or will never occur. Once, Olga had seen a vision of her half brother Mittenz, traveling in the company of several people, some of whom Olga herself now called friends...of course, Olga had also once seen a vision where she was crowned the queen of the Kingdom of the Lollypop Gnomes...divination magic...yeesh...

But this time, the divination magic had been clearer than normal. The details, so crisp, so clear. She could practically smell the blood that was spilled during the dream, could feel the cold walls of the prison cell that she, Hingi and Diggles shared for days upon days...could feel the press of madness eating at her mind, until she had been driven mad by being a slave again...all because of the cascading effects of a misheard word here, a confusing law of the 'civilized' city of Makandah there...a crossed circuit or three inside the head of a warforged...She knew that if the party entered the 'black house' in their normal, unsubtle matter, that it would end in her going mad inside a cell, and possibly destroy any hope of the quest to stop the 'mad king' of Northern Osatia...the quest her sweet half brother Mittenz had died believing in...

Olga shook her head, to clear the waking vision from her mind, long enough to join in on the conversation that her companions were having. Otiian was explaining how to stealthily enter into the suburban house that the 'Cult of the Black Dragon' was supposedly located in...Kyur'gan was busy nodding his head repeatedly, pretending to understand most of the words being said, while idly scratching at his nether regions...Sonlar stood near the door, listening intently to the plan, his hand tapping on the hilt of his warmace...Ai'wendil, the elven newcomer to the party, stood beside his large wolf companion Ly'ianna, occasionally interjecting a word or five to suggest to Otiian a slight modification to his plan...and then, in the far back of the room, sitting almost demurely with his legs crossed at the ankles, observing the discussion, was Anabus...Olga smiled, and self consciously combed her fingers thru her hair, trying to untangle some of the worst of the knots. She daydreamed briefly, imagining that after some glorious battle, after the sounds of battle had ceased, and the fires of magic had burned down to embers, that Anabus would come to her and finally celebrate surviving a battle in the proper orcish manner with her...

...Olga came back from her daydream to realize that the party discussing if they should continue to wait for Quesrik and HIngi to return from their 'personal errands,' or if they should conduct their search for the 'Cult of the Black Dragon' without their wayward friends. She scolded herself quietly as she realized that once again, she'd daydreamed during an important discussion. Otiian was looking at her intently, and spoke again "Olga, what do you think? I can scout the house by myself well enough, but splitting the party is always a risky endeavor..."

"Uhhhhh...Olga pretty sure dat whatever sneaky Otty man, is da sneakiest way to gets inside of diz house we needin' to bust into." She grimaced at hearing her own words. She'd never mastered to finer arts of speaking common smoothly, and always knew she failed to convey what she meant properly. And her voice was ugly. She knew that. The only person who'd ever said she had a nice voice, was Kyur'gan. And he was completely drunk at the time. And had just finished playing another game of 'Whats in my pocket' with Ice and Flame, his two escorts of preference at the house of ill repute he'd been practically living in since they arrived in Makandah. Blushing at the memory of Kyur'gans words...and the fact she'd also been drunk enough to actually fall for them...Olga cleared her throat and voiced her concerns, admitting she'd had a 'vision' of the possible future. She was surprised to find that Ai'wendil had also had a vision of the possible future. She briefly smiled at the druid...but then quickly dropped that smile, because he was, after all, an....elf. Blech. But it seemed the druids words echoed her own, and he too, had seen visions of their quest going far off the rails if they took certain actions...
{ *in best narrator voice*}

And so the party decided to follow Otiian's suggestions, to stealthily enter into the house that the Cult of the Black Dragon was reported to reside in. Thanks to Otiian's mastery of the stealthy arts, they entered into the building in a far stealthier manner than Ai'wendil and Olga's premonitions had indicated, and after a thorough search, did find the hidden door behind the clever magical illusion in the root cellar.

After breaching the disguised door, the party found themselves in a very large room, dominated by an interesting underground fountain, fed by a statue that seemed to connect to the surface well in the black houses front yard. Upon carefully searching the room, the adventurers discovered, hidden inside a crate, the badly mangled body of a female human ranger and what appeared to be her journal, which revealed that a local of no small import named Darumon was heavily involved in the cult, and had been building their strength through strong extra-dimensional and very evil magical forces...and that the chamber they were in was actually a sort of 'prison' for the horrible monsters they had been summoning...a prison that the party had breached by breaking the magical seals on the inside of the hidden door... (oopsie.)

