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Author:  WarMarshall [ Wed May 11, 2016 2:44 am ]
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We're looking at you, Hinji....

Author:  WarMarshall [ Wed May 11, 2016 1:50 pm ]
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Hinji, you have a problem...

Author:  WarMarshall [ Thu May 12, 2016 5:46 am ]
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Retarded Animal Babies D&D episode...

Author:  WarMarshall [ Thu May 12, 2016 2:42 pm ]
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Fear of Girls d&d series.

Author:  narcangoat [ Sat May 14, 2016 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  14 MAY 2016 adventure's loot (group loot)

This is the latest updated 'group loots' from our latest battle:
NOTE: All items listed here are the 'party loot' that are for all members to snag and use, or to be sold at the next convenient store.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
+1 Breastplate (stinks of Kyurghen) :)
large sized bone great axe,
3 bone harpoons,
2 bone hatchets,
1 heavy wooden shield,
1 large sized bone battle axe,
1 masterwork mace,
1 large sized studded great club,
1 dwarvencraft heavy shield,
1 large sized falchion,
3 bone harpoons.
1 Masterwork musical instrument (Bone Flute): 100 GP value.
1 Masterwork Blowgun (300 gp value.

Author:  Doragon [ Mon May 16, 2016 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

Date: 5-14-16
Events taken from Anabus’s point of view

Kingdom of North Osatia
1st of Sun’s Dusk (November), 1224 After Breaking

Anabus basked in the rays of the warm sun overhead, relaxing in the back of the horse’s wagon as it rocked rhythmically back and forth, thinking about the day.

It had been two days since he and his new companions left Herchel’s Landing in good spirts, with the residents waving them off happily and inviting them to return soon. In truth he would have liked to have stayed there a little longer. They were nice people who were just wanting to live their lives quietly, and had so far managed to avoid being sucked into the violence of this world. But after he and the rest of the party ran off that cult who believed in non-violence to the point of allowing one’s self to be killed, he wanted to remain a little longer to make sure there was no reprisals.

Unfortunately time, and his new friends, wait for no one. While it was possible the Mad King had no idea what the fragment was, or that it was in three separate pieces, there was no guarantee someone else didn’t know. The party decided they needed to collect them first, as quickly as possible, and had hit the road as soon as possible. Next stop, Makandah, the Capitol of South Osatia, and their vast libraries to learn more about the places where these artifacts are resting as well as narrow down possible locations.

The last two days had been uneventful. He spent most of his time studying some scrolls he purchased, while the others busied themselves in one form or another. Hingi spent most of her time with her new badger friend, the two sitting in the wagon beside him and picking fleas from their mutual fur. Otiian stayed bundled in his traveling gear, walking near enough to the wagon to keep it in sight while having another eye on his surroundings. Quesrik spent most of his time in the wagon, having told everyone to wake him when he was needed since he was going to catch some rays and recharge his mystical batteries. Meanwhile Kishtor the Gnome, their newest traveling companion would ride on the back of his massive dog, vanishing into its fur when he wasn’t suddenly running off into the woods after a squirrel or bird.

Mittenz and Kyur’gan spent their times separated, the two of them having been thick as thieves once but had hit a rough patch in their relationship it seems. Anabus was mildly concerned that he might have been the cause of that, having been giving Kyur’gan the cold shoulder since he learned he was a Winterborn.

The Red Wizard stretched and yawned, setting aside his spell book and looking up at the vast blue sky. It was a wonderful day, with the warmth of summer fading while cool autumn winds carried a chill breeze that made him pull his robes tighter. The others looked perfectly content in this weather but to him, born and raised in tropical lands, the sun never felt warm enough here.

Warm sunlight cradled him, while a cool breeze rested upon his face. Before he knew it, he had been whisked away to dream of Thay.

He awoke suddenly, sitting straight up as his heart raced in his chest. The reason escaped him, but the panic was relentless.

Looking around the wagon, he saw Hingi and Quesrik fast asleep, with Diggles the Badger resting atop them both. But then he realized the wagon wasn’t moving. They had stopped.

