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 Post subject: Mouse's Storytime: NC-17, 18 and up ONLY. F/F, so far.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:58 am 
Oh it *IS* on!

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Storytime porn 1: Forward

WARNINGS: NC-17. F/F sex. BDSM, violence. Questionable consent.

Written by Mouse live in SIRADIOX on 9\24\08. Partially Robert’s idea, partially a madlib with everyone in the channel. This is not erotica, it’s porn, people. And it will be continued.


Jen was working late. Again.

She smoothed a hand over her hair, tucking a few strands back into her bun. Her eyes hurt, and she needed to go home. She had class tomorrow, environmental studies, and she should have left a while ago, but the god damn Russian lit section needed to be reshelved. Again.

She pushed the last book into place and sighed, her face slightly sweaty.

"Stupid old white men and their thousand page books," she muttered, pushing the cart back to the check out desk. The librarians had all left hours ago, and now it was just her to finish and close up the library. Even the patrons had left. The library went dark as she clicked off the last bank of lights.

Now the only light came from the front door, spilling though the glass, making everything faintly orange.

She heard the 'click' of a Zippo behind her, and spun, surprised.

Brief, bright flicker of flame, from over in the children's section.

Jen's stomach clenched. There had been no one here when she locked the door. Someone must have stayed behind when she did her final walk though. Her breath caught, and she edged toward the desk, where the security phone was.

"Touch that fucking phone and I'll torch this first edition," a voice said, winding out of the darkness.

Jen stopped. Female, and lazily spoken. She blinked.

"Who's there?"

Snick-flick went the lighter again, and she caught a glimpse of a pale face as the girl lit a cigarette.

"Who's there?" the voice mocked, the shadows swallowing her up again. "Just a little book burning badass. I mean it about the first ed, you know. Come see."

Jen glanced at the phone, and then over at the girl. They did have some valuable first editions, and this random... intruder may have gotten a hold of one. She snagged the stapler off the table as she padded toward the children's section, her shoes making soft clicking noises on the linoleum.

She didn't know what she'd do with the stapler... staple the girl in the head? But it felt better than going empty handed.

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light, and she could make out the girl, curled up on one of the book-shaped couches, big boots flashing points of light as the girl flicked the Zippo again.

"Who are you?" she said again, stopping at the edge of the soft bright rug, her toes just over the edge. She felt that she couldn't go closer.

Shouldn’t go closer.

The girl tipped her head. The end of her cigarette glowed cherry for a moment, as she inhaled.

"A nobody. Nobody you've noticed, anyway."

Jen frowned. "Well, Miss Nobody, I’ll have you know that even if I *did* notice you, I’d still disapprove of you burning books."

Snick-flick went the lighter, and a glow started on the table next to her. A tea light. Who the hell keeps tea lights in their pocket? The girl's face was hidden in shadow, her back to the light, but Jen could see the close cropped hair, the bangs framing her face. Her jacket was thrown over the arm of the couch, studs and safety pins flashing in the candlelight. Her boots had more buckles than all of Jen's clothes put together.

There was a book in her hands. Old, thin.

Oh shit, she really did have a first ed.

Jen took a few steps forward, making a sound in her throat.

"Oh, where did you get that?"

The girl tipped her head, the cigarette cupped in her hand. "Somewhere in the back. Your locks are a joke. You should get better ones."

"Yes, well, thank you for telling me that, and giving me such a practical demonstration." She frowned. "Now, hand it over," she said, holding out her hand.

The girl... undulated, that was the only word for it, up off the couch, coming toward Jen.

Her belt shifted, black leather and spikes. Jen's eyes were drawn to it. She was so focused on it that she didn't realize how close the other girl had come until she was almost on top of her. She looked up, and could see the girl's face for the first time. Pale, with piercings ringing her ears and studding her face. Two sharp points showed below her bottom lip, like snake fangs.

Jen swallowed, suddenly nervous again.

"Are you afraid of me?" she said, and Jen shook her head.

"What? No, of course not."

The girl snorted, and brought the first edition up between them. "Of course not. You just want this."

Jen wanted to snatch the book, but was afraid of hurting it. "Yes. Give it to me."

The girl brought it close, pressing the corner of it up under Jen's chin, lifting her head. "Yeah? You want it that badly?"

Jen suddenly had the disconcerting feeling that they weren't talking about the same thing. "Yes, I want the book. Give it to me; it doesn't belong to you," she said, jerking her head away.

"Ah ah, Miss Librarian. It's in my hands. 9/10ths of the law, and all that. Plus," she said, bringing her cigarette up, "I don't care what shape it's in. You do. So, I think we're going to make a little deal. What do you say?"

Jen watched her bring the lit end of the cigarette toward the book, the cover already flaking away in places.

"No, don't!" she cried, and the girl's lips twisted.

"Oh, that was pretty," she said, "Do it again?"

"What?" Jen said, confused. "Don't hurt the book, please? It's the only one in a thousand miles."

"Beg me," the girl said, her mouth widening into a smirk.

"What?" Jen said again, backing up a step. The girl followed, staying just a pace away from her.

"Beg me. Beg me not to hurt your precious little book. Maybe I'll be generous..." She brought the cigarette closer, and Jen could see the edge of a page starting to curl.

"Please!" Jen said, desperate, "Please don't!"

The cigarette backed away a few inches. "Yes, that was very pretty," the girl said.

"Now, what will you trade me for the book?" she said, and Jen frowned.

"Trade you? It's not yours!"

"Right now it is. So, what will you give me?"

Jen thought for a moment. "I have a few dollars, if that's what you want."

The girl laughed softly, the piercings in her lip winking. "No, no, little Miss Librarian. Not money, and not anything else you can pull out of your pockets, either."

Jen frowned at her. "What then?"

The girl moved so quickly Jen didn't have time to flinch. Those pierced lips caught hers as a hand snaked around her head and gripped her neck.

Jen gasped, stiffening. The girl licked across her lips, her mouth tasting of orange soda and cigarette smoke.

Jen pulled her head back, face heating. "What the hell-" she started, but the girl yanked her down again, her mouth hard, forcing her lips open. Jen could feel the sharp points of the piercing dig into her chin. She made a little pained noise, and the girl ate it out of her mouth, her hand tightening on the back of Jen's neck.

She belated remembered the stapler in her hand, and brought it up, cracking the other girl across the forehead with it.

The girl jerked sideways, breaking the contact between them. She snarled, touching her head.

"You little bitch," she said, but she didn't sound all that upset. She sounded... growly.

