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 Post subject: Summary of Events in the Temple of the Forgotten Sun/Son
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:32 am 

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**bullet points for summary post to SI forums for 'Temple of the Forgotten Sun/Son' sessions:LARGE APOLOGIES for it being bullet format...a certain
goat may have FUC**D up and managed to delete his efforts of writing it all up in cool story format... :( And yes, this summary should be listed before Doragon's very nicely written Anabus' perspective of 'events on the map room' i.e. bullet points 24, 5th paragraph...but I don't have fancy permission to shift stuff around on the forums, so you'll have to do a tiny bit of thinking. :)
- - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - -
1. Party 'reunited' with Anabus...of course, the party was now starting to resemble a cluster of strangers,
not the 'tight group of folks who had grown to actually care about each other' that it had been before...

2. gigantic crystal light source riddles, powered by reflected lights bounced off of mirrors held by statues?'ve MET our team, right? We just blow shit up, loot the remains, then blame it all on the absent
halfling druid.(8 July)

4. Party comes across totally cute and innocent puddle critters, just chilling on a commences
killin' mode, slaughters off cute innocent puddle critters. (Them's XP baby!) (8 JUly)

3. Olga totally 'helped' Dren with 'disarming' a sneaky trap room...cue flooding entire dungeon, entire party
doing 'themed waterpark slide impressions' by being flooded down various hallways... (8 July)

5. some shiny stuff was found by the party...and by 'found by the party,' naturally I mean 'found and quickly
stuffed into pockets to prevent other party members from seeing said loot. :) (Gotta call dibs, mofo's!)
- - - - - -
6. More exploring, and some 'accidental' activation of nasty humaniod scorpion statues...AND actual giant scorpoids!
...after a multi room battle, the party figured out the fastest way down a to convince Kyur'gan theres
naked boobie pics at the bottom, and loot was found. (15 July)

7. Rufus continued his trollery of Olga, as she tried to 'Detect Magic' on the bow he found in a pit, but he
bagged it to make her waste a spell..because he hates half orc ladies... ;) ... (15 July)
- - - - - - - - - - -
8. The party continued to open up more areas of the temple...and after figuring out another 'riddle' doorway...thank
goodness at least a FEW party members can read...cue: GIGANTIC HORRIBLE CORPSE COLLECTOR MONSTER!!! Very nasty
battle, entailing several horrific moment of party members being grappled and IMPALED...getting very close to death...
and only thru some seriously epic smart fighting moves from a certain Paladin...cough cough SONLAR....and brilliant
use of DISPEL MAGIC from Anabus on the Corpse Collectors power source, i.e. horrible puddle of gore. Rufus will
definitely need therapy after his almost death via impalation...(22 July)
- - - - - - - - - - -
9. Dren managed to get the 'stairs' to the upper floor open by solving another elaborate riddle,
with 'help' from Olga...honest, she helped...(22/29 Jul)

10. The party explored the downstairs area a bit, carefully exploring...well, not really, we explored in classic gamer
style, meaning some rooms very carefully, some haphazardly...several appeared to be bedrooms...

The party continued to explore the downstairs area, and found a rather expansive 'library' area, which included a
very large BOOK GOLEM (a golem made up of actual books and scrolls). Kyurgan stumbled across the concept of giving the
GOLEM more books, by sacrificing his beloved 'Elven Boobie Book' which made the golem change form into...a somewhat sexy female
form! THis of course made the simple minded feral barbarian want to feed it MORE books, so he began ransacking the various
rooms of the library looking for MORE booby books... (29 July)

11. Cue party splitting up (yaay, always fun for both GM and for campaign note keeper!) ... some upstairs...
some downstairs... UPSTAIRS, first several 'red herring' chests which eventually were searched...three sessions
later...and not much of import was inside them...but more importantly, Sarocophagus with really old corpse
inside...and STONE TABLETS with an ancient language engraved on them...the 'Rosetta stones' of the ancient language,
as one said words in common, so matching them up...can be used to translate... (QUOTE from tablet: Crime is contagious,
if the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself, it invokes anarchy.")

(Olga may have re-searched the sarcophagus to make sure the corpse didn't have any 'extra phat loot.' No respect for the dead,
from a filthy half orc!)

There was also a statue found, that seemed to be 'lacking' something from if it should be holding an object: this, of course
led to NUMEROUS times Anabus tried shoving various objects that had been found into that statues hand...(not just stuff found
in the Temple...stuff Anabus had been collecting across various continents for MONTHS of game time... :) )

Also there was discovered a wicked cool throne, which of course Anabus had to sit on to 'try it for fit.' He discovered some
more hidden rooms thru fiddling with throne decorations, which led to Anabus finding even more shiny stuff!

Upstairs, the exploration continued, and a room with a rather fetid pool of nasty water was found, along with several more statues that
resembled the dead man from the sarcophagus...(29 Jul)
- - - - - - - - - - -
12. In the nasty pool of water room, after some initial investigations and casting of a few spells, an magical item was detected at the bottom of the pool.
During the parties efforts to retrieve said item...their actions cause a HORRIFIC TENTACLED SEE THRU HORROR (later identified as an Aboleth), to attack,
using its powers to not only bestow a horrific body altering disease that made Anabus flee in terror...not to mention starting to become slimy, see through
and wracked with pain...but it also gained control of some of the party members minds! Luckily, Sonlar was 'on point' using his Paladin powers to remove
the control, and thru some extremely lucky dice rolling (and i mean, LUCKY, since if that thing had gone full spamming control mode, we'd have been
really, really dead meat) the party once again perservered! Thanks to the sounds of the battle, and Anabus's incredibly loud screams of pain...the
members of the party that had been downstairs came upstairs to join in the battle, and assist in the post battle recovery...(5 AUG)

13. Searching the rest of the upstairs area, the party came across a few more rooms..and managed to fail to detect a rather nasty trap attached
to some more loot that they were trying to get their hands on...resulting in DREN suddenly starting to grow..and...grow...and..GROW!...Soon his
size was reaching dangerous proportions, not only endangering his life, but the lives of all the party members near him, and the structural integrity
of the very temple (well, probably not the temple...magically boosted stone tends to hold up better than fragile, even buffed by magic, flesh...
predictions were favoring DREN doing his best recreation of a balloon filled with red goop popping...)...after waiting till likely the 'last second,'
Anabus used a DISPEL MAGIC to reverse the effects of the magic, and DREN slowly shrank back down to normal, did he learn the lesson of
'just because you roll to find the trap, doesn't mean you found all the traps?"...probably not. ;) As during the potential exploding DREN situation
it seemed that Anabus was enjoying the suffering of the trapspringer, Olga had run downstairs to try and find THEOBALD, who had previously shown the
ability to also cast DISPEL MAGIC...but sadly, the often scatter brained elderly mage, having been left to rest near the temple entrance...had once again
wandered off into the dessert...whereabouts, unknown... **note:at players request, character written out of campaign** (5 AUG)

14. After the debacles upstairs, the party went back downstairs, to examine the strange library and the BOOK GOLEM that they were still unable to
communicate with ...(5 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
AS THE PARTY FLUNG 'DIFFERENT THAN NORMAL TACTICS' AT THE MOBS. (Thanks Ian, for running that session.) ((12 AUG))
- - - - - - - - - - - -
16. Now back in the library, the party once again split up...some of them trying to figure out how to communicate with the BOOK GOLEM, others trying
to figure out the trick to opening a clever glass container hiding from their greedy hands more potential loot. RUFUS came up with a good idea to offer
the Book Golem something to write with...and found some dried out ink and parchments...(nice work by Gadrius coming up with that plan). Cue: Golem commences
attemps at communications with RUFUS, DREN and SONLAR...but two of those fellas failed to catch on that the Golem was talking in very specific, appropriate
for a Golem built to protect what was once a VERY HOLY SITE for one of the most self rightious of religious groups (aka, followers of PEYLOR) their
blurted responses with no skill checks to back them up failed badly...and the BOOK GOLEM deemed them to be 'INFIDELS!' .. cue possibly TPW fight...but
luckily, sometimes the dimmest bulb can shine the brightest, when its really dark...SONLAR came thru in the cluth, pulling off an EPIC Knowledge: Religion
check, realizing that the GOLEM was looking for specific responses...and with a tiny bit of help from the somewhat crazy dwarven deity in his head...Sonlar
managed to come up with the right words to calm down the GOLEM. Now accepting the party as at least being allowed to be in the library, the GOLEM
started to aid them more directly...of course, Kyur'gen kept trying to find more booby books to feed to the golem, but the best he could find was an
interesting book filled with pictures...that turned out to be a pictoral retrospectrum of native monsters and beast to the continent of SERYON...

17. Anabus, with not much help really from Olga, managed to come up with the solution to the riddle of the glass container (using the Rosetta Stone tablets
found upstairs in the sarcophagus) to decipher the script carved into the glass. Activating the magic of the glass, Anabus was able to spot the loot
hidden beneath it...a magical small staff(more of a pimp cane), how to reach it? (19 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - -
18. The party continued their examination of all the possibly loot...and knowledge, sure they were after that the library. Of special note, were
4 statues each bearing an exotic and powerful looking weapon. After asking the BOOK GOLEM about the weapons, it was determined that each statue represented
a long since passed great champion of the god PEYLOR...and each weapon was a very powerful magical item, that were used to supply magical power to the temple
itself. If removed, and not replaced with another magical item, the temple and the GOLEM, would fall. Working out that they could sway items they
were not using very often, the party proceeded to swap out some 'older magical items' for the powerful weapons carried by the statues. Kyur'gen, always the
smoothie, swapped the bow that RUFUS put into one of the statues hands, out with a different weapon, and presented it to Olga as a, did the
parties professional meat shield put some ranks into 'Woo the Ladies' when we weren't watching?...(26 AUG).