Anabus was about to ask what was going on before he saw Otiian leap over the wagon, firing his bow at something in the distance while hanging in the air, before landing on the other side of the wagon. He got up on his knees and looked over the side of the wagon at his new friend, and to the south saw Otiian, Mittenz and Kishtor being attacked by a dozen or so tiny humanoid lizards. To the west was thick trees. East had what would normally be considered a very pleasant looking lake.

“Kobolds,” the wizard whispered, eyes going wide in surprise. They are small creatures barely bigger than a Halfling, distantly related to dragons and often found serving them as minions. Their skin is scaly, ranging from dark rusty brown to a black in color, with glowing red eyes. They have a tail they can’t really use, and wear ragged clothing made from their environment and their kills. They speak Dragonic, but with a voice that sounds more like a yapping dog than a man.

Above all things, they attack with overwhelming numbers.

Aloud he asked to anyone who could hear him, “What the hell is going on?!”

“Fight first, talk later,” came Mittenz succinct reply, himself taking a swing at one of the creatures and missing.

Without thinking Anabus raised his hand and pointed at a space in the middle of the fight. Hardly a word was uttered before a red fireball of light blasted from the tip of his finger, spanned the distance between him and the target, and erupted in a mushroom shaped blast of fire and light. Instantly every Kobold was turned to ash.

The blast surprised even he, who had only just learned the spell a few days ago and had never tested it. A wave of heat and pressure rushed over him and his allies, carrying with it the scent of burnt meat and dirt.

Kishtor, closest to the explosion, even managed to quip, “Just like how I like my barbeque.”

As the haze from the flames faded they could see a single Kobold who had survived, much further from the flame than anyone else had been. The creature, eyes wide in panic, blew loudly into an impossibly small horn. It only managed to get a single blow of the horn before Kishtor leapt on his dog and charged him down, decapitating the poor beast in a single strike.

Anabus could hear struggling from the other side of the wagon, and looked over his shoulder North to see even more Kobolds, two score maybe, spreading out and attacking Kyur’gan. Three of which had jumped on the tattoo’ed man’s back, clawing at him and trying to bring him down to their level. To counter this the man was holding a vial of Alchemist fire over his head, ready to light himself and the beasts on fire. Elsewhere, some of the Kobolds were peering out from behind rocks and logs, leveling their primitive bows and arrows and letting a torrent of them fly.

Several of the arrows hit the wagon, with one grazing the wizards shoulder, but a second later a second arrow struck him in the face, lodging it in his eye. Without thinking, and now fully enraged, he raised his hand and pointed. A half second later most of the beasts were confused by flame.

To get away from the arrows Anabus rolled off the wagon, landing near Mittenz who promptly yanked the arrow out. After the wizard screamed, and then screamed again louder and longer as the well-meaning fool shoved a wand into the gaping wound. When he was finished Anabus fell to his knees and buried his face in his hands, weeping from the pain. But eventually he raised his head, blinked a few times, and was relieved that he could see once again.

Although he couldn’t say he was happy about what he saw. While Mittenz stood triumphantly over the red wizard, smiling at his good work, Anabus watched as a much larger creature came walking out of the woods. It vaguely resembled a Kobold, but was much larger. Standing over eight feet tall and carrying a massive club.

While he was still trying to process this, the wagon began to suddenly move behind him. With two and a half of their companions still asleep (somehow!) in the wagon, one of the Kobolds mounted their horse was began riding off. Anabus tossed a flaming pebble at them, erupting in a molten strike that snuffed out two of the thieves, but the third managed to get away.

Kishtor and his dog ran after the wagon as it ran into the woods, but this left Anabus feeling suddenly exposed against the remaining Kobolds and their arrows. While Otiian, and for some reason Newt – Hingi’s Donkey, charged after the distant Kobolds, the wizard took cover behind a fallen tree.

From there he had an excellent view of the coming giant beast, who was quickly approaching, and decided it would be best to get some distance between he and it. He moved out from the cover of the tree, running past Mittenz as he yelled “Run aw-Oh SHIT!”