"I'm the bitch?" Jen said, indignant. "Me?" She poked the other girl in the sternum, hard. "You come in here, you threaten my books, and then, THEN, you kiss me?" she punctuated each of these with a hard poke to the girl's chest.

The girl looked down at her finger planted in her chest, then up at Jen. She smirked.

Jen smacked the smirk off her face with an open palm. The girl almost fell over she was so surprised. She backed up a step. Jen followed her, her shoes noiseless on the carpet.

"You come into my library, touch my books," she said, her voice low, "and then you presume to kiss me."

She backed the girl up, stalking her, until she was right up against the couch. Jen slapped her again, and the girl tumbled backward into a sprawl. She tried to bounce up, but Jen set the bunched fingers of her hand against the girl's stomach, right above her diaphragm.

"Oh no, little miss, you aren't going anywhere."

The girl tried to get up, but Jen just pressed, hard, and she fell back, a little gasp coming out of her mouth.

"Now. You will hand me the book," Jen said, and held out her hand. Her pale peach nail polish glittered in the candlelight.

The girl dropped the book into her waiting hand, and Jen smiled at her. "Good girl."

She straightened up, looking at the book, and the girl tried to use that time to get up.

"No. Bad," Jen said, and cracked her hard across the face with the back of her hand. The girl collapsed, whimpering. Jen stepped over her sprawled legs and set the book carefully on a shelf. She'd come back for it later. She looked over her shoulder. The girl sprawled where she was, breathing quickly, her eyes shut.

"Now, what to do with you, you naughty little thing?"

The girl rolled her head on the couch, her eyes opening a bit. Jen could see the bruise forming on the pale cheek.

"Oh, did that hurt, little one?" Jen kneeled on the couch, her silk skirt stretched across the girls body, trapping her arms. The girl looked up at her, the punk bravado going out of her like the water drained out of a bottle. Jen walked her fingers up the girl's chest, her nails denting the well washed tee shirt. Jen's fingers walked up her neck, stopping over her mouth.

The girl's tongue came out and touched her finger.

"Oh, sweet thing. Is that what you want? Open," Jen said, and pressed on the girl's lower lip. The girl's mouth dropped open, and Jen slid her middle finger across her tongue. The girl closed her lips on Jen's finger and sucked, and her eyes slid shut. Jen could feel the faint whimper, even though she couldn't hear it. Beneath her knees, she felt the girl's fingertips stroking her legs. "Such a greedy little thing, aren't you?" She pulled her finger from the girl's mouth, and wiped the hand across her cheek, leaving a wet trail in the candle light.

The girl's eyes opened, and she looked up at Jen. She looked so young, even with all the piercings. Jen tapped her nose with one finger.

"What's your name, little thing?"

"Nosebleed," the girl said, and Jen laughed.

"Nosebleed? How very... punk of you."

The girl grinned. "That's not my name," she said.

"Oh?" Jen said, and before she could say anything else, the girl slammed her head forward, cracking her head against Jen's face.

Jen's head fell back, her vision flashing white. She grunted, her hands coming up over her nose. The girl squirmed, getting her hands free. She pushed hard at Jen's stomach, and Jen toppled backwards, off balance. She hit the ground with a thump. The girl launched herself at Jen, and tried to get her in an arm lock. She was making an animal noise, low in her throat.

Jen's nose throbbed, and she felt blood welling.

"You little bitch," she said, and grabbed the girl's short hair. She wrenched the girl’s head back and grabbed her throat, pressing her fingers up under her chin, hard.

The girl flailed at her arms, but Jen was strong from lifting thousand page old white men books, and easily ignored her hands. She felt the girl swallow under her hand, and tightened her hold.

"Stop. Now. Or I will choke you out and leave you naked in the Quad, so help me."

The girl struggled for another few seconds, pulling little gasps of air in when she could. Jen slid her hand down from the girl's hair to her neck, and pressed her hands together, knowing the girl would be convinced she was about to pass out.

It worked, just like clockwork; the girl stopped fighting, going limp. Jen rolled them both over, her nose splattering blood across the girl's face, and then dropped a hand to the girl's belt. Simple to get it off and slide the wide flange through the buckle. She dropped the improvised choke-collar over the girl's head and wrapped the tongue around her hand.

She slid her hand away, and tightened the belt. The girl shuddered. Jen leaned close, her aching face inches from the girl's ear. Blood slid down the pale flesh, dripping into the pierced ear and soaking the fringe of hair.

"That was very stupid, my dear. Very, very stupid." She wiped her palm across her dripping nose and then put her bloody hand over the girl's mouth.

She pinched the girls nose closed briefly, to show her that she could. "So, you have two choices now. You can continue to fight me, and lose." She pulled her hand away and licked across the girl's bloody cheek, leaving a pale stripe. "Or you can be good and take your punishment like a proper little girl, and get a treat." She let go of the girl’s mouth briefly to run her fingers over the short spikes of the belt wrapped around the girl's throat.

"Remember, I put the spikes out. I don't have to leave them there."

The girl whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut.

"What was that?" Jen leaned close, making sure she could move away if she needed to.

"I'll be good," the girl said, very quietly. Almost a whisper.

"Are you sure? I'm not going to give you another chance," Jen said.

The girl nodded, and Jen narrowed her eyes.

"You know what? I don't trust you."

She smacked the girl, hard, across one cheek. And then again, and again, short little slaps that rocked the girl's head sideways. The girl grunted, moving as if she would try to get away, but falling back when Jen pulled the leash.

"You see," Jen said, pausing, "You need to start listening to me, don't you?"

The girl nodded, her eyes wet.

"Oh, poor little thing. Did I make you cry?"

She cupped the girl's face in her hand, tipping it back into the light. A tear slid from her tightly clenched eyes.

"Poor little thing." Jen thought for a second, and then smiled. She untied the ribbon around her throat, hoping she'd be forgiven, and shook out the pale cream silk.

"Give me your hands, girl."

The girl brought her arms up. They were trembling faintly. Jen shifted, putting her knee on the leash to keep the girl's head still, and quickly bound her wrists together. The pale silk looked nice against the girl's skin. She used the end of the silk to tie the girl's hands to the back of the leash, so that her hands were bound behind her head.

"There we go. Much better."

Jen smiled down at the girl. She was still, breathing quickly. Her tee shirt had ridden up on her stomach, showing yet another piercing.

"Quite the piece of Swiss cheese, aren't we?" Jen said, rubbing a finger over the girl's stomach. "Now then, I need to call you something. I should call you Nosebleed, but that's a bit crass, even for you."