19. Continuing to search for valuable information, Anabus realized that some 'critical to campaign success' info was likely in the library, so he began
focusing his efforts on talking to the BOOK GOLEM...figuring out that he could feed the 'Rosetta Stone' tablets to the golem and give it the ability to talk
directly to the party instead of having to write out its words in ink...began to gather more info about the next location of the parts of the artifact
that he was seeking, from WAY back in the 'vision quest' he had received in the Elven Village.
(remember back that far? Man, was that a long time ago!) (26 AUG)

20. ...meanwhile, DREN managed to, while searching one of the bedrooms previously discovered, activated some sort of 'trap or monster' inside the mirror...
using some smart tactics, he got out of the room unharmed, and advised the rest of the party of the potential danger...cue heroic SONLAR naturally being
the first to seek out the danger...and he destroyed the mirror...cue HORRIFIC COMEDY as Sonlar found that each tiny shard of the mirror had formed a tiny
version of him...which swarmed across the noble warrior! (YES, totally mentally picturing the scene from Army of Darkness is appropriate...just a LOT MORE).
The rest of the party swarmed in to help...cue amusing comedic style battle as everyone tried to hit teeny tiny shards of glass. Eventually the group
prevailed, and the remains of the shattered mirror were gathered up and flung down the deepest, darkest hole that Kyur'gen and Olga could find. (26 AUG)

21. More information is gained by speaking to the BOOK GOLEM, and it is revealed there is a 'hidden room' that the Golem is aware of, but cannot actually
see. The Golem advises the party that, much like many parts of the Temple, it is unaware of what is inside the hidden room, only that it was advised
by its creators that there was a 'strong evil power' inside, and it was used to also supply magical energy to the temple. (26 AUG)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
22. The party, having come to the decision to at least find out what was inside the 'hidden room,' commenced searching and quickly found the exact
location of the secret doors...two of them in fact, the exterior one being a traditional style 'heavily locked...and trapped it turned out, as DREN
didn't quite find the nasty dart trap that managed to impale his hand...luckily, Sonlar's healing powers were up to snuff and easily took care of the wound.
After getting the exterior secret door open, the party found the interior door was heavily coated in numerous runes carved into it, all of which
spoke similar words in Draconic, Abyssal, and Dwarven. All were words speaking of prisons...containment...cells. Kyur'gen found he was able to easily raise
the door with brute power...actually it took very little effort at all...and then all were able to see inside the hidden room...
...where it was revealed there were two large, horrific looking monstrosities, and a devastatingly beautiful woman trapped inside a glass container. The
second the interior door was open, the two large monstrosities turned to look at the party. Kyur'gen and Sonlar were quickly inside the room, engaging the
monster in melee combat, with Dren slipping inside right behind them. Anabus attempted to aid them by summoning a powerful Fire Elemental...but the second
the Elemental crossed the interior doors threshold, it disappeared in a flash...subsequent spells attempted to be cast thru the doorway also fizzled out.
Olga attempted to fire a magical arrow thru the doorway, and it crumbled into dust! Inside the room, Kyur'gen and Sonlar found themselves in a very
dangerous battle indeed, as not only were the monstrosities apparently able to summon reinforcements, but wounds inflicted by them to the party were
instantly infected with a horrific disease, powerful enough to overcome even their natural(and magical) resistances! After some very fancy rope work by
those outside the room, Sonlar, then Kyur'gen were pulled from the room...and the monstrosities inside proved unable to cross the threshold, as the
one beast that tried to reach thru the doorway had its fingertips burned to ash! Once the party recovered their breath, they realized a few things:
That no magic spells were able to pass thru the doorway...all buffs were removed as they passed thru...and even Kyur'gens barbarian RAGE was removed!
Actually, they were quite lucky indeed, for the power of the wards on the door might even have been able to destroy their magical gear! (2 SEP)

23. During the entire battle, the maiden trapped inside the glass container inside the room had seemed overjoyed to see the party, and had reacted positively
to their efforts, and with great sadness when they first closed the interior magically warded door...then the party closed the exterior door as well, with
DREN taking extra special efforts to attempt to jam the locking mechanism to prevent future openings. Deciding to rest and recover a bit, then depart the
Temple the following morning, the party got into a discussion about the nature of the female captive in the secret room...which was a quandry indeed, as
Sonlar, doing what he always does, had DETECTED EVIL in the room, with the two monstrous creatures glowing with the telltale signs of BIG DAMN EVIL...but the
woman showing as not evil in the least. As Sonlar, Anabus and Olga debated the situation...the Book Golem stated that if there was a chance that something
NOT EVIL was being used as an unwilling battery, that it would rather crumble into nothingness than remain alive by the suffering of another. This totally
was in line with Sonlar's heroic mindset...and all Anabus had to do to convince Olga to assist was to point out that the woman was a slave...bam, half orc
former slave totally on team 'bust out the lady.' Thru comparing what was known about the rooom, it was determined that if both Arcane magic (Anabus),
divine magic (Sonlar), with assistance from the Book Golems magical powers (bit of both), the wards could be destroyed...or at least depowered. (2 SEP)
- - - - - - - - - - -
24. Having rested, and memorized up as many 'DISPEL MAGIC' spells as they could prepare, the party turned their efforts back to the secret 'cell' room.
Of course, having done some fantastic disabling work the day before, DREN now had to work double hard to not only undo his previous efforts, but to once again
unlock the door that still was likely trapped in numerous ways. Luckily, DREN is quite a talented trapspringer, and he managed to avoid impaling
his hand this time. Once the interior door was exposed, the combined efforts of Anabus, Sonlar and the BOOK GOLEM's dispel magic spells made the
wards on the door flicker...then fade. Lifting the door once again, the party saw the two monstrous beasts inside looking at them in surprise, as was
the beautiful woman. Of course, any previous plans made the night before about 'trying to talk to those trapped inside' were lost instantly, because
plans don't last beyond the first two seconds of a certain barbarian when he sees things to attack, or boobies...cue Kyur'gen charging in and attacking!
...and his weapon passed harmlessly thru one of the monsters, as it disappeared in a POOF! of stinky gas. THen the other monstrosity disappeared as well.
The captive lady inside the glass cage...first unbelievingly...then cautiously joyfully...stepped down out of her now gone cage. (9 SEP)

24, cont. ...When Kyur'gen, always eager to be near to beautiful ladies(did we mention BOOBIES?), she reacted as if afraid, and cautioned him in a voice
that was as delicious to the ears as she was visibly to the eyes...warned him that she was 'incredibly hungry' and 'couldn't be sure she could control
herself if she was touched.' Cue SONLAR again, casting DETECT EVIL...and once again, the lady showed as 'not evil at all.' After questioned, she
without any hesitation admitted to being a SUCCUBUS, but continued to behave courteously and politely, and extremely grateful for being freed.(9 SEP)

24. cont. ...meanwhile, outside the room, RUFUS spotted what seemed to be the monstrous beasts that had disappeared, moving about down the hallway back
towards then entrance to the Temple. Offering her assistance, the SUCCUBUS assisted the party by advising she would 'talk to the VROCKS' to keep them
from fighting the party...but naturally, certain party members couldn't resist rushing ahead and attempting to battle...why, one party member even
ignored the ladies repeated warnings to 'please don't touch me...I'm terribly hungry' brushing past her somewhat rudely...which of course, caused
said party member to feel very weak and drained. Luckily, once the lady managed to catch up to the VROCKS, she spoke to them in Abyssal, and identified
herself as which moment, the VROCKS all bowed in supplication to her and disappeared once again. (9 SEP)

24. cont. ...after the VROCKs were dealth with, the SUCCUBUS< identifying herself by the name 'Lisa,' expressed her gratitude and offered to assist the
party in any way she could...including with any and all of her magical powers. When asked why she was in the cell in the first place, Lisa said she had
been placed there by the worshippers of Peylor, for a period of 100 days. Of course, cue surprise all around when the information was shared from the party
as to the actual current date...and Lisa realized that she had been in the magical cell for...quite a bit longer. More than a THOUSAND YEARS in fact...cue,
rather shocked...then ANGRY look on Lisa's beautiful face...and some impressive 'clean' profanity being spewed about the integrity and honest of Peylorian
worshippers in general... After briefly going outside the temple...and witnessing the terrible changes to the very landscape around the temple (where once
was lush green temperate lands, now only horrific extreme dessert, remains) Lisa returned to the parties side, and again offered all her assistance, once
she had rested...(9 SEP)

24. cont. Cue Lisa first resting in one of the bedrooms..with numerous guards outside the door...then after a few short hours...asking first Kyur'gen if
he would be willing to 'aid her' as she was quite famished...(cue Kyur'gen screaming 'BUCKET LIST!' and running in)...then a short hour later, Kyur'gen
staggering out the door, looking VERY drained but with a smile glued to his face, then falling down into a sleep coma. Then Olga stepped in to 'help Lisa'
a bit (because 1. Barbarian, 2. One does not pass up an offer of romance from a SUCCUBUS, that is EPIC grade sexual knowledge.)...Cue a scant bit of time
later, Olga staggering out, same stupid smile glued to her face...and her falling down right next to Kyur'gen in a sleep coma. Sonlar was asked if he
would care to sample Lisa's gratitude...but he remained prudishly aloof...even though little Sonlar was up for it, and heck, even the dwarven goddess in his
mind was saying 'I'd hit that.' But Sonlar stood firm. A short while later, Lisa emerged fully rested and magically refreshed, and she restored the
energy which she had drained with her natural way of feeding, by means of magic, first to Kyur'gen, then to Olga...then after waiting a bit, even restored
the drained life force from DREN, who had shoulder checked her previously...she then went to assist Anabus in his research in the map room of the library,
and epxressed her gratitude to him as well...(we pull the curtain closed at this point, with the BOOK GOLEM actually standing as a 'bouncer' if you will
to prevent prying eyes from seeing into the map room, as Lisa shows Anabus her appreciation for his fine work with Dispel Magic on the wards of her prison...
by showing him some magic of her own...rawr. (9 SEP)


 Post subject: The Tale of the Tribe of the Sky Wizard
PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:37 pm 
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A tale told by Dren around a campfire late one night ... not written down, for, as all should know, writing steals the words from one's mind and locks their power away from all but those who record them ...

I crested a dune amid the sea of sand, far ahead of the others, scouting forward to find any danger that might threaten my new tribe. I sat down and stared at the twinkling lights of the city we sought, off in the distance towards the shore of the great salt water bay. It was there that our chieftain, the sky wizard Anabus, sought to find us a wondrous form of transportation from an age long past, and to take it and use it to help accomplish the goal he had set the tribe - to recover an item of great power, a spear, no doubt forged in blood and agony by the greatest of demons, that could dominate armies and command the land itself. I sat, and thought ...

It had been not many moons since my new tribe had found me, a hair's-breadth from death and caked in blood and sand, at the barred door of a long-forgotten traveler's waypoint. They rescued me, brought me back to life. As all know, honour demanded that I travel with them and use my own mean skills to protect them, help them, support them.

