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 Post subject: Welcome to Role Play
PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:02 pm 

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So! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and guys! As some of you might know on thursdays at 4pm GMT, I do what is called the Role Play zone

Thanks to some sexy people I have come up with an idea (or more like they have helped me) with each week talking about scerinos to put you through. Pretty much I will be posting in here what 'theme' we are doing and if you are wanting to make a character you simply need to fill out this form and post here.

[b]Name:[/b] Your character's name
[b]Age:[/b] Your character's age
[b]Gender:[/b] Male, Female or EliteKatt?
[b]Race:*[/b] This one only applies if we are doing a non-human theme
[b]Brief history:[/b]

For the time being I will try and keep ideas simple for you all so we can get it started nice and easily. But as time goes on, we'll get more and more detailed for everyone to enjoy and expand our ideas. The way to join? Simply go to the irc type /j #siroleplay and you'll join the Role Play challenge. I'll be acting as your "Game Master" and giving various issues and situations to befall you and the party. Who knows... We might even get some fun going on ;)

Any questions feel free to ask me in IRC or with a message
This is your MadHatter, signing out and looking forward to the RP ;)

 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Role Play
PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:05 pm 

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How did you find out about SI Radio?: Fumiko
So! If you are curious, the first theme we are playing on thursday will be....


Star wars! Yes people, we shall be following the trend and hitting hard with throwing us into the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic and trust me... I've got some ideas for you ;)

 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Role Play
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:56 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:31 pm
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Sex: Male
How did you find out about SI Radio?: Fumiko
Well, we've done it! The first RPZ went off pretty well, even with ym internet going "BUUUUZZZZZ" towards the end. Thank you all for Role Playing and hey folks, if you missed it... Enjoy the editted version right here ;)

TMKC – Trooper Commando – Aela
Doragon – Cyborg Imperial Agent Sniper - Doragon
AsmodeusDark – Treian – Miraluka Jedi Knight – Male – Mid 20s
Kageshishi – Diabolicus – mid 20s, marauder sith