She thought for a moment, and then tipped her head.

"I know. You were so adamant you were nobody... so Nobody you shall be. Little Miss Nobody."

The girl... Nobody twitched.

"Oh, do you like that?" Jen said, and Nobody nodded, just a little.


Jen pushed up Nobody's shirt, rucking it up under her arms. Nobody tried to put her elbows down, but Jen just dug a finger into the soft skin under her arm, and she whimpered. "Pressure point," Jen explained, and pushed the shirt up the rest of the way. Nobody had nice breasts, trapped in a god awful bright green bra.

"Good lord, that has to go."

Jen slid a hand into the breast pocket of her blouse and flicked her knife open with a snick. Nobody froze.

"Oh yes, that's it. Hold still, little thing."

She slid the point of the knife up Nobody's stomach, not pressing hard enough to hurt, to mark. Nobody's stomach trembled like she was afraid Jen would disembowel her. "Oh, so afraid. Shhh, now, don't move."

The knife parted the cloth easily, and Nobody squeaked as her bra fell apart, her breasts spilling free.

Jen spun the knife on it's tip on the center of Nobody's chest. "You are a bad, bad little girl, little miss," Jen said, and slid her hand up to cup Nobody's breast. Nobody shuddered. Jen slid the knife around Nobody's breast, spiraling it toward the puckered nipple.

Nobody's body went still, tension building.

"No, don't move. I know you want to, but you're going to stay still, aren't you." Jen smiled down at her.

Nobody nodded frantically.

"Good, good girl."

The knife slid closer and closer to Nobody's nipple, and Jen could feel her trembling. But she didn't move, and Jen stopped with the point a hair's breadth from the apex of her breast. Nobody hung, trembling, waiting for the pain.

Jen leaned down and sucked the girl's nipple into her mouth, biting at it.

Nobody yelled, arching, as if she was unsure if she'd been cut or not. Jen held her arms down and let the nipple slide out of her teeth, licking the bruised skin. Nobody collapsed back down, whimpering. Jen leaned up, rubbing a fingertip over the slippery skin.

"There, there, you did very well," she said, and Nobody shivered.

Jen played with her nipple a bit more, rolling it between slippery fingers, pressing it to watch the girl squirm. "I'm surprised you don't have these pierced too, little miss. If you were mine, I'd make sure you'd have a complete set."

Nobody turned her head away.

Jen smirked and smoothed a hand down Nobody's chest and over her stomach. "I think you're wearing too many clothes."

Nobody's eyes flew open, and she looked down at Jen, fear and arousal in her gaze.

"No, you don't have to ask for it. I'll be nice this time." Jen slid her hand into the girl's jeans, feeling the back of the zipper press into her knuckles. "No underwear? You dirty little thing."

She could feel the girl's crisp pubic hair under her fingers, and cupped her whole cunt. Nobody whimpered.

Jen slid her middle finger through the hair, running it down until she felt the split. Nobody turned her head away, hiding it in her arm as Jen's finger sank into wetness. Jen smirked at her. "No hiding, little one. Not now. I can feel you."

Jen hooked her finger, slid it over the girl's clit.

Nobody gasped, her hips arching. Jen rubbed a circle around Nobody's clit, and the girl thrashed her head, her hips moving up.

"Oh yes, you like that and can't pretend differently, can you?"

Jen slid her hand further into Nobody's pants, using her ring and forefingers to spread her open. She ground her kneed against the crotch of the girl's pants, rubbing the seam of her jeans against her cunt. The girl grunted. "Mmm, that's it, sweet little thing. I think I can make you come. What do you think?" Nobody looked up, blood smeared across her face, her eyes wide.

"Oh yes, I think I can. All I'd have to do is this," hard grind with her knee, "or this, " brief rub across her clit with her finger.

"Let's see how long it takes you."

The girl's head fell back when Jen started circling her clit, Jen's knees keeping her legs spread. Jen felt the zipper digging into the back of her hand and didn't care. She spread the girl's wetness up and around, her cunt drenched with it, sliding it though the hair, rolling the swollen clit though her fingers.

Nobody panted as Jen found a rhythm, moving her finger quickly over the hood of her clit, rubbing in little circles. "Yes, that's it, little girl. You know you want to come for me. I can feel it. Mmmm, your legs are trembling. Can you feel that? Feel how wet you are, how swollen you are?"

Nobody arched at a particularly hard rub, and Jen used her other hand to press on her stomach, holding her still. She rubbed faster, listening to the panting, feeling the girl's legs tighten. Jen put her head on the girl's chest, her nose slowly dripping blood onto her skin. The blood ran down the girl's stomach, a long red line, shining in the candlelight.

"That's it, little nobody. Come for me."

Nobody make a little hiccupping gasp, and her panting cut off for a moment. Jen turned an eye at her, but she started panting again almost immediately. She rubbed harder, and the girl cut off again. Jen smiled, realizing what was happening.

"Oh, little thing, remember to breathe."

The girl nodded, clearly out of it, and her panting started up again.

"Now, then," Jen said, her best 'Stern Librarian' voice coming up, "You’re going to come for me when I count down. If you don't, you don't get to come again at all. Do you understand me?"

Nobody nodded, her breath coming hard. Jen's finger never stopped the little circles on her clit.

"Ten," and Nobody's head fell back.

"Nine" Jen sped up her fingers, feeling Nobody tremble.

"Eight... seven... six.... You're not going to make it, you know. You're going to fail, because nobody can get off this quick, can they?"

Nobody wailed, her legs trembling. Jen rubbed harder, her hand soaking.


"Four," she licked across the girl's bruised nipple.

"Three," Nobody arched, her panting cutting off again as she strained against Jen's hand.

"Two," Jen dug her nail into her clit with every pass.

"One. Come, slut."

Nobody jerked, her hips stuttering up, and made a tiny, breathy moan. She arched backwards, and then collapsed like a puppet with it’s strings cut, silent. She went slack.

Surprised, Jen slid her hand from Nobody’s pants.


She slid up, and took the girl's face in her hands. She was breathing, but was clearly out cold. Jen laughed. She got to her feet, shaking muscle fatigue from her hand.

"Guess I'm taking you home with me," she said, and went to get the book cart.

 Post subject: Re: Mouse's Storytime: NC-17, 18 and up ONLY. F/F, so far.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:31 am 
Oh it *IS* on!

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Feedback welcome! Craved, even! I won't know if I should write more if you don't write me feedback!

