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Author:  Doragon [ Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

(In progress)

Kingdom of North Osatia

12th of Frostfall, 1224 After Breaking

Eryes slapped his horse affectionately on the neck; he felt a little better now that the rain had stopped, even though it was only midway through the month it was getting chilly. The day was ending with a ragged sky the color of damp raw wool rolling in from the west. His gloved hand made a wet smack on his mount’s mud-spattered coat; its breath smoking in the harsh wet air, as did his own. The hooves beat with a slow clop crunch on the crushed rock of the village’s one road, sending up little spurts of muddy water mixed with gray limestone dust.

The land around here was all worked from little hamlets like this one. The nearby lake providing food and water, while steep hills just to the north were densely forested, dark green and brooding with fall firs. Just beyond that was the mountains, once a beacon of safety as they shielded this region from the lands beyond. With the lake to the west, the mountains to the north, and the capitol to the east, this was once thought to the be the safest village in the region.

A scatter of sheds and workshops stood on either side of the road, like most of the town they stood empty and useless. Abandoned by a people who had a world of unknown violence laid at their feet. He looked across the narrow space of muddy earth the locals called a road and at the palisade wall that stood nearby. It was recent construction, made obvious by the green that still grew out from the bark.

Twenty feet high, and made from some pretty damned thick logs, he thought. But only a single pair of towers at the gate. Should be one spaced half a bowshot apart, otherwise any determined enemy could just storm their flank.

His lips shaped a silent whistle of disgust, but abruptly cut it short when he remembered these people were dirt poor farmers. They should be proud of them for having down what they had. That work had allowed their small band to fight off a substantial force, and save not just the town but its people.

Orcs had been harassing this town for the better part of a month, leaving it under a light siege obviously meant to starve the people out. Things had gotten desperate, forcing the village of hundreds to be held by a few dozen men who hadn’t seen a fight since they were youths rolling in the grass. If it hadn’t been for the timely arrival of Eryes and his friends a few days ago, the town would have fallen under the banner of the Orc Nation.

He felt a shudder run up his spine at the thought of a unified Orc people, shaking it off with an effort of will.

His eyes caught sight of Kyur’gan, a boyhood acquaintance that he and the others had recently resigned themselves with, working on the walls. Earlier he had seen the giant of a man wielding his massive hammer, making improvements to the palisade with what materials he had on hand. But now the man was applying a stucco to the surface. Not a bad idea as it would make the wall less susceptible to fire.

What was odd however was the odd new stranger, a man known only as Mittenz, following behind Kyur’gan and drawing a continuous design of vines and flowers into the material. Eryes peered at the images, are those faces? That’s a woman’s face, with vines for hair. And that’s a fox or a wolf. And that’s…

He shook his head, tearing his head away from the odd sight and over to a strange man and his carriage resting alongside the docks. Kooky Akbar, an odd little trader who had arrived on the barrages with reinforcements from nearby Sailor Mood, had his carriage set up there. No one was sure about where the man had come from, or how he seemed to have everything in his little carriage, but as long as he was buying and selling, no one was asking questions. A few of the others in the party, specifically Zynes and Meep, were talking with him – obviously working out a deal from the sight of gold exchanging hands.

Eryes felt his horse suddenly stop, and then take a few steps back as it gave an agitated huff . He looked around for trouble, drawing his bow on instinct, and was greeted by the sight of a massive Dire Bat swooping down from above. It had to be two-hundred pounds with a wingspan ten feet wide. The creature landed less than an arm’s length from the strange wizard, who smiled in genuine delight at the sight. First time I have ever seen that man smile for anything, he thought.

Before long the beast took to the air once more, coasting as quietly as the grave until it came to a rest under the one of the guard towers by the gate. Eryes could faintly her the wizard state the beast was to be the towns guardian, whatever that meant.