His feet nearly tripped over themselves coming to such a sudden stop. Directly ahead he saw another of the beasts, and watched as it took a single swing at Otiian. The hit knocked the man back, landing him in the nearby lake unmoving.

With Otiian down, that left Kyur’gan and Mittenz with Anabus standing in the middle. The two beasts turned and headed straight for them. The beast to the north collided with Kyur’gan, and somehow were able to trade blow for blow. The beast to the south approached Mittenz, but before it could attack him Anabus grabbed his not-so-bright ally and ran to help Otiian.

There were still a few Kobold remaining, but despite their constant chattering and mocking Anabus ignored them so they could heal their fallen friend. After a magical bandage from him, and a stabbing from Mittenz healing wand, they pulled their friend out of the water and cheered as he opened his eyes.

Anabus couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t been able to save the men and women he journeyed to this land with all those weeks ago, and the guilt ate away at him constantly. But he promised himself he would be damned if he sat and watched another friend die when he could do something about it.

Once the traveler was safe, Anabus dealt with the remaining Kobolds with more fire and then turned his attention to the two giants. Kyur’gan had managed to take one of them down but the other remained and looked strong.

He hated having to resort to it, but he reached under his robes and withdrew the light crossbow he carried. It was standard practice in Thay’s military to learn to use weapons in addition to their magic, and the crossbow was a popular choice. It was considered a symbol of power on his island to not carry a weapon, as it meant you were confident enough in your ability to not need an additional weapon. If you reached that level of power, and could prove it in combat, you were issued the Badge of Combat that was worn proudly by its owner.

Anabus leveled his crossbow and fired, striking the creature in the neck and watching in satisfaction as it passed through and erupted out the other side. But still the beast remained. It took an additional hit from Otiian as well as Kyur’gan Warhammer to finally fell the creature.

Finally, peace returned.

In the resulting silence, broken only by the parties collective gasping for air, Anabus collapsed onto the ground and asked, “What did I miss?”

Author:  narcangoat [ Sat May 21, 2016 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

(Noice, very noice sum up of the session, my man!) -Goat

Author:  Doragon [ Tue May 24, 2016 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&D game

Date: 5-21-16
Events taken from Anabus’s point of view

Kingdom of North Osatia
5th of Sun’s Dusk (November), 1224 After Breaking

Never had he been so cold.

After running afoul of the kobolds and vanquishing them, Anabus and his companions had decided to avoid going north, towards civilization and roads. Doing so would have risked encountering the King’s forces, or worse the Orc Army. There was only another month of weather suitable to warfare, and both sides would be trying to make as much progress in this time as they could.

Alternatively the party had considered heading south and crossing into the neighboring nation of Reshan. However diplomatic relations between Reshan and Thay meant that he would have been arrested on site, and sneaking across the width of that nation wasn’t something the others were interested in.

So, with few options, the party turned South-East and headed into the mountains that divided Reshan from Osatia.

From his point of view, he would have rather faced the Reshan Guard.

The Windcrag Mountains were broken into two ridges, East and West, and between them lay Windcrag valley; a brutal place of powerful winds, freezing temperatures, and hardy animals that fear nothing. Otiian and Hingi looked disgustingly comfortable in this harsh place, moving to and fro with ease and bringing back food for the party so they didn’t have to resort to rations. Kyur’gan and Mittenz might not have been excellent hunters, but they did well in the cold and served as guardians, keeping an eye out for danger. Kishtor and Quesrik alike didn’t seem to notice the cold, but for ever different reasons as one was always surrounded by the thick fur of his trusty canine while the other was a machine made from wood and metal that couldn’t feel anything and were largely self-sufficient.

Meanwhile Anabus remained in the wagon, his robes pulled tight and the thought of setting the wagon on fire for warmth ever playing in his mind. Winter was still a month away, with green trees still abundant and flowers only now beginning to drop their petals, but in this valley the ground was already frosted with a fresh layer of powder. Skeletal icicles hung from leafless tree branches, looking like so many boney fingers reaching for the ground.

He could see his breath as he stayed huddled up in the wagon, trying to pass the time by focusing on his spell book. The path they were taking all but ensured there would be no towns, or people, to interact with in the near future. They would be in these mountains for weeks, and it was only going to get colder.