 Post subject: Re: Mouse's Storytime: NC-17, 18 and up ONLY. F/F, so far.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:49 pm 
Oh it *IS* on!

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is hot... i did notice that Jen didn't have much of a description, but i did like it to be left to the imagination. she reminded me of "The Librarian" from the movie "Tomcats" (though that scene went a little more weird). red hair, white blouse, thick black glasses(geek chic), veeeeerry sexy. look forward to reading more.

 Post subject: Re: Mouse's Storytime: NC-17, 18 and up ONLY. F/F, so far.
PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:37 pm 
Oh it *IS* on!

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This part dedicated to Lizard, Kyle, Schro, and Robert. <3

Remember, feedback feeds the mouse!


Jen glanced into the rear view mirror as she pulled out of the library's parking lot. Her nose was swollen slightly, but the bleeding had stopped. Her white blouse was dotted and smeared with blood, though. If she got pulled over, she was in for trouble, for sure.

Jen smiled to herself, looking over her shoulder.

Of course, if she got pulled over, the cops might want to know what was up with the girl tied up in the back seat.

She had tucked Nobody into the floorboard, her hands still tied to the belt around her neck. Her feet were tied with a safety strap from the car's trunk. A safety flag wrapped around her head, a bright orange slash against her dark hair.

Jen let out a low chuckle as she merged onto the highway. Yes, tonight had been interesting. She could faintly smell the girl on her fingertips, still, sweet and musky.

The lights from the highway strobbed over the car, flashing yellow and black as she sped though the night. She wanted to get home before the girl woke up.

Of course, nothing was ever that easy. Nobody whimpered in the back seat.

"Shhhhh, little girl," Jen said, keeping her voice soothing.

Nobody suddenly sat up, or tried to; Jen had hooked the end of the belt to the underside of the front seat, and she could only move a bit.

"Oh god, oh god, what the fuck," Nobody said, her voice high and scared.

"Hush. Don't be scared. No use being scared now," Jen said, and pulled off the main road. The street lights were a lot farther apart here.

"Lady, please. It... it was just a joke. A prank. You gotta let me go."

Jen grinned, though Nobody couldn't see it. “I don't 'gotta' do anything, you little street rat. You attacked me. You threatened my books. You don't threaten a librarian's books. That's just... unwise."

Jen pulled into the driveway, hitting the button for the main gate. It swung open slowly, creaking loudly enough that Nobody stilled her faint struggles in the back seat.

"Where are we?" she said softly.

Jen didn't answer, just drove up the long driveway to the back entrance. Technically, she could have hauled Nobody through the front parlor, but if the girl decided to struggle, she could do some damage in there. Plus, Jen had a cart in the back. She parked the car under the awning, and pulled the rolling door up on the workshop. She could just see the top of Nobody's head as she started struggling in the back seat again.

Jen got Nobody out of the car quickly, hooking the back of the ribbon tying Nobody's hands to the eyelet on the cart. She kept an eye on the girl's chunky, strappy boots. Nobody shivered as the cool night wind ruffled her shirt. Jen caught a glimpse of pale skin, streaked with blood.

"Sweet little pet," she said softly, and rolled the trussed girl into the manor.

Nobody shrieked as Jen pushed the cart down a short fight of stairs. Nobody shrieked again, clutching at the bar she was tied to. Jen stopped the cart with a little jerk, and knelt down next to it.

Nobody was terrified, breathing hard, her arms hands clenched so tight Jen could see the dips in her knucklebones through the pale skin. Jen ran a hand over her throat above the black leather of the belt.

"Shhhhh, girl. You're safe. I promise I won't break you."

Nobody sobbed in a breath.

"At least not yet,” Jen said.

Jen wrestled the cart into the hallway, and pushed it though the house to the back playroom.

As she was going around a corner, she knocked the edge of the cart into a bookcase. It shuddered, and a large box of CD-Rs crashed to the floor. Nobody yelped, and Jen winced at the noise.

Behind her, she heard a door open.

"Miss Jenny, is everything alright," drawled a voice.

Jen shut her eyes for a moment, and then forced them open. She turned to face Thomas, plastering a bright smile on her face.

"Oh yes. Sorry about that. Just knocked into a bookcase. I'll clean these up before I go to bed." She leaned on the cart, letting her knee rest on the edge. Hopefully her skirt would hide Nobody from his view.

"Help!" Nobody yelled. "Oh, help!"

Jen let her head fall forward. Her bun, tidy at the beginning of the night, straggled into her eyes as she glanced up at him.

"I don't suppose, Thomas, that you'd just go to bed and leave me alone for the night, huh?"

She heard him chuckle, that cruel noise that he had perfected more than a year ago, and sighed.

"Of course I can't," he said, and she heard his soft footfalls as he came down the hall. "What do you have here?"

She let him lean over the cart, looking down at Nobody. The girl had gone still when Thomas had spoken, and looked like she was about to cry. Her cheeks had bright, blotchy spots on them. Thomas stared down at her, and then over at Jen.

"I didn't know you were shopping tonight," he said, smirking. His hair fell over one eye, and he brushed it back.

"I wasn't. This just kind of... happened."

"Oh, I see." He looked her up and down, taking in the blood splattered blouse, the swollen nose, the mussed hair. "You need some help? She looks like she gave you quite the fight."

Jen sighed again.

"Yes, thank you Thomas. Can you help me get her into the playroom? I'd like to change my clothes, at the very least."

Thomas gave her a tiny bow from the waist, his uniform spotless.

"Of course, Miss Jenny. Allow me."

She let him take the cart, and followed him down the hall.

Jen watched Thomas quickly and efficiently get Nobody off the cart and onto the bench, her hands over her head. She didn't warn him, of course, and as soon as he let go of her even a little, Nobody exploded into motion. She swung a knee into his stomach, and cracked her forehead against his ear, sending him staggering back a hair. Nobody almost got to her feet, but Jen slid in behind her and gabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her backwards.

"Now, now, that wasn't very nice," she said, and Nobody tried to jerk away.

"You gotta let me go," she said, straining against Jen's hand. "You can't just take me home like a stray dog."

"I can't?" Jen hmmmed, as if she was thinking about it. "I think I can. In fact, I think you are a stray dog. A little panting bitch who decided she could jump me in my own library, and take what she wanted."

Thomas came up behind Nobody, rubbing at his bruised ear... and ego. Jen let him take the back of Nobody's head, and he wrapped his hands around her forearms, holding her still. She nodded her thanks at Thomas, who at least looked a little sheepish at the girl getting away from him.