Meep, her fiery red hair nearly matching the setting red sun, took off with her wolf, Nahsawghee. The two of them running after the small Halfling, Hingi, and her ill-tempered badger, Jiggles, to talk and play.

Despite the evacuation of the town, and with it much of its wealth, one thing remained open. The Lucky Horseshoe was the town’s only bar, and had remained open despite having so few patrons. Erys walked inside after stabling his horse, kicking off mud from his shoes. The owner, an odd little dwarf, had kept the bar open as a way to keep the people’s morale up. And as Eryes settled into a booth the man brought him a mug of hot cider. Despite the obvious difference in size, he looked formidable. There was broad streaks of white in his dark beard, and a kettle belly under his leather apron. His grin showed a full set of teeth, and his legs were as thick as logs.

Eryes smiled warmly at the dwarf and called out warmly, “Atnas Stoneboot, how are you today?” He then took a sip of the cider, adding, “And thank you kindly, yours is the best cider I’ve had.”

He smacked his lips meditatively. There were herbs in the drink, and the scent had a deep fruitiness that was like a memory of Fall in his youth. For a moment homesickness seized him, and he was back amid the bee-filled orchards in April, looking down from a bluff across fields of rolling violet, with petals blowing in short gusts over his father’s house and onto the stark blue water of the ocean…

“Join me in one?” he asked sincerely.

Atnas gave a sharp nod, and took a seat next to him. “It’s a slow evening anyway. The few drinkers in town are too busy shoring up defenses. Everyone else is moving supplies around or standing guard in case more Orcs return.”

Just a moment later the doors swung open, with Wulfric and Korrin – two more of his party – stepping inside. They both took a quick glance around the deserted establishment, caught sight of Eryes and Atnas, and strolled over to sit down. After a few minutes of moving stuff around, the little booth was suddenly filled with some platters of food and more cider for the new arrials, who sat down across from Eryes.

They grinned and clinked their glasses together.

They were hungry enough that the plates of food were the first priority. With most of the town now on the other side of the lake, the granaries were stuffed with food. Roasted pork with gravy, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, applesauce on the side, brown bread and butter. There was even a wedge of apple pie, and a piece of yellow cheese beside it, sharp and dry, just right to cut the rich sweetness of the dessert and its buttery crust.

“Now that was delicious,” Eryes said, sighing with contentment.

“You people earned it,” Atnas declared once the last drop of cider left his mug. “If it hadn’t been for you, this town and everyone in it would have been eaten and killed by the Orc.” After a second his face frowned sharply, and he added, “Likely in that order.”

Korrin leaned back, patting his belly lightly, “Well, you won’t have to worry about it. The last of the refugees will be leaving tomorrow, and you with them.”

The grizzled old dwarf looked down at his empty drink, no, through the glass. His eyes seemed far away, deep in thought. “You know, a town is more than the buildings. It’s the people. I’m afraid of what might be awaiting us on the other side.” He glanced up, looking at the others for a moment before continuing, “We are too many for Sailor Mood to take in, and we don’t have a home waiting for us. Would be best if we could stay, but the Orcs are waiting. And we don’t know what could be waiting for us out there.”

Eryes looked down, a small grin on his face. “Well, you can relax a bit. We’ve already talked it over, and decided that Hingi and I will be heading out with you and the refugees. We will scout the area and make sure the Orcs haven’t reached that far yet.”

Wulfric, the only other dwarf in the town, added, “And you may not have to stay away for too long. Our wizard friend is going to use his new pet to scout the Orc camp. Maybe we can take care of them and make the town safe for you to come back.”