Welcome to Tattooine, a place ruled by the hutts, this land is full of nothing but trails and horrible reflection. Aela and Treian are sent with a special 'covert' mission to investigate a strange set of ruins towards the west of the Moistger farms. Where as Doragon and Diabolicus as also been sent to investigate but for the Imperial Order... Little do they know that their paths may cross sooner then expected. And Now... Its time for Aela and Treian to investigate the area first.... Welcome to the Ruins of Tattoonie - Unlucky Paths
Treian stretches as he steps off the transport "So, how far is it til' we get to these ruins? I'd rather get this over with and return to the temple."
Lt Aela looks over at Treian, and gives him a warning glare as she loads energy cells into her blaster cannon.
<Lt Aela> Got to be something big going on here if I'm being pulled off my other assignment to be your escort. And as for the time, I'm not sure.
<Lt Aela> Know anything about these ruins?
Treian frowns, shrugging, and picks a small stone from his pocket, levitating and spinning it with the force
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The winds of Tattooine begin to pick up, clearly a storm is on the way judging from the vastness of the winds as the sands begin to shift across the two Republic's view
<Treian> "Not much other than what we were briefed on. Looks like a storm is on the way, we should probably charter a skiff."
<Lt Aela> let's make a run for it... I think we can get under cover before the storm tears through.
Treian grins wolfishly, the dust and wind moving the veil over his eyes showing a glimpse of the empty sockets beneath
<Treian> Agreed
Lt Aelapulls down her visor, and you hear faint clicks as it locks in place.
<Lt Aela> Move it or lose it... *she runs off towards the ruins.
Treian sets off at a good clip, reaching out with the force sence that comes naturally to his race, probing ahead for lifeforms and structures
Treian powers on his green single blade lightsaber, holding it in a reverse hold as he moves along the desert planet's surface
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As the two Republicans charge into the ruins, a second transport ship lands nearby the ruins, the sandstorm making it almost impossible for them to see any trace of the two. Now it is time for the two members of the Imperial Alliance to join the battlefield
Diabolicus "Watch how you pilot this contraption, we nearly clipped the ruins."
Doragon ignores his companions banter and casually drops out of the transport, sniper rifle over his back and blaster at the ready in his right hand. He scans the area ahead of him, the outlines of ruins clearly visable to agumented eyes through the vail of sand and dust
Diabolicus "Are you even paying attention, I don't know why I got sadled with a grunt, this seems more of a babysitting assignment than scouting for any lost relics."
Diabolicus steps out of the transport, and looks into his holodisk, "Darn thing doesn't seem to work, are you positive we're at the right place?"
Doragon says, "I can see the place. And unless you want to stay on the ship I suggest we make it inside."
Doragon starts to walk
Diabolicus "Fine, do you see any elevated points of entry," follows along.
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As the storm begins to worsen the only really way to go is into the ruins. As the Republics are already in front them come across the a fork in the road, one leading downwards towards the sound of working machinary, whilst the other is giving a faint sound of voices... maybe even singing... Which path will they take?
Lt Aelataps her visor a few times in an attempt to clear the static from her heads up display.
<Lt Aela> *looks over to TreianWhat do you think? I'm totally clueleless when it comes to what we're supposed to be looking for out here.
Treian sighs and looks at the LT "Lt, the ambient energy is playing hell on my.... 'sight' what do you see?" frowning, he adds "Though.... I think i hear voices over this way." and gestures poignantly toward the voices/singing
<Lt Aela> Can't make heads or tails of the current static in my current scanning radious. Figured yo might be able to find out more with those mind tricks of yours.
<Lt Aela> *you
Treian adds, rubbing the back of his neck "I can try to focus through all this energy, one sec."
<Lt Aela> All I can say for certain is that there are live things down here, and dead things down here. Other than that I'm not really sure of what's here.
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As Treian tries to focus on using the force, a direct feedback came through his mind, causing his attempt to fail and a small amount of pain to surge through his mind.... I wouldn't try that a second time
Doragon comes to a stop at the edge of the ruins, shethered from the wind and harsh sand by the towers of stone. He goes down to one knee, noticing a small indentation in the sand, and then others not far away that lead deeper into the ruins. He mumbles, "we aren't the only ones here..."
Diabolicus "do you think its someone taking refuge from the storm, or scavengers?"
Treian gasps in pain, clutching his forehead. "Sunova.... Shit, something out there doesnt want to be found. Blocking my mental probes. Well, we have to move sometime, so I say pursue the voices." Treian sets off in the direction of the singing, sabre in hand.
Doragon looks around, "I think there are two of them, and they came in at a run. Could have been looking for shelter, but if that is all they needed they would have stopped here, right?"