Jen swung a leg over Nobody, her wool skirt riding up her legs as she straddled the girl. Jen slid her hands up Nobody's side, plucking at her tee shirt. "I think that you are a little stray dog, and that you need somebody to show you how to behave. I think that you like to pretend you're all big and brave, and all you really want is somebody to come and take that away from you."

Jen found the girl's Zippo, tucked into a pocket, and flicked it open. Nobody startled at the noise, her head jerking.

"How about a little fire, Scarecrow?" Jen murmured, and clicked the lighter on, the flame dancing.

Nobody froze, and Thomas made a pleased little noise. He always did like to play with her, even if his position usually prohibited him from actually participating. Jen swung the lighter shut, and slid it into her bra, the metal warm against her skin.

She leaned over and grabbed a leather belt, and slid it over the girl's shoulder, working the cool leather against her flushed skin. She was still blindfolded with the orange safety flag.

"Thomas," she said quietly, handing him the belt, "Bind her to the bench."

Thomas pulled Nobody down. Jen could feel her stomach muscles tremble as she tried to stay upright. Nobody arched her hips, trying to throw Jen off. Jen slid her hands across the girl's stomach, making pleased noises.

"Oh yes, writhe for me, little one."

Thomas secured her hands to the eyelets on the back of the bench, and Jen shifted so he could get at her legs.

"Don't worry about the pants, I'll just cut them off her. Leave the boots, though. They're cute."

Thomas nodded, and grabbed up one of the huge boots. Nobody tried to kick him, but Jen pressed her bunched fingers into the girl’s solar plexus, pressing hard. Nobody's breath left her in a pained grunt, and her leg stilled.

"Don't be rude, girl. Thomas isn't going to hurt you." Jen leaned down, grinding her hips against the girl. She whispered against the girl's open mouth. "That's not his job."

Nobody whimpered, and she could feel it in her hand pressed to Nobody's stomach. She licked across Nobody's lower lip, tasting sweat and lip-gloss, a fait trace of her own blood.

Thomas finished binding the girl, and withdrew for a moment. Jen slid down the girl's body, the crotch of her panties catching on the buckles of the girl's boots. She rocked there for a moment, stretched out over the girl's bound body, softly biting at the girl's stomach. She ground down one last time, catching her breath as a sharp metal edge slid across her clit, and forced herself to get off of the girl. She stood, taking a few deep breaths.

"You are too delicious, little stray. Entirely too delicious."

She walked to the wardrobe, taking pins out of her bun as she did so. Her hair, red and wavy, tumbled free from the bun to settle in a cloud around her shoulders. She sighed, scrubbing her fingers though it.

Thomas reappeared with a tray. He stood at attention, holding the tray at exactly the right angle for her to get at it. She took a long pull off the water bottle, and put the bobby pins on the tray. He helped her out of her blouse, not commenting on the bloodstains. He brought her a silk robe, black with red embroidered flames licking up from the hem. She slid into it gratefully, leaving the wool skirt in a puddle on the ground. Her hair spilled around her, brushing the small of her back as she stretched.

Thomas picked up her clothes, and then knelt to take off her shoes. She shook her head when he went to pull her stockings off, and he nodded, rubbing his thumb across the arch of her foot.

"Miss Jenny," he murmured, too low for Nobody to hear, "If you allow, I would stay," he said.

She grinned slightly. She and Thomas had been at faint odds for over a year, ever since he had arrived. This was the first time he had asked, politely, for anything.

"You may," she said, and he looked up at her, eyes glinting. "But be aware, she's.. feral."

Jen touched the top of his head briefly, and then turned to get supplies. She pulled a few things out of cabinets and drawers and handed them over to Thomas. Jen padded back to the bound girl, her stockings making faint swishing noises.

She stood at Nobody's head, her thighs just brushing the girl's shorn hair. Nobody startled, her body jerking against the ropes.

"Shhhh, shhh," Jen said, bending forward over the girl, the silk of her robe and the mass of her hair falling down over Nobody's face. Jen ran her fingers up the girl's stomach, lightly caressing her breast. Nobody made a faint whimpering noise, and Jen could feel her shake her head. She laughed softy as the girl's hair tickled her thighs where her stockings ended.

"Thomas," she said, "some music, please?"

Thomas turned the stereo on, the music soft. Jen leaned forward a bit more, her thighs rubbing on the girl's head. She hummed along with the music. "Am I supposed to be happy? With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price." Jen sang softly, swaying.

She held out a hand to Thomas, and he brought her the shears, the light glinting off the shiny metal.

"Now, let's get you out of those dreadful clothes," she said. "Don't move; I wouldn't want you to bleed. Thomas just waxed the floor." Jen slid the shears into the girl's sleeve, letting her feel the edge. Blindfolded as she was, Nobody couldn't tell what kind of scissors they were, and she froze.

Jen cut the shirt down the sides, and then across the front. The cotton parted easily and fell away from Nobody's skin. Her bra was already in pieces, balled up in the trunk of Jen's car. Nobody's breasts moved as she breathed hard. She was biting her lips, either too scared to whimper or too stubborn.

Jen slid the shears into Nobody's waistband, snipping though the heavy jeans. Nobody jerked against the bench, her hips arching away. Now a faint whimper did escape her lips, and Jen ran a hand down her stomach.

"Shhhhh, it's alright. I won't cut you with these, I promise."

Nobody opened her mouth, and then shut it again. Jen could hear her teeth click together. Jen cut the jeans from her, cutting around the calves where they disappeared into the boots. Thomas collected the pieces as they fell to the floor.

Jen handed Thomas the shears and straddled the girl again, this time feeling her hot skin against her inner thighs as she settled across her hips. She wiggled, settling in, feeling Nobody tremble, her breasts swaying. They were smaller than Jen's own, but soft, with pale nipples. Jen slid her hands up Nobody's stomach, cupping her breasts, letting her nails dent the skin.

"You have lovely breasts, girl. Soft and warm in my hands, heavy." Jen leaned down, running her tongue up the underside of Nobody's breast, tasting soap and sweat and a tang of fear. She licked up the side, around the puckered nipple. She glanced up, watching Nobody's face. Her mouth was open, and she was panting lightly. Jen hummed lightly, pleased. Nobody was scared, but that didn't mean she didn't want it.

Jen sucked the girl's nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. Nobody arched, a sound bursting out of her. Jen slid her hands under the girl's back, holding her to her mouth as she licked and bit at the hard nipple. Nobody writhed, and Jen slid over to her other breast, leaving the first slick and reddened. She worried this one with her teeth, pulling it tighter, nibbling around it.