Author:  Doragon [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

January 2, 2016
Playing: WarMarshall, NarcanGoat, Doragon, DarkPotato, Se7en
Time: 12:20pm – 5:36pm

Everyone gathers outside the Shaman cave, Mittenz spends a little bit of time of cleaning up the mess of killed Orcs.
Meep gathers religious information about the totems outside the cave.
Group attempts to sneak into the cave
Within seconds the teams stealth breaks down when Wulfric and Kyur’gan yell screw it and charge the first Orcs they see.
Orc’s turn out to be a type of Orc Swiss Guard protecting their Shaman. Big, strong, deadly.
Kyur’gan charges an orc and smashes it flat with his hammer
Wulfric sets off an Orc trap, a steel blade come rushing out of the wall….and bounces off the dwarfs armor, breaking the trap with a loud clang
Kyur’gan is crit-hit by a pair of Orcs, taking massive damage and falling to the ground, but recovers
Mittenz and Zynes run to help Kyur’gan
Kyur’gan, once of the Orcs has been killed, throws the corpse at the remaining Orc but misses
Warg Rider suddenly appears, tosses Alchemist Fire at Zynes and Mittenz. Zynes catches on fire.
Warg Rider flees deeper into the cave
Zynes continues to burn, but is finally put out by Meep’s blanket
Kyur’gan scouts deeper into the cave, finds many more Orcs
Orc’s send a champion, boosted with [Enlarge], who charges Kyur’gan. But fails.
Kyur’gan and the Champion face each other, with Kyur’gan casting “reduce person” on the Orc, who falls dead.
Orc’s throw axes at the party, striking many and causing Meep to fall
Mittenz pulls Meep out of combat
Zynes casts [Ray of Enfeeblement] on a lead Orc, causing the creature to become immobilized under the weight of his own armor
Wulfric manages to intimidate the entire group of Orcs
Kyur’gan casts “fireball” on the Orcs, setting them on fire
Zynes is killed – went down casting
Orc cuts off Zynes head.
Mittenz finds the dead Zynes and the Orc, gets furious and attacks
Orc uses Zynes head as a weapon, hitting Mittenz with his severed head
Kyur’gan comes up behind the Orc and kills him

<end of session>

Author:  Doragon [ Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game


SI D&D resumes this week

Author:  WarMarshall [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

d&d should be a go this weekend. as long as my mother-in-law doesn't hit me with a random scheduled b-day party, we should be ok.

Author:  Doragon [ Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

January 16, 2016
Playing: WarMarshall, NarcanGoat, Doragon, Mace Ironhead, Creepiz, Karlith, DarkPotato
Time: 12:05 – 6:30

Hingi, Aryes and Aekrom say another army coming from the south towards Riverway, decided to come find and warn the rest of the party.
Because of the severity of the previous battle, Wulfric guards the door
The party cautiously moves forward
Eryes tosses a sun rod into a large chamber, revealing the Orc Shaman and his guards.
Eryes uncovers a hidden treasure chest
Orc heavies (guards in armor) move forward
Eryes move in closer, unaware that the Shaman can see him
Meep attempts to cast Entangle…only to have it counterspelled by the Shaman much to everyone’s surprise
When Eryes finally notices the Shaman can see him, the rouge charges the magic caster, dealing much damage.
Hingi casts Entangle, succeeding. But two party members are caught inside the spells range (Kyur’gan and Eryes)
In response the Shaman avoids the spell, but takes a hit from Eryes for his trouble. The Shaman attempts to cast a spell on Eryes, who manages to just avoid it.
Kyur’gan breaks free of Entangle, and squashes a Orc heavy
The Shaman runs away, protected by a Warg.
A very angry Aekrom manages to kill heavy Orcs in a single attack
More Orc rush in from the north of the map, surrounding our party
Most of the Orc’s have been killed, but some remain and are soon joined by the Shaman who is now riding a Warg
Eryes making a running charge on the Shaman/Warg, leaping over rock and diving through the air, bringing his weapon down into the Warg’s rear
Nahsawghee and Jiggles both take massive damage, resulting in the Badger falling
Aekrom brings his weapon down on the Warg, killing it, and deals a decent amount of damage to the Shaman
Mittenz runs up to a heavy Orc, runs in a circle like an 80s pro wrestler, and whacks the Orc on the head with a stick that has Zynes’s severed head attached to it. The Orc goes stiff, then falls to the ground.
Kyur’gan throws a fireball (Alchmist Fire) at the Shaman and then runs away to help the others who are surrounded
Shaman casts Darkness, enveloping an area in total black.
Everyone works fairly quickly to bring down the remaining Orc/Warg defenders in the cave, leaving only the Shaman as a threat.
After a massive combination of attacks, the Shaman is finally crushed after being surrounded by Mittenz, Kyur’gan, Meep and Nahsawghee
Aekrom frees one of the two prisoners
Hingi pokes the other prisoner with a stick, and takes the gag/blindfold off. Prisoner proceeds to scream for help. Finally they cut him down.
Mittenz puts the Shaman’s bloody robes around the woman, who promptly falls to her knees in shock
The woman fears Mittenz, but swoons over Eryes.