I smiled. I had done what honour demanded, yet I remained with them, adopting them as my new tribe - the Tribe of the Sky Wizard.

The tribe was a strange one, no doubt - its members were powerful, learned in the ways of battle and the world beyond the hills, yet but babes in the ways of the spirits of stone and water. The chieftain, Anabus, was a great and terrible sky wizard, who had chained many demons to his soul and ripped power from them to destroy the tribe's foes. Sonlar, the pious warrior, dedicated to the light and a forgotten ascendant demon - ah, I should say god, or goddess, perhaps? A furious foe in combat he was, calling down power to smite his foes and protect the tribe. Kyur'gan, the jovial, bestial warrior, as awesome in battle as a tempest, yet one who could engage in a battle of wits with a camel and lose. Olga, the half-demon ... ah, half-ORC, I should say ... female who wilfully ignored what should be her place in life, and reveled in the fact. Neither warrior nor sky wizard, but a bit of both, refreshingly crude and lewd, she was the one who drove the tribe forward, and occasionally to distraction. She reminded me a bit of Gran, my previous companion ... but that is a story for another time. Finally, there was Rufus, an acerbic, reserved, dark-armoured warrior with a fascinating blade wrought of a dragon's tooth, one who had travelled far in search of knowledge to aid his homeland. Had he found it?

And myself. Dren. Scout, rogue, outcast, killer. I was one who had fallen so low that I had once murdered a man for a tankard of ale - and not even GOOD ale. Now I was trying to make amends for my past. It was not an easy task, given how low I had sunk into the dark mires of the soul. Yet I tried so that one day I might return to the hills of my youth, to be forgiven by the spirits of stone and water and accepted once again. Until then, though, this group was my tribe, and I would defend and aid them with my heart's blood if need be.

Together, we had torn apart the long-forgotten Temple of the Sacrificial Son and emerged battered yet victorious from the ruin. In doing so, however, a true, ancient demon - a drainer of life, a twister and raper of words, bodies, minds, and souls - had been released from its rightful place of bondage back into the world. In truth, I was quite unsettled by our chieftain's decision to liberate the foul thing ... but it is not for anyone as low as myself to question the choices of a sky wizard, let alone those of our chieftain. I am sure Anabus had his reasons, as hidden and unfathomable as they may have been to the rest of us.

We continued forward, as our chieftain commanded. On this leg of our journey, the tribe battled another great demon of the sands ... a battle for which, I am ashamed to say, I was not present for, having scouted too far forward and rendering myself unable to return in time to lend what little assistance I could. I would not make that mistake again.

I stood up, shaking off the sands of the blasted wasteland, and returned to the tribe to tell them of what I had seen. What happened next, you ask? Ah, that I shall tell you, but not now, as the hour grows late, the sky grows dark, and I am first on watch. Rest for now, and perhaps tomorrow night, we can return to what I call the Tale of the Tribe of the Sky Wizard ...

 Post subject: Re: D&D game
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Decided to dust off the old word smithing tools and do a bit of tinkering with Rufus' perspective after the Corpse Collector battle from the Temple of The Rising Son ......

Bolting up right with a start amidst a silent scream of which he could only hear in his own mind, Rufus awoke. It felt like hours as his conscious mind reclaimed it's senses and knowledge of where he was. As the cold sweat dripped from his brow he gazed upon the brightly lit cold stone of the chamber. The cold floor was still slightly damp from the water trap which had flooded it the day before. His attention began to fall upon the members of the party that stood readying themselves for the day ahead. Noting that they all seemed to be in good health his mind once again returned to dwell upon the nightmares and the horrible battle upon which gave them manifest. Looking down upon himself he saw the gaping hole in his armor where the corpse collector had impaled him upon it's spiky carapace. The flesh however was nearly fully healed now due to Sonlar's prowess with healing magics. Rufus admitted to himself how fortunate he was to be traveling with such an adept paladin as his mind recalled the last sight of Sonlar throwing him across the chamber and standing between himself and the corpse collector which at that point seemed almost obsessed with once again adding Rufus to it's collection of impaled cadavers before he lost consciousness from the shock and loss of blood.

 Post subject: Re: D&D game
PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:27 pm 
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Another tale told by Dren around a campfire late one moonless black night ... not written down, for, as all should know, writing steals words from one's mind and locks their power away ...

Do you know what happens when the body starts dying? Slowly ... ever so slowly ... all parts of the body start losing their vitality and energy. All comes to a state of relaxed trance. All things become slow - breath, flesh, blood, bone, mind - as the vital spirit starts to retreat from every part of the body.

Such was how I found myself deep in the desert on the door of death, scratching weakly at impenetrable stone, my face turned up to a cold starlight and to the black distances between the stars.

Since that day, the day of my rescue from death by the members of the Tribe of the Sky Wizard, I have contemplated death. Before my banishment from the hills of my youth, I brought death to others - first for bloody vengeance, and then for bloodied coin. I used death to feed my own empty existence. Now I have come to realize that death and its concept are absolutely empty. It brings no picture to the mind. The concept of death has a use for the living, while death itself has no use for anything. All that can be said about death is that it is either real or not real. If it is real, then the end of one's life is just that - an end.

For those who think death is real, death is a blank wall. Each of us is born facing that wall. From that moment on, every step we take is towards it, no matter which way we turn. There is simply no other direction to take. Like a cracked silvered glass, or a rippling lake, the wall of death shows us our living fears and warped images of ourselves. All we see when we look at death is a twisted reflection of our own lives.

Yet ... how surely are the dead beyond death. Death is something that we, the living, carry with us. Most see it as a state of dread, like an uncanny foretaste of a bitter memory. But the dead do not remember and nothingness is not a curse.

The mystery of death and dying is one that occupies the attention of almost all who walk this world, regardless of behaviour or belief. I no longer wish to be fearful of death, nor avoid it - instead, I wish to delve as deeply into its mysteries as I can, to better understand and, perhaps, eventually gain some small power over it. But on this journey with my new tribe, I do not wish to use death, nor the demon magics of death, to affect the outside world. I now seek to attune myself to the ebb and flow of death itself, and thereby draw strength from my understanding and courage in the face of it.

There is one inevitable truth all must face - we are going to die some day. But what are we to make of that fact? Is death an evil, or a portal to another life? How? Why? How should the knowledge that we are going to die affect the way we live our lives?

I now believe that truly coming to terms with death involves reflecting on its significance in life, and thinking about the larger values that give this life meaning.

In the end, it is useful to think about death. Doing so frees us to live fully immersed in the life we have yet to live.

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The summary write up for the SI DnD sessions, from 16 Sep thru 28 Oct, 2017:
also known as, departing the Temple of the Forgotten Sun, traveling to the city of StabUrFaceATopia, and
their battles at said awesomely named city...WITH a brief reunion with everyone's favorite side quest hating
halfling druidess, Hingi.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Having finished their business at the Temple of the Forgotten Sun/Son, the party makes their preperations to
continue their quest to find the remaining part of the 'Artifact.' Knowing the remaining part is still an
incredibly long distance away, the party decides to travel to the ancient ruined city of StaburFaceATopia(probably
an Orcish name) to see if one of the ancient magical flying ships of old still remain. Bidding their new 'ally'
Lisa the succubus farewell, then party set out across the brutal desert once again.

As they traveled, they experienced a rare moment of pure happiness, as their former traveling companion Hingi,
the side quest hating halfing druidess, and her most recent oversized honeybadger companions Diggles rejoined them
for a brief time. Hingi, having departed the city of Makandah far later than the rest of the party (she'd been
heavily involved in the defense of the city from the encroaching invading forces of North Osatia), brought them
updates on the goings on of the main continent, specifically the increased war efforts of the North Osatian
armies. Hingi traveled with the party for a few days, and her druidical prowess was greatly helpful when the
party first encounted a HUGE PURPLE WYRM (very likely attracted by Anabus' fancy new summoned magical carriage...
and Olga and Kyurgen's loud, offkey 'road trip songs' that they insisted in singing...continually...). (16 SEP)
- - - - - - - - - - -
...after surviving that battle, Hingi once again departed, much to the sadness of her friends who greatly missed
their friend (known as the 'angriest halfling druidess' by Side Quest givers the realm wide). The party continued
across the desert towards StabUrFaceATopia...and came across a traveling band of 'WallGreen'gypsies. Attempting
to gain possible information about the city they were heading for, a few members of the party (Kyurgen, Olga and
Rufus) went to speak with the gypsies. Olga chose to disguise herself as the sexiest female she could think of, to
offset any potential racial bias...but unfortunately, picked the form of LISA the succubus...which it turned out,
the 'WallGreen' gypsies worshipped as the 'Keeper of the Song.' Olga was stumped as to what she should do in
this situation (because her disguises always seem to backfire)...cue Rufus, Mr. "Can't Stand Dishonesty or Lies"
blurting out that not only was Olga not really Lisa, but was a half orc in disguise! (Thanks a lot.) LUCKILY
for the party, the NPC's suffered a case of 'confused to just roll with it' and were happy enough to just see
the visage of LISA, so they shared quite a bit of what they knew about both the city of StabUrFaceATopia, but
also what they could remember about the legendary flying ships of old. (Specifically, that the current city
was built on the ruins of the ancient one.) The party continued on their way... (23 SEP)

...with much bickering between Olga and Rufus, because Olga and Rufus are the odd couple/different life experiences/
will never see eye to eye/bickering married couple?/You know eventually like any bad sitcom they'll become a
cheesy romantic couple because bad writing?...anyway, the party continued to travel, and naturally, stumbled
across another of those dreaded 'Random Encounters' that you always hear this case, the aftermath of
something big, and nasty, that apparently destroyed a caravan...lots of blood and debris, hunks of wagons and
gigantic furrows in the ground...and...CUE the big monster's entrance scene...what will be later identified as a
MALASTORE burst out of the ground and engaged the party in battle! Thankfully the party was once again up to the
task, and after some comical flinging of the magical carriage (with Anabus and Olga still inside) and Kyurgen
managing to get buried in the sand several feet deep...the party defeated the GIGANTIC BOAR MONSTER/MALASTORE.