Nobody grunted, trying to get away from Jen's mouth, but Jen held her tight, her fingers cruel and hard on the girl's back, holding her to her mouth. Jen slid her arm farther under Nobody's back, freeing her other hand. She held it out behind her, blindly, and Thomas dropped something heavy into it.

Jen smirked against the girl's skin.

She pulled back, wiping the nipple across her cheek to dry it slightly. She quickly let the girl fall back to the bench and caught up the nipple between her fingers, rolling it. She got the teeth of the clip around the girl's nipple before Nobody realized that it wasn't her mouth, and took great pleasure in watching Nobody's face as the clamp bit in hard.

The nipple clamp tightened as Nobody thrashed, the teardrop weight flicking back and forth.

"Shhhhh, my darling," she murmured. "You’ll only make it worse."

"Please, please, I can't," Nobody said, her head rolling on the bench.

"Yes you can. You can take it. Feel the pain, girl. Feel it and know that I could make it worse, make it better." Jen pressed the clamp tighter for a moment, and Nobody yelled. "And I still have the second clip to go."

She drew the other clip up Nobody's stomach, the weight sliding on her skin. Sweat was beading up across Nobody's skin.

"No!" Nobody said. "Please don't, please, please, don't put the other one on." She sounded panicked, her voice height and tight.

"Oh? You don't want it on your nipple?" Jen said, and Nobody shook her head.

"No, please don't. Please."

"Beg me, little girl. Beg me not to hurt you."

Nobody shifted on the bench, breathing hard. "Please don't hurt me, lady. Please don't. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I broke into the library, I'm sorry I hit you, just please don't put the second clip on. Please, please."

Jen tipped her head, and ran the weight over Nobody's naked breast, letting it tap the hard nipple. "Hm, I'm not sure I'm convinced. Your nipple seems to want it, all hard and reaching for me." Jen plucked at the nipple, her fingernails scratching at it.

"No, please don't, please, please, I'll do anything, please."

Jen grinned, sharp and victorious. Jen moved up Nobody's body, settling across her chest, her knees on either side of Nobody's head. Jen's ass slid across the girl's clamped breast, the black silk cold and sliding. Nobody shivered. Jen reached down and traced a finger over Nobody's lips.

"Convince me, pet. Convince me I shouldn't hurt you."

Nobody caught on quickly, and sucked Jen's finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue around, licking at the pad of her finger.

"That's nice, but I have a better use of your mouth, I think."

Jen arched her hips, her pussy an inch from the girl's mouth. Her panties were slick, she could feel it. She rubbed them over the girl's lips, painting them with liquid. Nobody leaned her head into Jen, her lips working.

Surprised, Jen's hips arched as Nobody's tongue dug at her clit though the thin cloth. She slid her hands into the girl's hair, holding her head up. She rocked against the girl's pretty, pretty mouth, feeling spit soak though her already wet panties. Jen arched forward, pressing harder against that sucking, working mouth. She swayed.

Thomas slid up, and she leaned against him, gratefully. He held her steady as the girl ate her, and she clutched at his shirt, her hands wrinkling the spotless uniform.

Jen moaned.

"Oh, you little slut, you little darling. You're good at this, so good." Jen arched back, riding the girl's face, her panties sliding up between her pussy lips. The girl's tongue slid under them, digging into her, and she shuddered. "Oh, yes, that's it. Lick me, pet. Make me come."

She could feel spit and her juice coating her thighs, coating the girl's cheeks, her chin. Her panties snagged Nobody's lip piercing, and she shifted, feeling the sharp, painful prick of metal. "Oh!," she gasped, rolling her head. Thomas stared at her face, his eyes hot, knowing. She looked at him, eyes half closed.

She reached behind her, finding the girl's clamped nipple with her fingers, and pressed it a bit tighter. Nobody wailed against her pussy, and she felt the vibration wash over her, up her body, tightening her nipples, making her thighs tremble.

She panted, grinding harder, bruising her clit against the girl's teeth. Nobody's tongue slid into her, fucking her, her teeth pressing against Jen's clit. Jen grunted, eyes slamming shut, tossing her head.

Her hair stuck to her forehead, and she realized she was sweating, sweat rolling down her skin, sticking the silk robe to her. She panted, breath wheezing.

She was so close, so close, and she trembled.

Thomas moved, sliding his hands into the mane of her hair, grabbing a handful at the back of her head, wrenching her head back. "Come, Jenny," he said, his voice dark. "Come, flood her mouth with it, come riding your little pet, your little slut."

And he slapped her, hard, his hand cracking across her cheek.

Jen screamed, arching, orgasm ripping though her. She jerked, held between his hands and Nobody's mouth, a filament filled with electricity. Nobody bit her, her teeth sinking into Jen's skin, and Jen screamed again, eyes open and blind, unseeing.

A long wail broke from her mouth, and she tried to get away from one or the other, her pussy clenching hard. She couldn't move, and Thomas slapped her again, his eyes burning. She felt it building again, and whimpered.

"Oh god, god, no I... can't god, please" and then it was on her again, Nobody's tongue and the pain in her cheek and Thomas's hand in her hair, and she screamed, loud and long, come gushing out of her, her body jerking.

And then it was over, and she slumped like a wind up doll with a sprung mainspring.

Thomas caught her, pulled her off of Nobody's still working mouth, and guided her to the floor. She was twitching, wet, her legs rubbery, her breath stuttering.

Jen lay there, getting her breath back. She could see the bottom of the bench, see where Nobody’s boots were bound to the legs.

And she could see the long slow drip of juice from the edge of the bench, where Nobody's hips shifted restlessly. She could smell the sweat, the musk of the girl’s body.

She reached up a boneless, wobbly hand and touched Nobody’s side. "Good pet," she said, and then she let darkness take her, knowing that Thomas would clean up.

He always did.

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Oh it *IS* on!

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This piece kicks up right after the last. Still f/f mostly, still NC-17 a lot.

Robert, Kyle, and Kait: thank you for your support. Without you, this wouldn't have been written. ;)

EDIT: Annoyingly enough, the board has replaced the F word with 'frack', so the end sounds ridiculous. I am sad. If anyone knows how to make it stop, (or sees it correctly), let me know.