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As the two republicans go towards the source of the voices, a suddenly sound alerts them to doors falling from the ceiling and closing off the route behind them... Looks like they are going forward for the time being
Lt Aelafollows Treian, a look of worry on her face.
Doragon starts to walk deeper into the ruins, following the tracks and checking his ammo
Treian turns and jumps backward, scowling. "A trap. Of course. Only one way now. Forward."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As Doragon follows the footsteps, they come across the same fork in the road, only the footsteps seem to vanish behind the door. It won't budge even if you tried forced it open with lightsabres or the force...
<Treian> "Stay close. and watch the floor for anything odd, pressure plates, odd colored stone. I can't see colors, so I'm counting on you for this."
Lt Aelapulls her blaster cannon over her her shoulder and motions Treian to get behind her. "Figures... Just stay behind me."
Doragon turns to ask, "What do you think? explosives?"
Diabolicus attacks the door in frustration, "something is hidden behind that door, possibly the rumoured talisman we were sent out to find."
Treian nods, readying himself for an ambush
Diabolicus "even though I've made quite a disturbance, if there are others here, we must not make them aware of our presence, I'm hoping the machineary muffled the noise I made."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The sound of machinary starts to get a bit louder from the only path left to the two Imperial warriors.... Whilst as the two Republic officers head down the path they can feel that they are not alone, sounds of small rocks falling from the ceiling... Could the enemies be above them?
Doragon frowns in thought for a moment, before deciding, "Well, if we can't go down this way, maybe the upper path will swing back down. In any case, we aren't here to chase footprints. Lets go."
Diabolicus "Doragon, does your equipment detect any living presences in our area, there may be obstacles in our way, and I don't want to take the chance of being ambushed in these close quarters."
Lt Aelatightens her grip on her blaster with one hand and looks at a small data pad attatched to her other wrist. "Anything new coming through? I still can't clear the static from my heads-up, and things seem to be getting more messed up the further we go in here."
Doragon shakes his head, my implants can't go through stone this thick. What about your gear?"
Treian growls softly, his force based perception of the world feeling inadequate in this area steeped with the stuff
Diabolicus "Negative, there is too much disturbance, it seems that there truly may be a lost talisman here, and I'm not one of those inquisitors, I'm not nearly as proficient with the force as they."
Treian checks his equipment for any new info and shakes his head, frowning. "Same here. Nada. We should find something, eventually. Whatevers in here wants us to go this way, and they'll get exactly that."
Diabolicus "if the talisman is here, we should ready for combat, the old sith were paranoid, and ruthlessly protected their belongings."
<Lt Aela> *huffs loudly and kicks at a pebble, sending it scooting across the groundGreat... Just like bloody banthas.
Doragon says, "my skills are directed towards making each shot count. I don't have the 'Force' to fall back on. Lets just follow the upper path and see were it takes us. But carefully."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> Suddenly, all around the ruins, alarms started ringing, the sound of warning systems activating could be heard. The singing had stopped yet the machinary was still going. "Warning! Warning! Interdur alert! Five enemies dedicated! Two in Section Alpha One, Two in Alpha Two and One in Gemma Four! All units report to battlestations!" The only viable door, the way into the sandstorm suddenly slammed shut, blocking out all natural light and being replaced by the red lights from the warning system
Lt Aelafalls into a defensive stance as she pulls the first energy cell into her blaster. "What the hell?! I thought HQ said this was a pile of old ruins...
Diabolicus curses, and unholsters his light saber, "looks like we may get to have some fun at least, get ready for anything, and we sadly need to move carefully."
Doragon instinctivlly lunges for cover and pulls his blaster up to look for a target.
Treian growls and picks up his pace "Ruins my ass! Time to run and gun, I'll take point, I can keep us relatively safe with a force barrier. Let's go."
Doragon switches through his vision, finding one that cleans up the red light so he can see details
<Lt Aela> Whatever, just make sure we dont' get ambused, hm? *stomps off after Treian, her anger, showing on her face*
Doragon starts to slowly walk forward, weapon ready
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As if things couldn't get worse, a bright green light was coming towards the two imperial warriors, and it was getting closer, the sound of robotic movement could be heard through out the carrior. Yet for the two Republicans their path remained enemy-free
Doragon points at Diabolicus and then at a pile of rock on the ground on right side of the tunnel, directing him to take cover. He then does the same on the left side
<Treian> "Anything on your scanners Lt?"
<Lt Aela> Possibledisturbances in another corridor, but nothing certain. Something about the way this place was built is making deep scans next to impossible.