Realizing that the meat of such a beast was likely valuable, the party spend half a day recovering and carving
the corpse into several hundreds of pounds of potentially valuable nummy eats, they now very well stocked on
pork flavored meat continued their journey...(23 SEP, end)
- - - - - - - - - - -

Growing nearer to the city, Anabus finally shared the vision he had experienced of the artifact they were seeking
to reassemble/regain/keep from the hands of the king of North Osatia (a vision from WAY back during the parties
adventures dealing with the Elves/Ernie the annoying high elf/aka Arrogant high elves using human mercs to force
wild elves to become 'civilized' story arc from WAY back in the West Osatia forest, around August of 2016). It
was a vision that terrified the members of the party that feared enslavement, it was a stark education to the
newer members of the party as to what the actual mission the party was embarked on truly was for...and for at
least one party member it was an 'ooh, pretty magikul spellz iz pretty!' (cough cough Kyurgen cough cough). (note:
excellent use of PERSISTENT IMAGE spell by Doragon). Impressed by not only the purported power of the artifact
(able to shift a Succubus' alignment from C/E to L/G?!? whoa!) and in Anabus actually WILLINGLY sharing information
for once (again, whoa!), the party girded their loins for the continued battles they would likely face...

...approaching to within a few miles of StabUrFaceATopia, the party saw that it was a city currently 'under siege.'
Fires burned wildy, screams of fear and pain filled the air, and the sounds of battle rung heavily. The party
quickly pre-fight buffed up, but it was the noble, headstrong, brave, do-gooder Rufus who entered the fray
first, so he was the first to engage the mobs of... GOBOTS/Sorta Warforged/MULTI legged Chainsaw wielding
AUTOMATONS that varied in size from! Sporting an assortment of combat abilities,
ranging from fired darts (both the single, and AoE variety) to built in flamethrowers, to apparently the ability
to spew forth even more of their Automaton brethren! The battle raged across much of the town, including many
highlight reel worthy moments of 'Michael Bay movie' grade shenanigans...including but not limited to...(30 SEP)

-Anabus trying to recreate several scenes from the GTA videogames with his magical carriage, by running over
the smaller mobs/trying to run over the larger mobs/getting tossed aside by the HUGE mob... :)

-Sonlar being damn noble, running from fray to fray, healing both party members and fleeing NPC's alike

-Rufus showing off mad melee skills, and also some pretty good riding skills, by surfing atop the carriage

-Kyurgen doing his best to recreate that scene from Star Wars when Han Solo runs after the stormtroopers, then
comes running back screaming when he runs into a LOT more mobs than he expected...

-Dren realizing that 'dodging INTO the mobs' isn't condusive to your good health...and that also, running off solo
is equally NOT condusive to your good health... (and nat 1's on attack rolls SUCK)...

-Olga realizing that 1)Anabus' fireball wand is FUN to use up almost all the charges of (silly Doragon, loaning
Goat your magical items!) and 2) casting levitate on yourself and forgetting to STOP floating upwards is not good,
if you get airsick...

...the battle raged across the town for several sessions, finally culmitating with the arrival of a COLLOSAL sized
mob arriving, covered in swarms of the small automatons and...the meat of corpses! (ewww, its made of the dead!)
Only thru concentrated efforts, and some totez amazing attacks that were so amazing to be a part of that words
wouldn't do justice to (hah!), the party managed to drop the COLLOSAL MEAT BOT into a pile of slagged metal and
steaming flesh...and with its defeat, all the remaining Automatons that hadn't been defeated yet became inactive...
they heroes had won again! (Note: this battle lasted from 30 SEP thru 21 OCT ,and set a record for LONGEST SINGLE
BATTLE at a whopping 33 rounds! 33 rounds! That's like, way more than...uhm....30...) Pausing just long enough
to catch their breath and stem their own bleeding wounds, the party turned to their normal post battle actions:
meaning Sonlar started triaging and healing the wounded/consoling the dying innocents with Rufus and Dren's aid,
Kyur'gen wandered around partially helping, and partially looking for more stuff to smash, and Anabus and Olga...
well, Anabus and Olga kind of...looted. A lot. What dirtbags! (30 SEP thru 21 OCT)
- - - - - - - - - - -

After resting briefly (and regaining some much needed spells), the party continued to assist the survivors of the
Automaton battle, and also tried to gather information about the 'ancient flying airships.' Luckily, one of the
elders who had survived the battles (henceforth known as Myrtle the Elder) had information that led the party to
concentrate their search on the 'ancient' part of the old city ruins. Much searching and skill checking later,
and a few accidentally triggered trapped chests later, the party found some recently repaired controls and a note
from...LISA! Apparently, LISA had traveled to the ruined city much faster than the party, and had 'aided their
cause' by repairing the controls to open the ancient hanger that contained a very old, very rotting in place
airship...and in her efforts had quite likely activated the automatons that had then started killing everyone
in the city...oopsie. After assessing the extent of the repairs that would be needed to make the airship sky
worthy again, the party enlisted the aid of many of the surviving NPC's...who were quite grateful to the party,
mostly thanks to SONLAR's never-ending efforts of healing and general do-gooder (man, that guy defines PALADIN!)

Cue: training montage-esque repair work, lasting 4 days, and requiring the parties very best efforts! (Fill in
appropriate Rocky music here.) At last, after stripping one of the villages actual ships for tons of parts, the
air ship was restored to (hopefully!) safe operational condition. After bidding a fond farewell to Myrtle and
the surviving NPC's...and leaving them quite a bit of supplies and cash (man, for such a meanie, Olga's awfully
generous!), the air ship rose into the sky, with Rufus happily at the helm, and sailed onward! (28 OCT)
- - - - - - - - - - - -

...and that's where we left off, with our band of loveable characters aboard the newly re-commissioned into
service airship, named by party consensus as "FINDERS KEEPERS" (excellent ship name!) and with a fresh
painting of LISA the super sexy succubus on the bow as nose art (Kyur'gen actually is a decent artist!). What
horribly battles will they find next? Tune in for the continued adventures of...*cue fanfare* SI DnD, Inc!

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As per the sillier moments during 18 Nov session...we realized that DREN is the only current party member with a single syllable name...

...cue NarcanGoat the idiot humming a line to 'Flash' but replacing it with 'Dren'...

...cue other players saying 'oh man, you gotta write the rest now!'...

....challenge: ACCEPTED.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(cue appropriate musical fanfare entro)

DREN! (ah ahhhhh)

Hides from everyone one of us!

DREN (ah ahhhhh!)

Crossbow strings gonna bust on ya!

DREN! (ah ahhhhhh!)

He's a rogue ya know!

DREN! (ah ahhhhh!)

Stealer of the valuable!

(tempo change)

He's flanked every one of us!
Tumbled 'round every one of us!
He looted every corpse, every chest, every room every place
in less than a FLASH!

DREN! (ah ahhhhhh!)
DREN! (ah ahhhhhh!)

He'll out saving throw every one of us!

(slow jam tempo change)

He's Just a hu-man...
...with a hu-man's greed... know he's...
...nothing but a scamp...

Aaaaaaaand he can never hide...
...not when Sonlar's Daylight-in...
....May he find all the fat loot!

Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...


(must be sung to the tune of Flash, naturally. :) )

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Anabus Journal Entry
9th Day of First Seed (March), 1225 After Breaking

It has been some time since I last updated my journal. This is as good a time as any to resume.

It has been 22 days since we left the Temple of the Sacrificial Sun (or Son) in North Seryon. Before we departed the beautiful goddess/succubus “Lisa” shared long lost wisdom with us about an ancient artifact to the north that may hasten our journey. “Lisa” has no concern or love for the people of these lands, but she does have a deep seated hatred for the artifact that imprisoned her for so long in that damnable pyramid of religious idiocy.

While we had to travel two days north, in the opposite direction of our intended path now that I have procured a map of our destination, we were sure that the promise of an ancient airship of the Old Empire would be more than worth it. Regretfully, upon reaching our destination we found the ruins of a large city under siege by insect-like automatons.

I must say that this fight was perhaps the greatest one yet in this journey. For hours we battled these creatures, trying our best to avoid injuring the locals and giving them ways to flee the burning town. Ultimately we one, although for some reason it felt like only the half-orc and I were doing any of the fighting. Although that might have more to do with the fact our party had managed to spread out across the town.

Truly it is surprising none of us died.

Once the town was safe and fires out we spent the night healing those survivors. The next day we sat out to find the airship, which thankfully wasn’t too far away. The berth holding it was indeed ancient and victim to time, but mostly intact. The ship inside however, needed much work. The thankful villagers became a wonderful source of labor towards its repair. While Kyur’gan cleared rubble in their town, and I made myself as useful as I could in such a…base situation, the few shipwrights from the town came and made the needed repairs. Olga again proved her worth by repairing the airships airbag, her sowing skills are coming in handy again and again.

I digress. A few days later we had the ship prepared and without hesitation or fanfare we departed and made our way south. Rufus, our gallant knight, took it upon himself to act as airship captain of the ‘Finders Keepers,’ the name given to the craft. At the time I was fine with this situation. While I know how to sail, it being all but a requirement on our island, I frankly dislike it and find sailing through the air to be equally distressing. However it is easy to ignore such feelings of dread and unease when you can travel in one day the distance it would take three or four days by carriage.

We arrived in Paw’lee Shore only three days later, which would have been a week’s journey before, and found our sailing ship waiting for us in harbor. Olga, as captain, gave them orders to wait a few weeks before setting sail once more. She has become paranoid as of late about people following us, or potentially following us, and so has been constantly changing her appearance and laying disinformation among any peoples we meet.

While I understand what the half-Orc is attempting to do, I don’t believe it to be effective enough to try. A group of strangers arriving in town in a carriage that screams wealth, accompanied by a red robed mage, burley tattooed man of questionable intelligence, and Paladin who wears armor emblazed with the sigil of the Sun and a fallen Dwarf Goddess mean that our group would not be difficult to track if anyone was actually doing so.

That said, we have not encountered anyone who works for the King of North Osatia as far as we know. We have not encountered the same people more than once, and we have been traveling at breakneck speeds without lingering anywhere longer than necessary. If the King has been searching for the same artifact we are, it is likely he hasn’t been able to get anywhere with that search after we accidently set fire to that Temple of Paelor back in the North. As we traveled I have made sure to leave nothing behind that could aid those who follow the same path we are on, going so far as to destroy anything that could be useful and we weren’t taking with us. Even now I carry the only known copy of translation stones that carry the dead tongue of Mek'alocean – spoken by the Old Empire, even though I have studied them enough to speak it as one speaks Draconian on the isles. Perhaps I will toss the stones into the sea once our ship begins to pass over it.