Jen rolled her head, feeling boneless and heavy. Good god, she thought, what a mouth on that girl. She stretched her arms over her head, feeling sweat slowly cool on her face. She turned her head at a faint moan, and cracked an eye open. She could see the bottom of the bench, still, and the rise of Nobody's hip flashed into view. And she could see Thomas’s knees, the crease in his trousers perfect. She could just barely see the top of his head, moving over Nobody's hip.

She pushed herself up on her elbows, the silk robe sticking to her back. She heard Nobody moan again, and felt her lips twist up into a smile. Thomas knelt between the bound girl's legs, his large hands wrapped around her thighs. His fingers held her mostly still, denting the soft skin. His face moved over her, hiding her from Jen's view. She didn't have to see, though. She knew what his tongue felt like, knew how he nibbled and licked and sucked. She had been held by those hands many times, arching against him, aching and open and wet.

Jen pushed herself up, swaying slightly. She saw Thomas’s head start to come up, and pushed it back down into Nobody with a gentle hand. "No, you keep at that. I'm fine."

She saw him nod, heard Nobody's whimper in response. Nobody's body was beaded with sweat, her hands clenching and unclenching on the straps binding her to the bench. Jen pulled a low, padded ottoman over and sat next to Nobody's head.

Nobody looked up at her, eyes wide and wet, her cheeks flushed. "Oh, you sweet little thing," Jen said softly, brushing a dyed lock of hair off the girl's forehead, "you did so well, Thomas decided to reward you."

Nobody's brow furrowed a bit, and then her head arched back and she wailed, long and low, as Thomas did something. Jen wrapped her hand around the girls jaw and kissed her, tasting her own juice on the girl’s lips. She forced her tongue into the girl's open mouth, licked at her teeth, her tongue.

Nobody gasped into her mouth, and then quieted, her tongue tentatively touching Jen's.

Jen made an encouraging noise, and deepened the kiss, curling her hand tighter around Nobody's jaw, forcing her mouth open wider. Nobody groaned, and Jen ate it from her mouth with a greedy, thrusting tongue. She licked her taste from the girl's mouth until all she could taste was spit and the faint metallic tang of the girl's piercings.

Nobody suddenly tensed, and she whimpered, clearly frightened. Jen pulled back, confused.

Thomas looked up at her, his brow furrowed. "Miss Jenny, I think you brought home a very new toy," he said.

He sat back, and she could see that he had one hand rubbing at Nobody's pussy. Nobody made the little frightened noise again when he pushed forward. Jen lifted an eyebrow, and Thomas shrugged. She looked down at Nobody, studying her face. She slid her hand down Nobody's body, feeling her skin, slick and hot under her fingertips. She rubbed her fingers though the girl's soaking curls, wet with Thomas’s spit and her own juice.

Jen fingers bumped Thomas’s, slippery and calloused. She followed Thomas’s fingers, sliding though the damp, soft folds of Nobody's pussy, feeling the girl shift and jerk. "Shhh, shhh, girl," Jen said, laying a hand on her knee. "I'm not going to do anything, I’m just touching you. Hush now."

Her fingertips slipped into Nobody as Thomas’s slipped out, and she could feel the tightness, the incomplete barrier stopping her questing fingertip. "Oh," she said softly. "Oh ho ho! A virgin? I hardly believe it."

Nobody turned her face into her elbow, hiding. Jen pressed again, and Nobody's face whipped back around. "Don't, please," she said, her voice tiny.

Jen slid her fingers out, wiping them on the girl's thigh. She shared a glance with Thomas, and then settled at the girl's head again.

"How is it," she said, cupping Nobody's face, "that you can eat pussy like that and still be a virgin?"

Nobody's face twisted, faint annoyance filling it. "Because I'm a lesbian?"

Jen laughed, surprised the girl would back-talk at all. "And here I thought I had you cowed, little slut. Fine then. You're a lesbian that still has a hymen in this day and age. Your partners aren't very inventive, are they?"

Thomas touched her shoulder, and she leaned against him, letting the robe gape open. She slid her hand down her own chest, rubbing a circle on her stomach. Nobody's eyes locked to her hand.

"Just because you don't like men, sweet thing, doesn't mean you can't enjoy being filled up, you know." Jen slid her hand farther, slipping her fingers under her panties, slowly pushing two fingers into herself. She arched back, letting Thomas take her weight.

Nobody licked her lips, color flushing her cheeks again. Jen fucked herself with her fingers for a few minutes, letting Nobody watch the stretch and slide of her panties over her hand, let her hear the soft squish, moaning for her benefit.

Nobody's thighs drifted shut, and Jen could see her shift on the bench. Jen slid her fingers out, holding them up for Thomas to clean. Thomas’s mouth was slick and hot, his teeth sharp around the base of her fingers.

"Shall I show you?" Jen asked, still splayed there on the ottoman, legs akimbo, silk robe hanging off her shoulders, fingers deep in Thomas’s mouth.

Nobody whimpered, shutting her eyes.

Jen pulled her fingers from Thomas’s mouth and stood, leaving the silk robe to puddle on the floor. She padded over to a toy cabinet, and pulled open a drawer. Nobody craned her head, trying to see what she was doing. Thomas casually stepped between them, blocking Nobody's view. Jen smiled, and handed him a blindfold.

"If you would be so kind, Thomas," Jen said, and Thomas inclined his head, a tiny, evil smile belaying his formal posture.

"Of course, Miss Jenny," he said, and quickly tied the blindfold onto Nobody, though she squealed and thrashed.

"Be still, little slut. I'll be back to you in a moment." Jen padded back to the bench, careful not to let anything make any noise. She laid out her toys on the long table near the bench, and smiled down at Nobody.

Thomas raised an eyebrow as she picked up the long deer hide flogger and swished it though the air a few times. He mimed turning her over, silently asking if she wanted Nobody moved. Jen shook her head.

"Now, you're going to ask me to fuck you, little girl."

Nobody barked a laugh. "Not likely," she said, and Jen brought the flogger down on the inside of Nobody's thigh, the heavy strands thudding into the soft flesh. Nobody's laugh turned into a shriek

"Oh, I think it's quite likely," Jen said, and flicked the tails of the flogger over Nobody's stomach. Her thigh was already reddening, stripes coming up, the ends dark red. "Because I'm going to beat you until you do." Jen cracked the flogger into Nobody's other thigh, and the girl yelped, trying to bring her thighs together.

"Thomas, if you please," Jen said, stepping back. She kept the flogger swishing though the air, watching Nobody tense as drafts drifted over her body. Thomas tied her thighs open, straps around her knees connected to eyelets in the floor.

