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Spartacus finale
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Author:  King [ Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Spartacus finale

Just watched it.... holy shitballs...

Perfect way to end it in my opinion, however...

Spoiler: show
I was absolutely gutted about Gannicus' fate...

Loved that the final image in the credits was that of Andy Whitfield, great tribute.

Author:  aMUSiC [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spartacus finale

Indeed, Spartacus grew to be one of the best tv-series ever to hit the screen. It was very raw and sentimental and the third season started climbing in excellence one episode after the other up to the very last scene in the credits.

Spoiler: show
Gannicus was given a much more epic death in the tv-series than what really happened. In history he died quite a long time before Spartacus. Although I'd love to see Spartacus with his dying breath take out Crassus, but that of course would alter history. The show though did a very good job at portraying the final "victory" after all. Freedom earned for those few, and the path to freedom was paved for the generations to come.

Along with Battlestar Galactica, it's the series that will never be deleted from my HD.

Author:  Mace_Ironhead [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spartacus finale

Season 3 doesn't have the raw power that Season 1 did (or all the same actors!), but it's been a good run.

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