I will admit that our group isn’t exactly subtle, but we are also quiet random in our decisions.

For example, after we restocked in Paw’lee Shore we were off once more, flying across a vast stretch of desert with only one village nearby. As we are traveling at night, most people will be asleep and if anyone does see us all that will observe is a soft red glow in the distance from our air bag, nothing more. While odd, they won’t be able to identify it. People always see strange things at night, and within hours they are dismissed as uninteresting as their mind understands that the sight will make no difference on their simple lives.

Two days after leaving the city we did have a bad night. A change in the weather caught our pilot unwares and sent us hurtling towards the ground. I was even forced to jump overboard to save our Paladin who had been thrown clear of the craft. Thankfully a quick use of [Dimension Door] ensured he would land safely on the ground, alive if perhaps a little worse for wear…

…which brings to mind how my vestigial wings slowed my fall to something as soft as a feather falling upon a pillow. I do not understand these abyssal changes to my body. The hardened skin, the glowing eyes, the small wings growing upon my shoulders, they all bring questions to mind that demand answers from my family. Why do these changes become more pronounced as my power increases? I know that others in the family have gathered these raw arcane powers before, but none of them ever seemed to enjoy such changes to their person. Then again, this power has been gathering around me much faster than others among the Firebrands. I have not yet reached my 23rd year upon this world, yet I manipulate forces that my instructors in the war college could not possess. Then there is the question of this newest…manifestation.

After we hired a crew to repair the airship, we were attacked by a large group of scorpions. These creatures were not typical however, and instead were massive in scale, easily 15’ tall and 20’ long. Four of them descended on our camp while we slept. While I couldn’t call it an impossible battle, it did nearly kill two of our teammates before we vanquished the foes.

But what bothered me the most was that during combat I tried to do what my instructors taught me and use my magic to adjust the battlefield to suit our needs. To that end I cast my tentacle spell; I held no illusions about the spells ability to harm the creatures, but I suspected it would at least slow them down or send them in a different direction. But what I summoned bore little resemblance to the red tentacles I normally cast, or even the hot-pink and suggestive creations from Olga, but instead these appendages appeared to be made from shadows. One look upon them and I could tell they were made from negative energy…

This worries me as it is becoming something of a…well…a pattern. I am hesitant to write this here for fear of someone reading it and thinking me forfeit of my mental state, but during the conflict with the automatons I tried to summon a fire elemental to serve as a distraction. One must understand that until now fire elementals are the only such beings I’ve had any ability to summon. All other summons just fail or result in a creature appearing inside out. But I somehow managed to summon a large dragon of shadow and negative energy. Needless to say it was ineffective against the present enemy, but the fact remains that it has happened.

Even in the use of my fireballs, the flames have become no less vibrant and beautiful but they also have a strange aura about them. I feel…I feel something is happening. And while exciting, it worries me.

I fear it.

It is times like this that I learn on the words of my father more and more: ‘Man and Mer in general judge more by the sense of sight than by the sense of touch, because everyone can see but few can test by feeling. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few know what you really are; and those few do not dare take a stand against the general opinion.’

I must continue to be the strong, thoughtful mage. Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception, so I shall continue to hold my head high and pretend everything is transpiring as I intended it.

Ha. That was the first time I have been able to think of father since his death and not shed a tear. Olga has been going out of her way as of late to make jokes about his death, seemingly bring it up any chance she can. And while the anger never ceases – I once shot a magic missile at her in response, a “love bite” in the grand scheme of things – the constant verbal assault has managed to hardened my heart against the tears.

Perhaps there is a method to the orc’s madness? Or is that perhaps giving Olga too much credit?

People should either be caressed or crushed.’ It was something else he used to tell me. It was a saying Grandfather and Great-grandfather passed down to him, and he passed to his children. Something of a family saying I suppose.

The full saying is; “People should either be caressed or crushed. If you do one a minor harm they will eventually return to get their revenge; but if you cripple them – destroy them, burn their hearts out - there is nothing they can do. If you need to do someone harm, do it in such a way that you will never fear their vengeance.”

Reshan may or may not have killed father, but I know it was the North who pushed them into it.

They will…

(*Olga snatched the journey from Anabus while he is writing, holding it upside down and trying to read it.* “Hey, whatcha doing? We are getting ready to shove off, or lift off, or whatever it is you call getting a boat to fly.)

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This post is the 'summary' of Mace's 1 Off/SideQuest series of sessions, from 2 December and 9 December.
Thanks Mace! It was quite fun!
- - - - - - - - - - -
Caution! This summary has been accidentally run thru the 'HANNA BARBARRA' Scooby Doo script machine. The more
accurate 'actual events' are posted below each part, in [[ xxx ]] format, for your convenience, information,
and because the scribe had a +4 longsword held to his back until he finished...
- - - - - - - - - - -

2-9 December 2017: The Case of the Spooky Haunted Poultry Ranch!
[[Foolish NPC's drag our party of murder hobo's back into town; carnage ensues.]]

Jinkies, it all started when the gang, driving in the Mystery Machine, decided to take a little trip to the local
Scooby Snack plant...
[[The party decided to actually return the NPC's they'd hired to do repairs to the airship back to their coastal
village of Faukitville, instead of just abondoning them to their fates in the middle of nowhere. We were helped
in this decision by the two NPC's describing an upcoming event the locals all do, called 'Turkey Day.']]

As we drove towards the Scooby Snack plant, we saw a lot of strange things, but did our best to keep from
being distracted...Shaggy and Scooby kept us on track.
[[As the party flew the airship to a landing site much closer to Faukitville, we saw a mysterious enticing
large pack of creatures being ridden...xp on the hoof...but amazingly, we opted to NOT murder 'random encounter'
beings and focus on our current side quest...and yes, we all did keep imagining Hingi shouting "Fuck Side Quests!"]]

When we got to the edge of town, Velma managed to spot an inexpensive parking lot with a space left for the
Mystery Machine. We decided to walk the rest of the way to town, to better appreciate how pretty the area was
and to give Shag and Scooby several chances to accidentally get into shenanigans.
[[Being properly paranoid about bringing our expensive and easily damaged airship right into town, we opted to
land a few hours walk out of town, leave someone behind to guard it, and walk into Faukitville with the two NPC's,
which would also give us time to pump them for information. On the plus side, they filled us in on some recent
events over the last few years at the turkey ranch where the towsfolk got most of their poultry...on the down side,
we left guard the airship. Many bets were placed on it being completely destroyed by him
'accidentally' when we returned from the side quest.]]

Zoiks, it turns out that there is some kind of curse on the Scooy Snack plant! There's some kind of problem that's
been happening for the last few years, and it seems that only the good old team from Mystery, Inc. can save the
day! We dediced to rest up for the night, and enjoy the local quisine a bit...Shags and Scoob naturally ate
their bodyweight in food, to the amusement of all of us!
[[As we arrived at night, we tracked down food, booze and a place to sleep...not necessarily in that order. We may
have had a drinking contest during the night, with Olga, Dren and Sonlar participating. Mental note: Sonlar and
Dren are kinda lightweights compared to Olga when it comes to boozing...and Olga may have tried to terrify Dren
when he woke up from his black out drunken state by rocking a 'Lisa the Succubus' illusion and slipping into bed
with him...the scream alone was worth it...]] *cue: sound clip of Dren screaming "DEMONS!"**

The next morning, we began our investigation into the 'Mystery of the Cursed Scooby Snacks' by traveling to the
plant and speaking to the manager. He came across as a man dedicated to his job, even if his daughter was
seemingly reluctant to enter into the family business. We were told that for the last few years, on the eve of the
'Turkey Day' local even, where the townsfolk were allowed to purchase the biggest and best boxes of Scooby Snacks
the plant manufactured for mere pennies, someone...or...SOMETHING...was breaking into the plant and breaking
aparts all the expensive ACME equipment that was used to make those delicious, nutritious, completely non addictive
snacks! The manager thought that maybe, the culprits might be somehow tied to a small safety violations incident
that might have resulted in a workmans compensation lawsuit. We assured the manager that Mystery, Inc. was
on the case!
[[ After arriving at the turkey ranch, which was described wonderfully by GM Mace as 'during the daytime louder
than the worst outdoor concert ever --your ears RING from the overwhelming sound of Turkeys warbling, the party
met both the current owner and operator of the ranch, the gnome Gunther Jiblet, and his angry, bitter, grumpy
daughter, Drumstick Jiblet. We found that yearly, the night before the local 'Turkey Day' festivities, someone or
something was breaking into the main ranch barn, damaging the machinery and much of the property, killing some
of the livestock, and if there were any workers present, knocking them unconscious. Mr. Jiblet told us that the
vandalisms had started the same year that one of his workers had accidentally fallen into their newly acquired
time saving 'turkey killing, plucking, and prepping' machine, aka a freaking ballista sized gnomish designed
steam powered artifact. The employee had been...for lack of a better term...prepped by the machine...and even
squick-ier, due to the post accident chaos around the ranch, his corpse was accidentally sent out to a customer...
HIS OWN FAMILY...ewww. Mr. Jiblet told us that twice in the last 6 years, he had hired mercenaries to try to
stop the vandalism..and both times, the mercenaries had been found slaughtered the next morning...only one had
ever survived, and they had been driven completely insane. The locals had started to name the vandalisms on a
purported monstrous being known as 'THE GOBBLER.' If we could find a way to stop the destruction, Mr. Jiblet
offered us a large pile of gems, worth between 5-6000 GP! Naturally, being greedy murder hobo's, we took the job!]]