January 23, 2016
Playing: WarMarshall, NarcanGoat, Doragon, Mace Ironhead, Creepiz, Karlith, DarkPotato
Time: 12:15 – 5:30

Everyone gathers in the center of the cave to figure out what they should next.
After introductions and explaining the wider situation, the group agrees to go looking for the relic that both the King of North Ostia and the Orc Nation are searching for.
The first clue should be at nearby temple.

One the way to the temple, the party if attacked by a pack of Owlbears. While terrifying, the party manages to kill their enemies without much worry.

Afterwards the party camps for the evening before continuing to the temple.

Author:  Mace_Ironhead [ Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

OK, folks, WarMarshall's busy on Saturday, so I volunteered to be a guest DM.

However, I don't have time this weekend to learn the ins and outs of the DM side of roll20, so, with your blessings, I'd like to go REALLY oldschool with my session ... no fancy maps, no website doohickeys, just my descriptions, your visualizations, and some dice rolls (and MAYBE some real fast sketches if necessary). What do you think?

Author:  Doragon [ Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

February 6, 2016
Playing: Narcangoat, Doragon, Mace Ironhead, Creepiz, Karlith, Kurst (formally known as Darkpotato)
Time: 12:10am – 7:28pm

Note: Mace Ironhead acting as guest DM

<Party continues its way to the Temple to search for clues regarding the mysterious relic. After moving through the woods the party has reached the road.>

<Just as the sun gets high the Party comes across a caravan of people. (1 merchant, 3 soldiers, 3 wagons, and some “serfs”) The Party sits down to join them.>

<Merchant – Janus – comes with weapons and armor for Riverway.>

Kurst notices someone in the woods, takes after them
Jiggles, Hingi, Mittenz, and Erys chase after him, following what appears to be a druid

Anabus talks with Janus, making a business contact.

The mysterious girl vanishes when the party reaches a house. Inside they find an old man.

Old Man introduces himself as Cecil, an Ex-Paladin, and tells a tale of unrequited love and jealously. Asks everyone to go to his brothers grave and retrieve his symbol of strength.

Party arrives, finds a trap door in the grave yard.

The party carefully makes its way down the hole, eventually arriving in a large stone chamber. The chamber branches into three paths. After a large crack of thunder, the ancient looking stone doors shatter.

While most of the party explores the first two paths, Anabus and Mittenz stay in the central chamber and explore. After some searching the two hear something coming from the third path, and decide to seek the rest of the party before checking it out.

After following the southern path a ways, the group comes across a small chamber with a statue in the middle. When Eryes attempted to steal the ruby gems from the statues eyes, the room sealed and a voice asked a riddle. One that Eryes managed to quickly answer.

When the stone doors opened the party walked deeper into the crypt, finding a large octagon-shaped room. Inside was the brother, undead, flanked by six guards. The party learns how the living brother was really the villain, and this undead paladin waits to judge him. To give him peace the party slays the creature, who upon dying whispers “thank you.”