Diabolicus gets into a battle stance, and moves to cover, "Doragon, what ever seems to be coming, I'll grab its attention and allow you to get in some shots, while attacking it, I don't nearly have the focus for invisibility like some of my brethen, so hopefully we can get the first shot into what ever it is."
Doragon nods and pulls out his sniper rifle, leveling it to aim down the corridor
<Treian> "Shit, we should have come across some kind of patrol by now, a suppression team or something, if this place is really as big as those alerts made it sound."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As the light draws closer to the two imperials there is only one thing that can be deduced... It was big! The sounds were getting louder and louder and sound of the robotic movements were getting louder. It then finally appeared. It was a battle droid but much bigger then normal, the blasters alone looked like they could blast a hole in a building let alone a person. The green light was coming from its eye piece, it had a singluar piece
Doragon carefully aims at the glowing eye, exhauling as he pulls the trigger on his weapon
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The robot brings its right arm up towards its eyepiece, protecting it from the blaster. It's voice then echos through out the room "ENEMIES CONFIRMED IN SECTION ALPHA ONE! SEND REINFORCEMENTS!"
Diabolicus leaps from the outcropping and uses lightsaber throw, to attempt to strike at the hydraulics located near the lower spinal area
<Lt Aela> Given the nature of this area there is a possibility that we could have been followed by Imps. *looks down at the data pad on her wrist Damn... Whatever's awake now is drawing on an unusually large amount of energy.*
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The robot had no chance to protect against the lightsabre through as it slices through the hydraulics on its spine, causing the legs to sieze up, but the upper areas are still moblie, it begins to start blasting in random directions, un able to see where the enemy is
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> Meanwhile, back with the Republicans, it seems that a small, white source of light is in front of them, not moving further or closer, but a faint feeling of peacefullness can be felt the closer they get
Treian signals a halt
Doragon adjusts his aim to the joint of the right arm, firing in the hopes of disabling the arm
Treian whispers "Slow on approach, be ready."
Diabolicus recovers his lightsaber, and deflects some stray fire while attacking the left side to hopefully give Doragon a better view
Lt Aelacomes to a skidding stop, her weapon drawn.
<Lt Aela> What is it? *flicks a nervous glance around the area*
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As Doragon shots impact the robot, it seems to do little damage, it would appear the robot is covered in some blaster dampening armour
<Treian> "I don't know, but it seems to have some connection to the force." *nods toward the light"Over there."
Treian moves as stealthily as possible toward the object, relaxed, but ready for action
Doragon can see that his weapon is having no real effect, and then gets an idea. He loads explosive ammo into his weapon and begins to fire at the ceiling above the massive robot in the hopes of causing the roof to fall on top of it and crush it
Diabolicus unholsters his second lightsaber, and builds up rage in an attempt to gore near the inner chest cavity
<Lt Aela> Um... Ok. *confused expressionIt's not gonna attack us is it?
Diabolicus yells "watch it, some warning would be nice, one of those could've hit me!"
Doragon yells back, "I thought the 'Force' would warn you"
Diabolicus yells "do you see any large pack or something to shoot at, it should be near the back. Quit being a smartass and shoot the damn thing!"
<Treian> "It doesn't seem hostile.... yet. It is giving me warm fuzzies though, and that's definitely not common."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> With Doragon's attempt to bring down the ceiling, it worked... to a point. Suddenly it started a chain reaction from behind them as the roof started to shake, more rocks, and larger boulders coming down
Lt Aelapaces back and forth a few times before putting her gun back over her shoulder. "Ok, kid.. Let's hope you're right. Another trap is the /last/ thing we need now."
Diabolicus leaps to avoid the falling rocks, yells out "great this whole structure might crush us, I thought your kind thought things through better?" and then dodges left to avoid a large sized rock.
Doragon mumbles, "...shit..." and begins to run forwards. Away from the falling rocks and closer to the robot. He lepts over the machines dead legs and slide along the floor as he lands before quickly getting up and continuing to run
Treian nods and holsters his lightsaber, walking toward the light, much calmer than before
Doragon yells "stop yelling and run you idiot"
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As the two Imperial Warriors head down the path they come across the machinary bay, robotic assembly line with little jawa's making what appears to be smaller versions of the robot they had just encountered. Whilst the two imperials come across a small floating white cube that appears to be singing softly, the force is clear to the jedi but this seems almost controlled, not free like the force should be
Lt Aelafollows Treian closely, and mutters softly. "If this kid gets me killed..."
Diabolicus holsters one of his lightsabers, and tries to use the force to summon more rocks to block the paththey were escaping from.
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The rocks slowly move towards the path behind them, blocking anyone from coming that way or going out