Knowing that any good mystery means searching for clues, we naturally decides to split up and increase the chances
something horrible yet amusing would Fred and Daphne, Shaggy and Scoob wandered into town, while Velma
picked the manager's brains and office for clues. Naturally, we found lots of red herrings, and there was a guest
appearance by Don Knots...because he always seemes to show up during our mysteries. Jinkies! After a day of
carefully combing for clues, we regathered at the factory and decided to 'set a trap' for the 'GOBBLER.' Naturally,
hijinxs ensued, along with Velma somehow losing her glasses...I swear, we need to get her like, a keeper chain
for those things...
[[ After having the party 'faces' talk to the gnomish owner of the turkey Ranch, and agreeing to see what we could
do to stop the vandalism, we split the party - always the best idea - with the intention of 'maxing out info gain,
then return to the ranch' in the evening. Dren & Sonlar investigated the Ranch and specifically the 'machine,' and
found that the machine had a faint residue of 'evil' to it. Rufus went to speak to the widow of the victim,
and found that not only had Mr. Jiblet paid the family reparations for the accident, but that the 2 sons of the
victim still worked at the ranch...and both were being paid DOUBLE the normal wages of any other workers. Anabus
went to the very wealthy home of the Jiblet family, and spoke directly to Drumstick Jiblet (aka, angry angsty
daughter of ranch owner). Thanks to his high levels of 'smart guy cleverness and charm,' Anabus was able to get
Drumstick to admit that she was extremely unhappy and hated the ranch, was an...ewww...vegan...and was only biding
her time until she came of age to abondon her family tradition and run off...she also said that she was going to
try to turn the ranch into a turnip farm. Anabus told her of the deaths that had occured at the ranch, and Giblet
was shocked, as her father had never told her of anyone dying from the vandalism. Anabus warned/convinved the angry
gnomish lass to 'stay home tonight' as he feared for her safety a bit. Olga talked directly to Gunther Jiblet a
bit more, and feeling that he wasn't telling the party the whole truth, directed him to stay at the ranch in his
office that night, in case the party needed him. Mr. Jiblet started to POUND down alcohol, obviously using the
booze to drown out the problems of both the vandals, and the family problems...]]

After our efforts at gathering some clues about this tangled web of mysterious snack damaging vandalism only led
us to have more questions, we decided to camp out in the factory that night, to see if the spooky 'Gobbler' would
appear to use. Naturally, we set up a sneaky trap sure to snare any bad guy...but to our surprise, after we'd set
the trap and positioned ourselves ready to leap into action, who should arrive but "Old Mr. Jahn E Torr," who
proceeded to give us a long expositional data dump of spooky warnings and premonitions! Jinkies, but it was
sure convenient for him to show up like he did! After a few more 'beware' type warnings, he did a bit of clean up
work around the factory, then toddle off into the corner office to do some paperwork, and we all returned to
keeping an eye out for signs of the 'Gobbler.'
[[After the party regathered at the turkey ranch, we barricaded the doors to the main building, and set up a patrol
to cover all visible approaches to the ranch...and a short time before midnight, the 'janitor' a filthy half elf
named 'Derby' arrived, chanting 'beware.' Naturally, we interrogated him, and he 'deus ex chatty Cathied' us
with an entire warning about what horrors awaited us that night...he told us that we would be visited by three
ghosts, and then after the ghosts had visited, then we'd be seeing the Gobbler. Naturally, we interrogated this
obvious info dump NPC a bit more...he claimed to 'not know anything' but then proceeded to tell us more...and he
was pretty certain that the 'dead guy' was the Gobbler. Cue, after monologueing at us, Derby the janitor tried to
leave! Naturally, we said NOPE, and said he could stay the night...either willingly, unwillingly, or crying under
tons of ropes and other confinement devices. Cue, grumpy janitor sitting in corner, with only a borrowed copy of
'Bad Elf Girlz Monthly' that Olga had borrowed from Kyurgen to keep him amused. We warned Derby to 'not try to
leave' and then returned to patrolling, keeping our eyes peeled for hostiles.]]

As the clock ticked towards midnight, we heard the ringing of town timepiece ring in the midnight hour...but it
stopped at 11 bells...then Jeepers! the biggest piece of machinery in the shop roared to life, and belched out
a terrifying large pile of Scooby Snacks that flooded the entire plant with the stink of over processed fast food!
Fred had to cover his mouth with his ascot...he always had a weak stomach...but luckily for us, Shaggy and Scooby,
always binge eaters even under normal circumstances, were able to 'eat their way' to safety! Jinkies, its a good
thing those two always have the munchies! After things calmed down, Velma checked out the machinery, but now it
remained quiet and calm...wowzers, what a mystery!
[[At the midnight hour, we had our first 'ghostly' appearance...the turkey buthchering machine roared to the ON mode,
and spewed out a gigantic bloblike mass of turkey biomass..ala' blackpudding/green slime style monster! It
soaked quite a bit of damage, and managed to make Anabus sickened...always a sad thing, to see a nobleman covered
in his own vomit...but after several round of hammering the gooey monstrosity into smaller bits...and bits...and
bits...we defeated it...after which, all evidence of the horror disappeared! Sonlar investigated the machine
carefully, but found no signs of it being any more 'evil' than his previous examinations...]]

As we settled back into keeping a sharp watch for more spookery, suddenly all of the factories PA speakers kicked
on, filling our ears with the most horrendous screaching, brain rattling, nerve jangling sounds possible! Yes,
the sounds of Justin Bieber music filled us with utter horror, as suddenly swirling clouds of advertisements for
Scooby Snacks, coupons for half off tickets to Disneyland, and signed copies of OJ Simpson's 'If I Did It' swirled
around us all like an angry cloud of fluttery flotsam seeking revenge for all those murdered trees! Luckily,
Velma had carefully studied how the plants installed air conditioned system worked, so we were able to force the
swirling paper products into a broom closet! Just as we thought things had calmed down, Daphne eeked because Mr.
Jahn E Torr decided he had to leave...and he had bumped directly into her as she was distracted fixing her
makeup after the latest frackus! Daphne put her 'Booty Boot Camp' excercise classes to good use, and we stuffed
the now unconscious Jahn E Torr back into the corner, this time tied up like a prize hog at the fair!
[[ As the clock struck 1 in the morning, the turkeys in their cages began to all awaken, and started warbling
louder...and louder...and LOUDER! Until, at last, their warbling reached deafening proportions...and they formed
into swarming clouds of angry poultry, that moved to encircle members of the party! Thankfully, once again a
combination of strength of arms and clever useage of spells or equipment allowed us to perservere...and after
they were defeated, the swarms of turkeys disappeared, much like the previous gooey bio mass horror had...with
they turkeys returned to their cages, as if nothing...had happened. Just as the battle ended, and the party
was catching their collective breaths, cue NPC dumbass janitor Derby decided to attempt to stroll out of the
building. Olga caught him moving out of the corner of her eyes, and as he'd been prewarned, his moronic half-elf
life came to an end via 4 arrows, turning him into a modern piece of wall art. Sonlar actually came to Olga's
defense when certain party members started to whine about how Olga over pointing out that the
janitor had been warned repeatedly not to attempt to leave. After taking a few moments to do some 'last rites' for
Derby, Sonlar proceeded to do his Paladin impression of a auto yard car shredder, as he took apart the fancy,
expensive, probably irreplaceable turkey plucking machine a time. SMASH SMASH SMASH.]]

After the gang made sure that the latest spookery was really over with, Fred took some time to complain to Velma
about her decision making process, Daphne re-applied her makeup...Scoob and Shaggy started digging thru random
employee lockers trying to find more snacks...when suddenly, three strangers just APPEARED inside the factory!
Each was dressed as if to represent a stereotypical person you would find during a crisis, but with a twist: each
was actually a SPOOKER! Cue: comedic chase scene, complete with musical theme tune playing...but eventually, like
all good Hanna Barbara cartoons, somehow we tricked all three of the strangers into a trap we had cleverly
assembled offscreen without any viewers noticing...but as we closed in to 'demask' the strangers, they disappeared
in a POOF! Jinkies, redux!
[[ Once Sonlar had reduced the expensive machinery into base component parts, we returned to keeping a careful
watch for oddities....which was pretty much wasted efforts, as once again, the 'odd occurance' that happened at the
stroke of 2 o'clock just appeared inside the building. POOF! Suddenly, three 'adventurers' appeared before us, but
they were adventurers with a twist: each was some sort of horrible 'turkeyfied' humanoid! (Nice visual concept,
Mace. Bonus points for that!) One represented the stereotypical 'mage,' the next the 'sword swinger,' and the
third a cheesy 'archer ninja rogue' type. Springing into action like the well oiled murder hobo machine we are,
the party made short work of the mage first, recongnizing naturally the most dangerous mob, then the 'sworder,'
then finally the 'archer' turkeynoid fell to our might! Just like the last ones, these mobs disappeared once
the fight was over, and we took a few moments to heal and catch out breath...]]

Just when it seemed we'd dealth with all the spookery this mystery had to fling at us, suddenly the doors to the
factory burst open, and who should appear but Old Mr. Witherby! mean, the creature from the Black Lagoon!, it was...gosh, it was none other than a gigantic, bloated monster version of none other than
our own beloved Scooby Doo! Cue total panic and the entire gang of Mystery Inc. running around in panic, until
our favorite stoner Shaggy tripped and it looked like the giant monster would smush him...when suddenly Scooby came
swinging down from the rafter, barking 'Rooby Rooby Roo!' and kicked the giant beasted into a stack of empty
crates, knocking him unconscious! Quickly we tied him up with some convenient coils of ropes, and pried off the
monsters reveal....none other than the totally forgotten, only mentioned like, one time ever, during the
opening credits of this episode, grumpy old Mr. Whole Grain, CEO of Nummy Healthy Treatz, the rival company
to Scooby Snacks! Conveniently, the police FINALLY showed up, and Mr. Whole Grains complained that he'd have
gotten away with it, if not for us pesky kids! Pesky kids indeed, what a dork...Mystery Inc. gets PAID for our
work, buster! The credits rolled, as we drove off in the Mystery Machine, discussing how we'd spend our reward
money for solving the case...until we found out that Shaggy and Scooby had already blown our entire paycheck on
MORE damn snack foods! The camera faded out as we all laughed. Roll credits! ;)
[[As the clock struck 3 AM, the air was filled with the sounds of monstrous warbling, and suddenly none other than
Mr. Gunther Giblet came stumbling thru the doors to the buidling, and then with one last horrific warble, his body
flexed, bulged and burst forth in feathers, feathers, and more feathers...growing and expanding until he was
replaced by THE GOBBLER, aka gigantic turkey! Egads, it was a lycan-poultry! CUE: battle time. Fortunately,
as we'd been 'warming up' all night long fighting mobs, we were in the zone, and quickly took the GOBBLER down to
helpless status, thru some liberal use of 'stat drainage' tactics, then after a brief period of moral waffling on
how to handle the situation, first Anabus, then Olga applied some 'coup de grac' style magic and arrows. The
GOBBLER warbled one last time, then reverted to the corpse of one tiny lil' dead gnome. Deciding that we needed
to notify Drumstick Giblet that her father had been the GOBBLER, Anabus returned to the estate and brought her
back to the turkey ranch, where we presented her with the information about what had occured during the night.
Naturally, she was a bit emotional. And naturally, Olga's attempt use 'orcish ways to cope with death' failed
to elicit the effect she hoped they would. Taking the reward of gems, since we had in fact completed the job
that we had been hired to do, the party opted to depart, and we returned to the airship...where amazingly enough,
Kyurgen had managed to NOT destroy it during our absence! With the normal amount of 'fingers crossed' that
the craft wouldn't fall apart under our feet, we departed and continued our travels southward..