While lost in his book the wagon came to a sudden lurching stop. When he emerged from the tangle of robes and blankets Anabus stood and looked at why they paused. Before them was a fairly average sized river, around thirty feet or so in width, frozen into a beautiful but brittle road that carved a path through the valley. Stretching across it was a stone bridge, and judging from the weathering it was made a very long time ago. On either side of the river and pushing themselves right up to the water’s edge was old growth forests, full of thick bushes and ancient tress covered in fresh snow.

“Why did we stop?”

Otiian stood furthest away, looking out at the bridge, but called back, “There’s a hole in the bridge.”

Sure enough, the bridge had a chunk missing from it; about fifteen feet long and ten wide. Quesrik tested the strength of the bridge, walking right up to the edge of the hole and around it, but the structure held. That left them a path they could cross on foot, but left the problem of the wagon.

After some discussion the strongest members in the party decided the solution was to lift and carry the wagon across the bridge. Hingi tried to talk them into using ropes to pull it across the river, but for whatever reason the others wouldn’t listen.

While they lifted the wagon and navigated it across the span, Otiian, Hingi and himself elected to wait on the other side of the bridge and watch for any trouble. Of course they didn’t actually expect there to be any trouble here, but the truth was that there was only so much room on the bridge and they three of them would have been more of a hindrance than a help.

Although, he had to admit, standing there on that shore waiting for the muscle to carry the wagon across he felt as if something was watching them.

Obviously he wasn’t the only one to feel that way either. He noticed that the more feral Hingi and her badger were on edge, hair bristling. Otiian had made his way to the edge of the bridge, one leg raised on the rail, flowing locks swept into the wind and while one hand shielded his eyes from the sun as he gazed into the brush. The man looked more like a painting of a sea captain than a fighter.

Then they heard it. Simultaneously, the three of them raised their heads and looked to the east. Between the grunting and complaining from their compatriots, they managed to hear something moving through the underbrush.

Anabus had learned his lesson from the Kobolds, and before doing anything else he cast Mage Armor on himself for protection. A faint blue light shimmered across his body and faded away to nothing, but he could feel the change. Afterwards he moved up and stood next to Otiian, and the two of them shared a knowing glance.

The wizard called out, “Whomever is there, let yourself be known!”

Kyur’gan answered from the back of the wagon he was carrying,, his voice distant, “What? Something happening?”

When nothing answered his call, Anabus raised a hand and called out once more, “Last chance to let yourself be known!”

Only silence greeted them once more. He didn’t like it. His military training was something that he had never forgotten, but had instead pushed the back of his mind over the years. But right now every fiber of his being was telling him he was in danger.

He glanced at Otiian, shrugged, and said, “I gave them a chance.”

Otiian’s eyes went wide and he started to say something, but his voice was washed away as Anabus unleashed a fireball into the woods. The explosion deafening as heat and flame consumed a nearby tree, and set the surrounding grass aflame despite the snow. The heat washed over them, and their bodies soaked it up greedily

There was several gasps and yells from the others, but Otiian simply looked at Anabus and deadpanned, “Congratulations. You may have just killed a child lost in the woods.”

The wizard was about to respond when a pair of animals darted out of the brush. Large, saber-toothed, and as white as the snow they seemed to materialize from, the beasts were on them in an instant after Anabus’s flames spooked them.

All he could say was, “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Author:  narcangoat [ Fri May 27, 2016 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  (another nice Anabus perspective summary)

*puts the 'Mittenz stamp of approval' on the summary story*

--which looks a lot like an empty tunacan, strangely enough.

Author:  narcangoat [ Sun May 29, 2016 3:28 am ]
Post subject:  RIP Mittenz *cue up bagpipes*

Mittenz joins the growing list of those lost on the quest for the artifacts that 'might' stop the mad king's efforts. At least he'll have friends in the afterlife, as he joins his 'beztezt buddiez' Erys and Zynes, and 'da bezt drunkezt badgur evah!' Jiggles.

*pours out half his coffee on the floor, then bursts into tears*

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