Nobody whimpered, realizing what was about to happen. She blanched, shaking her head wildly. "Oh god," she whispered, "oh god, please don't hurt me."

Jen clucked her tongue. "Those aren’t the magic words, girl." She swung the flogger in a long, slow arc, letting the heavy strands thud into Nobody's thigh again. Nobody yelped as if she had been hit much harder, and Jen could see her shuddering.

"Oh, so scared, little girl." She hit her again, the crack of the leather loud in the room. "All you have to do is ask me to fuck you, and I'll stop."

Another strike, this one across the trembling belly. Jen moved up the girl's body, the flogger thudding onto her with the beat of the music on the radio. She flicked it over the girl's breast, then grabbed Nobody's hard nipple and pulled her breast back, using the tips of the flogger over the tender skin beneath it.

Nobody yelped. "Shit, please, please," she said, her voice high.

"Now, now, that's not the right answer, is it?" Jen said, and moved around her again, flicking the leather at tender bits she could reach; her side, the inside of her arms, the curve of her butt on the edge of the bench. Jen stopped for a moment, looking up Nobody's body. Her face was framed by her spread thighs, her green and black hair plastered to her sweating face, the black blindfold bisecting her pale skin. Red marks bloomed on her skin, flowers growing from the impact of the flogger, like blood splashed on snow.

Jen switched out for a shorter, heavier flogger, and trailed the tips up Nobody's pussy, twirling them across her hips. "All you have to do is ask me, girl, and I'll stop. Remember that."

Jen spun the flogger, the swish of it growing louder. Nobody's thighs tensed, tried to close, but the leather buckled around her knees didn't give. Jen let the spinning edge of the flogger flick Nobody's pussy, and the girl whimpered, trying to shift away.

Jen moved closer, the tips of the flogger hitting with every revolution. Thud, thud, thud, each strike centered on Nobody's pussy. The girl yelped, whimpered, tried to shift or move or do something to escape.

"Ask me, girl," Jen said, striking harder. Nobody's pussy was growing red, swelling, moisture glistening on the lips.

Nobody shook her head, her mouth open, panting. Jen made every third hit even harder, thud, thud, THUD, and Nobody yelled, hands spazaming.

Jen stopped for a moment, sliding her fingers over swollen, tender flesh. Nobody sobbed against her blindfold. "You'd better give in soon, girl. I'm not going to stop until you ask me to fuck you, and if you wait much longer, you're going to be so, so sore."

Nobody was sopping; Jen's fingers slid easily into her. She slid moisture up to Nobody's clit, circled it roughly with her thumb.

"Oh, you whimper and cry, but your body is crying for me to fuck you. So open and wet, aren't you?" Jen pushed softly against the girl's body, and Nobody made a noise that was almost entirely fear... almost. "Oh yes, you want it, but you won't ask for it, will you? Not yet."

Jen stepped back, licking her fingers clean. She started swinging the flogger again, lightly, letting the tips hit Nobody's clit with each pass. The girl groaned, her hips rising a bit. Jen smiled, and rested a hand on Nobody's knee, leaning closer. "I could make you come like this, you know. With the leather hitting your little clit, you all spread out like this. Would you like that?

Nobody said nothing, and Jen grinned, speeding the flogger up again, hitting her quicker, over and over. Nobody's thighs trembled.

"Yes, that's it. Can you feel it? You hate me, and you're in pain, and you're going to come anyway."

Nobody clenched her teeth, snarling.

"Yes, of course you hate me. Hate me and burn with it, don't you, little slut. Burn so much that you're soaking wet, dripping with it." thud thud thud went the flogger, and Nobody's hips started to rise up to meet it. Jen grinned, sharp and feral.

"Good, so good, and you can't even help it. Nothing you can do about it, now. You're going to come from this, from me hurting you, and you know what?" Jen spun the flogger faster, feeling her shoulder burn a bit with the strain. She lowered her voice to a whisper, just barley audible over the thud of the flogger and the throb of the music.

"You know what? I'm not going to stop when you do."

Nobody screamed, body arching, thighs locked hard. A flush raced up her body, her nipples going hard and tight as she came.

Jen reversed her hold on the flogger, striking Nobody a hard a few times. She screamed again, jerking against her bonds, hands clenched, face red. She arched for another moment, and then fell to the bench, going boneless and soft.

Jen stopped for a minute, panting softly. She could smell the girl, sweet and musky in the air. Jen licked down Nobody's thigh, feeling her tremble slightly.

"That was lovely, girl. Just lovely... and I'd stop right now, but you still haven't asked me to fuck you." Jen stepped back and took up the flogger again, swishing it through the air. Nobody cried out as the first gust of air ghosted over her body.

"Ask me, girl. Ask me or I'll keep going. Do you think you could take it? Your clit is so red, so tender... could you take me hitting you again, over and over, until you come all over again?"

Nobody shook her head. "No, don't, please don't!"

Jen let just the very tips of the flogger drag over Nobody's pussy, and the girl jerked away, her face crumpling.

"Ask me, girl." Jen paused a moment, to see if Nobody would speak, but the girl's mouth just opened and closed a few times, silently.

"So be it." Jen brought the flogger down sharply, cracking it against Nobody's bruised pussy. Nobody yelped. Jen did it again, faster, and Nobody babbled at her to stop.

"Stop, stop, ok, you win, ok ok, please, just stop."

Jen let the flogger fall, pooling on Nobody's stomach, the leather strands sticky with sweat and Nobody's juice.

"Do what, girl?" Jen cupped her hand over the girl's pussy, feeling it throb with every heartbeat.

Nobody sobbed, and Jen could see the blindfold darken with tears.

"Do what, pet? Ask me or I'll have to start again." Jen pressed the heel of her hand into Nobody's pussy, gently grinding, slowly pressing harder.

"Do it, f-fu, oh god, please, just do it, don't make me ask, please."

Jen dropped a kiss onto Nobody's knee. "You have to ask for it, girl." She ground her hand down harder, letting her fingertips just enter the girl's pussy. With her other hand, she picked up the flogger off of Nobody's stomach.

Nobody froze for a second, and then started trembling, her body shuddering against Jen's hand.

"Ask. Now." Jen swung the flogger though the air, letting it flicker over Nobody's skin. She pulled back, her hand leaving Nobody's pussy with a wet sucking noise, and prepared to strike again.

"Fuck me!" Nobody screamed, "Fuck me, oh please, fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!"

Jen let the flogger drop to the floor and smiled.


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Oh it *IS* on!

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Oh it *IS* on!

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I cant get anuf of this story


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