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**Egads, its time for another 'summary of a few weeks/months of the ongoing Split Infinity DnD 3.5 Campaign!**

*As always, the names of the guilty have absolutely NOT been changed to protect their egos.* ;)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(16 DEC): after a few hours flight, the party encounted, mid air, a pair of elves riding gigantic Rocs! Naturally,
a battle commenced, although who was to blame for iniating hostilites remains hotly debated. Much epic spellcasting,
piloting skill checks, and arrows being fired later, the confrontation ended with: Airship on the ground, and once
again Elf and one Roc dead, and the other Elf fleeing, after a breakdown in diplomacy. (The Elf had
used the Roc he was riding to assist the airship to 'control crash' to the ground, for which he THOUGHT he was
going to get one of Sonlar's uber strong magical weapons...of course, being savvy adventurers, SOME of the party
realized that giving uber strong magic weapon to Roc riding Elves who had attacked us was a bad plan, so a
few doublecross attack spells later, the surviving but badly injured elf rode off on his Roc, cursing our
party as "double crossers." After ensuring the Roc and Elf who had fallen in the battle were 'all dead' (gotta make
sure with those filthy elves!), the party assessed the damage to the airship and realized we would need a LOT of
leather to repair the balloon. As we did not in fact, have massive stores of leather on hand, the party would
have to do some serious scrounging and hunting...and the fact we were crash landed in the middle of a mostly desert
covered island, meant we might be in trouble, indeed... (16 DEC)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
(23 DEC): after deciding to 'split the party' ((due to a few players NOT being able to make session, so acting GM
had those characters 'go hunting' for any wildlife they could skin for leathers)); so Olga, Dren and Kyur'gen went
hunting, while Anabus, Rufus and Sonlar remained behind to 'guard the airship.' Of course, this being a desert,
many creatures were quite interested in the delicious gigantic Roc corpse that was crashed quite close to where
the airship lay damaged in the of those hungry creatures being a WHITE DRAGON. Amazingly enough though,
the dragon seemed more interested in dining on delicious bird corpse, than in battling the party...and thanks to
some fine diplomatic conversations, the dragon actually talked to the party quite politely, actually advising them
to be caution, as the ruins on this island that were nearby had been abondoned for hundreds of years, and were
teeming with undead, and also re-iterated some cuations that the party had been given before, as the after-effects
of them using 'Teleportion based magic' could have dangerous repercussions (like, rip holes in time/space continium).
After finishing its meal and the conversation, the White Dragon flew off, leaving the trio of adventurers to their
own least for a short while, because shortly thereafter a trio of wandering dessicated Mummies came
stumbling out of the desert! Once again, through very clever use of spells AND diversion tactics( Rufus realized
the mummies were attracted to water, so he ran around carrying the Decanter of Endless Water that the party had
acquired, distracting the mummies until the combined might of Anabus and Sonlar put them down! (The mummies actually
seemed GLAD when they were destroyed, as their very existance seemed based on suffering.) After they were certain
that there were no more mummies in the immediate area...and were able to catch their breath...THEN the trio of
hunters returned, having had no luck finding any wild game. (23 DEC)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(30 DEC): After resting for the night, while rightfully nervous about more random hungry critters showing up to
snack on the Roc remains, and possibly more 'thirsty' Mummies strolling in out of the desert sands...the party awoke,
and came up with the plan of 'Anabus goes scouting via FLY spells' while the rest of the party stayed with the
airship and BURY the Roc corpse as they awaited Anabus to return. Anabus came across a caravan of halfings, and
after an initial reaction of 'cautious hostility' by the halflings, Anabus was able to diplomatically work out a
barter of a magical waterskin in trade for enough of their animal skins and leathers...heck, he even bought their
spare clothing!...and returned to the airship, where he found that the rest of the party had finished covering
the Roc corpse with sand, hopefully to prevent further 'snack seeking dragons' from stopping by. CUE: Training
montage style repair efforts, as the party used the acquired leathers to repair the large amount of damage the
airship's balloon had taken during the battle with the Rocs. After many hours of exhausting work in the hot sun,
the airship repairs were completed! As the party prepared to get ready to travel again, naturally, the creatures
native to the desert had to try one last time to stop us, so cue: RANDOM ENCOUNTER...with multiple...magic wielding
giants! The battle was back and forth, as the giants used summoned stone structures to repeatedly capture our
more capable melee fighters INSIDE of summoned boulders, and the more 'squishy' members of the party almost fell a
few times to hurled boulders! (Anabus and Olga felt VERY squishy for this battle!) Only thru a combination of
excellent attack rolls, clever useage of Paladin style healing, and some 'Locate Creature' spells did the party
manage to defeat the stone flinging, boulder summoning, disappearing into the ground and moving at a zillion times
their base movement rate giants! THe fates were on our heroes side once again though, and finally the battle
ended with all three of the CRAG/STONE/DESERT? giants, and then looting thru their corpses to find quite a few gems,
coins, and miscellaneous shiny valuables embedded in their flesh. Finally departing the area, the airship lifted
up into the sky, and the party flew off and southward, continuing their journey... (30 DEC)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(6 JAN): **also known as 'a character dies' session**: As the parties travels continue further and further south,
they come across the 'ALTAR ISLES' and land to rest. As the party settles in to rest in one of Anabus' summoned
'Secure Shelters,' those on watch first notice a large cave opening appear close by to their campsite, then
began to detect other things, like the sound of water, possibly the sounds of tidal effects?...the initial person
on watch was DREN, but the next person to awaken for watch was SONLAR, and SONLAR advised Dren that the party
should wait until everyone was rested and awake, before possibly exploring the strange cave and tunnels that had
just 'appeared' after the party set camp...of course, when do we ever stick to our plans, as SONLAR assumed
the watch, then the noble Paladin absolutely saw a young girl go running through the darkness and tumble out of
sight down into the hole! Sonlar, being the noble damn type he is, rushed into the Secure Shelter and woke up...
RUFUS, then the dynamic hero mode duo rushed off and right down into the tunnels, following after the sounds
that Sonlar was now hearing, which he swore were the sounds of a drowning child! The duo rushed through many
twisting and turning caves, until they stumbled across a...shipwreck? Sonlar continued to experience audiotory
issues, swearing he was now hearing the sounds of a 'ship caught in a terrible storm'...though Rufus heard nothing.
As both Rufus and Sonlar stood there in the tunnels, wondering what was actually occuring, a large shambling
monster, seemingly comprised of Coral and other underwater plants, and started to attack both of them! The monster
hit quite hard, and Sonlar and Rufus began 'falling back' to try to get back aboveground, and the escape was
made even more complicated by 3 more of the huge 'Coral Monsters' joining in the chase, and each time the
monsters struct a party member, their blows hit so hard that they caused the character to stumble and fall! (STUN
effects with hard saving throw to save againts.)
Stumbling back out of the tunnels, Sonlar and Rufus yelled for their allies to awaken, and luckily Sonlar's voice
managed to first rouse Dren and Kyur'gen, who then attempted to awaken Olga and Anabus. Soon the battle was
joined in earnest by MOST of the party, as grumpy sleep loving Anabus and Olga took their time finding their clothes
and getting outside...during the battle, DREN was hit very hard by the monsters, and was stunned and down to single
digt HP's, just as Anabus finally joined the battle. With a powerful casting of FIRESTORM, Anabus dropped one
of the monsters, with Kyurgen capitalizing on the moment and dropping one of the badly damaged mobs soon after...
but sadly, with two of the creatures still alive and fighting, even Sonlar's heroic efforts to heal Dren came to
naught, as one of the beasties smashed at the still stunned DREN, and crushed him down into the sands, DEAD.
(Dren literally went from 2 HP, to 48 from Sonlar heal, to -13 after the mob scored 4 hits on him...squish, RIP,
now rather flattened Dren.) Not even the 'random chance of divine interference' could save him. Enraged by
the death of a party member...and also his interrupted nappy time...Anabus flung a powerful FIREBALL and incinerated
the remaining two monsters. The party all recovered their breath, checked to ensure there were no more mobs, then
wept a few tears over their fallen comrade. They searched the remaining tunnels where the shipwreck and the mobs
had been found, and discovered not only a bit of treasure, but also the corpse remains of a long since drowned
child...and Sonlar's Paladin training let him take a bit of comfort, because he could sense that due to them
battling the mobs, and also the departing spirit of Dren helping to guide her, the spirit of the long dead
child could finally escape to the afterlife. (The entire area had a 'tainted sanctuary' feel to it, until the mobs
were slain.) After conferring on it, the party decided that Dren deserved a good send off into the afterlife,
so they built a large funeral pyre out of the monsters corpses, then put Dren's body atop it, and sent him off
to the afterlife in proper PYRE fashion. (Sonlar nailed the funeral perfectly, finding the right words to ease
the pain of another loss.) (6 JAN 2018)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(13 JAN 2018): Saddened by the loss of their comrade, but determined that the quest must continue, the party set
off once again in the airship, and continued our southerly course towards where we believed the next part of the
artifact could be we traveled thru the day, we spotted a large flotilla..nay, an ARMADA of ship traveling
in the same direction we were headed...and upon careful, cautious observation, the NORTH OSATIA flag could be seen
flying on the vessels! The Mad King's forces were apparently also closing in on the same place we were traveling
towards! The RACE WAS ON! The party estimated that they were making better speed than the armada of enemy ships,
but it would be a close race irregardless, since they had to rest every 12 hours or so, but the ships of North Osatia
could just sail all the hours of the day....a race, indeed!
Landing on the island of FROHN BAY to rest, the party set their watch...modified from their normal mode of
"Let Sonlar rest for 2 hours, then he takes all the watches" as the noble Paladin was starting to show signs of
strain, both from the constant lack of 'real sleep' but also from the recent death of DREN, which Sonlar felt
very responsible was a good thing indeed that they were standing two person watches, as when Kyurgen and
Rufus were both awake, the jungle EXPLODED into violence, as a pack of large Raptor like dinosaurs rushed forward,