<end of session. To be continued.>

Author:  Doragon [ Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

February 13, 2016
Playing: WarMarshall, NarcanGoat, Doragon, Mace Ironhead, Creepiz, Karlith, Kurst
Time: 11:57-5:10

<Continuing from last session>
Our brave Rouge Eryes runs all the way to the entrance, where he encounters Kyur’gan who got bored and dropped down into the tunnel. After Eryes calms down he and Kyur’gan share a drink to get warm and settle nerves.

Meanwhile Hingi and Jiggles ran past everyone to find Eryes, while the rest of the party slowly makes their way back up the long tunnel. She and her animal make it to the main chamber well ahead of everyone.

Once everyone is gathered together again the party inspects the eastern path. They find an ornate sarcophagus with skulls and tendrils adorning it. When Eryes moves forward to check for a trap the skull’s eyes flip open to reveal green flames. A screech blasts forth, freezing several party members with fear.

Eryes, to make up for running away in fear, drives his rapier through the creatures eye, making a heroic pose as he slays the beast.

Kyur’gan manages to flip open the heavy stone sarcophagus, revealing dust with some metal mixed in.

Eryes inspects the dust and finds a ring inside. Two twisted pieces of metal wound around each other.

Eventually the party decides to return to the old man’s cottage and confront him about this “quest” he sent us on. Having learned the truth, the majority of the party murder the fallen paladin in a fury.

<End of Mace’s side quest>

<Resume WarMarshall’s Main Quest>

After resting for the night the Party makes their way to the monastery. When they arrive they find the heavy doors wide open, and blood covering everything. Stained glass windows smashed and tables overturned.

The party continues to explore the monastery

<To be continued>

Author:  WarMarshall [ Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

so, this weekend 2/27/16 we will not be able to play, as i just found out that we will be out of town for a family engagement. mace is unable to take over this weekend either due to his job priorities.

sorry guys for this. we will resume the following weekend.

Author:  Doragon [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

March 5, 2016
Playing: WarMarshall, NarcanGoat, Doragon, Mace Ironhead, Creepiz, Karlith, Kurst
Time: 12:05-

<continuing from last week>
The Party continues to examine the Monastery

Meep chooses to remove an Orb from one of the graves. This causes the doors to the Crypt to slam shut and a ghostly creature appears which immediately attacks her.

Mittenz, in a rare moment of brilliance, manages to force the creature to turn.

Erys, Aekrom and Anabus, in a misguided attempt to learn what happened to their friends, attempts to lift the heavy door into the crypt. When they do the wave of paralyzing fear rushes over them. And with everyone gathered in one place, the creature that was turned rushes through those three…leaving them “slimed”

Erys claims the ghost is his “conscious” and chances after it, taking Aekrom and Kyur’gan with him. During their pursuit they cross the hole in the floor by jumping across. Kyur’gan however fails the jump and falls into the hole.

Anabus enters the crypt and searches, with a frightened Meep following close beside him.

Mittenz helps Kyur’gan exit the hole.

Hingi explores a small cistern, finding some valuable loot in the process. Unfortunately this gets the attention of a swarm of spiders. Hingi runs from the swarm, erupting into the Crypt right in front of Anabus.

After finding out the situation, Anabus casts Molten Strike in the narrow drainage tunnel, vaporizing the swarm and scorching Mittenz’s ear as he stuck his head into a pipe to investigate Hingi’s screaming.

Erys manages to slay the ghoul…only after it is vanquished does he realize he and Aekrom are alone in a large room. A large room complete with 24 sarcophagi. They exit quickly and decide to meet up with the others before going back in there.

Anabus finds the Necklace of Palor in the Crypt, and proceeds to rush back towards the school room to find a statue missing its necklace. Upon placing the necklace, a secret room is unlocked.

Meanwhile the rest of the party are at the hole and are trying to figure out a way to make a bridge so everyone can safely cross it.

<To be continued>

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