A decision was made quickly, to send Anabus to brief Baron Von Kleese, whom they were working for, as the dangers to the city were quickly being revealed to be far more extensive than originally guessed at. There was some discussion about the entire group leaving, as they'd only been tasked with investigating the black house and reporting to the baron on the cults current status, but the more heroic minded members of the party convinced the rest of the party to remain, because the city and all its inhabitants were in grave danger...
...and it was a good thing the party decided to remain, for mere minutes after Anabus departed to update the Baron on what they had found...the part was ATTACKED! Horrible warped cat-like monstrosities, each the size of a large panther...and their mrowls were terrifying, able to rock even the stoutest hearts to the core. Even worse than their mrowls though, was the even more horrific discovery that if they were able to taste the blood of one of their victims, they seemed to 'split' into even more monstrosities! Perhaps they were opening a gate to their home dimension, allowing in more of their own kind, or perhaps it was how they 'bred'...irregardless, what initially seemed to be an 'easy' battle against 2 foes...became a fight to survive against 3...then 4...then 5....only through exceptional heroics, was the battle won...

...meanwhile, at the Baron's estate, a battle of a different sort was being fought. A battle between Anabus, and the forces of arrogance. Initially halted at the gates by the Baron's security and a self important valet, Anabus' patience was tested thoroughly, but he eventually won through by name dropping that he was 'Lord Anabus of the Firebrands, of Thay.' Anabus showed the Baron the journal they had found and described the things they had seen, and the broken magical seal. The Baron reacted angrily once he found that Darumon was involved, and quickly a plan was formed: the Baron would send out the call for several people that he knew, who had the proper magical training and might to attempt to re-seal the prison for the extra-dimensional beasts, and he loaned Anabus a 'discreet' carriage to carry him back to the black house, and his friends...

...when Anabus arrived back at the cult house, and raced down to the basement, he found his friends catching their breath, having managed to vanquish the replicating extra-dimensional horrors. He explained what the Baron's plans were, and the party quickly decided to seal the door to the prison as best they could from the inside, and carefully explore the prison further...and should more monstrosities than they could handle appear, they would fall back to the door and fight a holding action as best they could...
... like most plans, the parties intentions did not survive the next contact with the enemy.

As Otiian carefully scouted a room dominated by a ruptured overhead sewer pipe, which was slowing filling the room with a very large, deep puddle of nastiness, he was suddenly attacked by two horrific monstrosities that had been hiding in the sewage! Horrors, covered in tentacles, with gigantic mouths filled with large teeth! (later identified as a variation of Otyughs) As Otiian let out a cry of surprise, then pain, as he went down after being bludgeoned by numerous tentacles (dropped to negative HP's), the party tried to get to their downed companion...but were divided, as another of the extra-dimensional cat monsters attacked those still outside of the room! Sonlar, Ai'wendil and Ly'ianna battled the cat monster, as Anabus, Olga and Kyur'ghen attempted to reach the downed, and bleeding out, Otiian!

Sadly, the battle did NOT go well for the party. While initial attempts to cleverly use 'Wall of Fire' were clever...they accidentally prevented the party from actually reaching Otiian...and when Anabus attempted to reach his friend by teleporting to the far side of the flame walls, he too was struck down by the Otyughs! (dropped to negative Hp's, and bleeding out).

...on the far side of the flame walls, Olga and Kyur'ghen battled to reach their dying friends....first Olga flinging a necklace of fireballs (which both Otyugh's stood sturdy against), then Kyur'ghen attempting to skirt around the walls of flame...but the closer Otyugh's flailing and grappling tentacles kept him from reaching their friends as they continued to get closer...and closer...to the dreaded 'negative ten hit points'...

...in the hallway, Sonlar, Ly'ianna and Ai'wendil finally defeated the cat monster, and rushed to the sewage filled room to aid their friends. The fire wall spell finally expired, and the combined party rushed across the room, racing to put down the Otyugh's and reach their friends...thru their combined efforts, the foul foes were dispatched...but sadly, too late...

{** end Narrator summary voice over section**}
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Olga helped her friends carry the bodies of Otiian and Anabus out of the sewage room. The survivors fell back defensively to the closed prison door, preparing to make the best stand they could until the promised aid the Baron was sending would arrive...

Running her fingers through Anabus' filthy hair, Olga spoke softly in her native tongue, apologizing to the fallen mage for not trusting his 'new' magic enough to have joined him in the attempt to save Otiian. "Olga so sorry, Any-buzz...she...she shoulda trusted youz idea...when you disappeared, Olga thought you were escaping da dungeon...she...she didn't know you were trying to save Otiian..." She cradles Anabus' cold body in her arms, rocking back and forth, her emotions for the handsome, now fallen nobleman from Thay now dominating her thoughts...

...finally, after several minutes of cradling her friends body in her arms, Olga set Anabus' corpse on the ground, then stood up, wiping a hand across her face to clear away her tears of weakness. "Okay...okay....diz okay....dere...dere ways to fix diz, right?" She looked at the faces of her remaining companions, hoping to see looks of confidence there...

- - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - -
((Tune in this Saturday, the 5th of November, to find out what happens next! Will the party survive? Will it be a TPW? Will Sonlar and Ly'ianna find a way to handle their inter-species blooming romance? Will Kyur'gen and Olga ever hook up? Only time will tell!))

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