Diabolicus "at least we're free from that menace, well shit, this won't be good, do you have any heavy artillery?"
Diabolicus as he finally notices the group ahead remarks
Treian scowls "This is perverse... How did they manage to contain.... The force is meant to be free, not locked up in a stupid box. Still, this might be what we're looking for." Treian reaches out to grab the cube, his earlier caution forgotten.
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As soon as Treian tries to grab the cube he is sent flying backwards into the cave room wall with a rather heavy "thud". Meanwhile, back in the machine bay the Jawas start to circle around the two imperial soldiers, almost as if they were begging them
Lt Aelablinks a few times, and a sudden insighty comes to her. "It's not one of those holocron things is it? I've heard other Jedi types talking about them."
Doragon mutters, "now what?"
<Treian> Ack!
<Lt Aela> *insight
Diabolicus "hmm, do you have a translator, on you, I can't understand these critters"
Doragon answers, "Never needed one before." He then turns to the Jawas and holds up his hands before asking, "Can you understand me?"
Diabolicus "if you can't get anything out of them, we should slaughter them, I cant stand begging nor cowering."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> One of the Jawas looked up to Doragon and then kicked him in the shin, clearly thinking the comment was something rude
Treian slowly picks himself up off the ground, back shooting with pain. "Holocron, right, need to activate it, not grab it. Grabbing is bad. Grabbing hurts."
Doragon says "fuck it" and then pulls out his blaster to start executing the Jawa's
Diabolicus unholsters his other lightsaber and joins in to cleave apart the jawas enjoying seeing them scurry in fear
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The Jawas suddenly start running away from the Imperials, hiding everywhere they can because clearly they were not expecint this. Whilst the white cube is merely floating there... Waiting for something
Treian walks toward the cube and reaches out with the force, the way his master taught him.
Lt Aelashetaps a few buttons on her data pad, and a small droid appears out of nowhere to hover around Treian. "THis little guy can help you if you're hurt."
<Lt Aela> *taps
Doragon stops shooting as the Jawa's run away, and then turns to the white cube to look at it in thought. He asks his companion, "you are the one with 'Force,' can you tell me anything about that?"
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> The two white cubes (One in each room) appeared to be floating there, as if they were awaiting something. When Treian came close to the cube it would start to glow with a blue hint
Diabolicus remarks, "the presence seems familiar, it looks like a holocube, I don't know why they sent me here, I'm not a scholar, I'm a warrior."
Treian tilts his head and walks closer to the cube experimentally
Diabolicus "lets look around the cube to see if there are any traps, if it is a holocube ill try to get it to unlock. Maybe it has a map or some relevant information"
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As Treian gets closer, BOTH of the cubes start to react now. The one by the two imperial warriors begins to shake voilently whilst the one with the jedi starts to go bluer
Doragon lifts his weapons and looks around the room, looking for a trap or an enemy
Lt Aelafrowns slightly as she watches the cube. "You know what to do with this right?
Treian stands next to the cube now "I think so..."
Diabolicus approaches the cube, and remarks"while I doubt it the cube will explode, be ready for something to spring out, this looks like it was made by a Dark Jedi, so it was most likely well guarded."
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> As Diabolicus gets closer to the cube, it then starts to turn red as well, the blue cube now being to shake voilently
Doragon mutters, "all of this mystic-force crap...why can't things be simple?"
<Treian> We need a crystal to activate this, look around for one
Diabolicus reaches out to grasp the cube
<Lt Aela> You're the Jedi... I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for, and my scanners have totally gon on the blank, now.
Treian mutters under his breath and takes his lightsaber and the holocron apart using the force, transferring the crystal to the holocron, and reassembling both
<@RPZ|MadHatterJimmy> When Diabolicus grabs the cube, the other one, the blue one, vanishes from Treian's sight, not being seen again apart from a faint wisp of blue glow. As Diabolicus feels the energy of the white cube, he suddenly gets a vision about where to go next.... A sense of something coming... Something... evil

 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Role Play
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:00 pm 
Keen Fingers

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(epic win guys. Hopefully I will be back for more. :D)


 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Role Play
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:17 am 

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How did you find out about SI Radio?: Fumiko
Alright ladies and gentleman! For all you Crazy Role Players! RPZ is back to normal time! 4pm GMT on Thursday and we'll be hitting up a rather interest scene of.... THE MATRIX!

Yes ladies and gentlemen! I'll be looking forward to seeing your ideas when I give you some rather nightmarish sitautations

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