wanting to dine on the meaty looking party! As if a pack of 6 huge raptors wasn't bad enough, right after the
initial swarm of dinosaurs rushed over Rufus and Kyur'gen, then ANOTHER monster burst out of the jungle, rushing
into the battle! Some sort of ... odd looking Giant! As party members began to waken and stumble out of the
shelter, the odd Giant attacked one of the Raptors, dropping it to the ground with several brutal claw attacks!
As the party quickly started dropping the Raptors left and right (they're not very sturdy against our meat shield
melee types) the party turned their attention to the odd Giant, quickly focusing their attacks on the obviously
stronger monster! The Giant managed to escape out of several AoE effect spells, but was quickly drained by a volley
of 'Stat draining' arrows from Olga...but then it TRANFORMED! First turning into a human seeming shape, then into
a TREE! The party quickly surrounded the shapeshifter, and it was only thru some fast talking (YES, the bizarre
creatures was able to speak Common, even in its strange tree shape) and claims that it had 'only been attacking
the raptors!" (A claim that Kyurgen was quick to agree with, even though the rest of the party wasn't convinced,
as they'd acted fast enough to deny the shapeshifter chances to pick other targets.)...but amazingly enough, the party
refrained from going 'murder hobo' mode, and accepted the idea that it had merely been a 'misunderstanding'...
although the wiser party members cautioned the shapeshifter that 'running into a strange camp in giant form' is
NOT the smartest way to introduce yourself to heavily armed adventurers...of course, being in a state of 'mental
stats drained to 1's made it hard for the shapeshifter to actually converse intelligently with the party, but
thanks to long months adventuring with Kyur'gen had given most of the party at least 5, possibly 10 ranks in
"Converse with Simpleton"...its a super specialized team Skill. ;)
After deciding the allow the shapeshifter to live...for now...and to join them on the airship for a brief trip
down the shoreline of the island, as the current 'campsite' was not a very safe seeming one, the party lifted
off, now with the shapeshifter known as VILLI aboard. (aka, Mace's replacement character.) (13 JAN 2018)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(20 JAN 2018): (1 hour after events of 13 Jan) - time early sunset: as the party looked for a good replacement
campsite, they spotteda nice stretch of beach that seemed a very good spot indeed. As Rufus piloted the airship
towards the ground, Kyur'gen, who'd been looking at his 2nd favorite book
(Naughty Nina's Nightly Nastyness: A Succubus Tells All) on the bow of the airship, suddenly shouted out excitedly
and leaned heavily over the side of the airship, letting go of the book which fluttered in the strong air currents
that continually cross the airships deck while in flight, and the book SLAPPED right into Rufus's face! (Nat 1
on Pilot Skill check, was fun way to start session). The airship landed quite HARD on the beach,
narrowly missing smashing bow first into one of the many boulders that littered the
sands! After the party recovered,and commenced operation: curse out Kyur'gen...the gigantic tattoo'd goober pointed
out the cause of his distraction...several beautiful mermaids, floating just off the beach, all giggling and
waving at the party. Needless to say, Kyurgen was quite interested in the lovely water maidens (BUCKET LIST!) and
started stripping off his boots, planning on jumping in right away! Anabus and Sonlar attempted to converse with
the merfolk, and thanks to PHENOMINALLY good RP'ing, not to mention awesomely good SKill check rolls by Sonlar and
Anabus for socially interacting with the mermaids, Sonlar soon had a rapt crowd of merfolk listening to him tell
them exciting tales of adventure in the service of Haela! Anabus had a fan of his own, who was infatuated with
the aura of 'rich dude' that Anabus gives off...poor Kyur'gen was utterly confused, as his bulging muscles and
attempts to interrupt Sonlars oratory efforst were met with scolding looks from the lovely they
were all totally woo'd by Sonlar's tales of heroics! (Yep, Sonlar was CRUSHING the skill checks, and Kyur'gen was...
The mermaids were VERY chatty, totally willing to talk to the party...and when asked why they were in the area,
they said they were all 'on break' from working for the 'boss.' When asked who the boss was, they were initially
reluctant to say exactly who (Merfolks being flighty in the mind at best) and kept giggling and flirting with
Sonlar and Anabus. Rufus and Villi hopped off the airship and onto the beach to check the hull for damage, and
quickly spotted a LOT of very large tracks on the beach...tracks that seemed to have come from something quite
large, with very long claws...
During this time interacting with the mermaids, a few good spot checks had the party notice that
there were a lot of waves coming in towards the beach...and a large object was visible just at the edge of Sonlar's
Daylight Spell (you know our Paladin...if its dark, he's casting Daylight spells!). As the waves intesified, the
merfolk finally admitted that the boss was, in fact, a big dragon...cue the party going NOPE! and hastily trying to
prepare to take off! Unfortunately, due to the large distraction caused by the merfolk,the party wasn't able to get
airborne before the approaching 'boss' arrived...and as he broke forth from the swimming just beneath the surface
of the water, it was revealed to be a GIGANTIC Black Dragon! The party members began to react to its arrival in
various manners, but the dragon seemed more interested in the parties odd appearance, as it hadn't seen anything
like the airship in a long time...a very long time...hundreds of years, in fact. This, coupled with the fact that
the party hadn't been hostile towards his 'minions' the merfolk, led to the dragon wanting to examine the party
and speak with them, rather than eat them. Anabus initially was a bit tongue tied, but he was able to recover, and
Sonlar once again was quite impressive with his Oratory skills and storytelling. As the dragon started to warm up
to conversing with the party, it commented on 'wanting to be honest' with the delicious smelling land walkers,
and to have no dishonesty...cue it gesturing for its sexy mermaids to turn off their illusions...revealing they
were in fact hideous water hags...complete with the stringy hair, saggy body parts, and breath that could kill
a donkey...
The dragon, apparently enjoying conversing with beings OTHER than the merfolk (who again, are very ditzy
in their conversations), and shared some story swapping with the party...
along with asking their assistance with some 'repairs' and 'cooking' skills. (The dragon had quite a few humanoid
sized items that it needed trained assistance with repairing, and also had smelled
the raptor meat and was curious how it would taste cooked, rather than raw.) Cue: party doing many a skill check,
and actually sharing a meal with the giant beast, who rewarded the party for their efforts with not only sharing
some nice exotic beverages with them, but also offering to take any 'excess baggage' of unneccessary loot off their
hands, offering them 'fair trade' values. After much contemplation, the party agreed to trade off a goodly amount
of their excess, unused loot, in trade for a single very large gem...that turned out to be a VERY strong magical
item, able to summon a SECURE SHELTER daily. The beast also cleared up a 'family mystery' for Anabus, as one of the
tales it shared with them over the delicious cooked Raptor meat meal was that it had actually encountered, and
devoured, a member of the Firebrand family decades ago in this area...(Anabus's Grandpa, on his fathers side, had
been lost at sea LONG ago and no one knew his final fate...) After finishing bartering with the party, with a final
gift to them of stating 'you may rest HERE at this beach for a day in safety,' the dragon departed, followed shortly
by its entourage of 'once again illusioned up to look sexy' mermaids/sea hags...the party could see that just
inside the edge of the jungle, hundreds of reptillian monsters....raptors...lizards...snakes...were all watching
the airship intently...but none were coming past the treeline...and during the night, occasionally the sounds of
some roaring jungle cat would be quickly silenced, after a brief burst of hissing lizard sounds...(the dragon,
having the ability to control reptiles, had set the beasts in the area into 'do NOT let anything disturb these
creatures on the beach' mode.)
Awakening well rested, albeit slightly still un-nerved by the still hundreds of reptillian eyes watching them
from the jungle, the party prepared to lift off. They found evidence that the merfolk had returned briefly and
left a meal of mixed seaweed, various small fish, and a few lobsters on the bow of the ship. Kyur'gen ate the
food with gusto, as Rufus guided the airship skyward into the early evening sky... (20 JAN 2018)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(27 JAN 2018): ...the party flies along on the airship thru beautiful, star filled skies, with clear visibility.
After flying south along the coast for roughly 3 hours, the party spotted a flash of light,
roughly a mile and half offshore, light that seemed to indicate a large fiery explosion had occured. As they
watched, they saw a second fiery explosion, followed by the flash of a lighting bolt! Scanning the area with both
eyes, and equipment, they could just barely make out the shape of a large ship with its sails and rigging
starting to burn. Deciding to at least close in a bit to pick out some details, Rufus guided the airship closer
to the they drew nearer, the party began to pick out more details about the large ship: it appeared
to be a merchantman, with its rigging burning...and it was sailing what appeared to be the FireBrand flag,
with some minor differences...(a crown instead of a helm, and the trident was differently styled)...
and with some luck, they were able to pick out the name on the stern of the ship: it was the "Rambling Rose."
Anabus with a knowledge check of his own homeland, knew that was a common name for Thay merchant vessels
flying under the Firebrand banner. (The Thayan's tended to repeat the ships name, just adding an appropriate
number after the name as needed.) Deciding to close in and try to discern what exactly was occuring...
as they saw yet another flash of flames from the sky, and another flash of lightning arc up from the ship
into the sky.
As they neared the floundering merchant ship, the party made several preperations: Villi assumed the form of a
giant dire eagle and squawked to Sonlar that he would give him a lift to the ship, in his claws; Doragon cast
Dracon Wings on himself and flew forward of the airship...Sonlar, of course, cast DAYLIGHT...Olga and Kyur'gen kept
scanning the skies for whatever was attacking the merchant the airship closed in, the party saw
what appeared to be a huge splash of acidic liquid, which doused the entire forward portion of the merchant vessel,
and began soaking into the wood of the deck and hull... the party closed in, they could now see the ship very clearly: her rigging and sails were ablaze, and fires
were burning out of control on the deck in many places...and...thick smoke and flames could be seen shooting out
from the portholes...Anabus had an excellent view as a slender human arm shot out of a porthole, and a loud scream
cut through the air, until smoke and flames overwhelmed the poor victim...back towards the stern of the ship, the
captain was visible, as he struggled to keep the ships wheel from spinning, as he shouted commands to the crew...and
nearby, a noble appearing woman huddled with a small child. It was obvious to all party members that the ship was
in dire straits, indeed. As Villi carried Sonlar towards the deck of the ship (which was pitching and rolling
wildly in the now rough seas), he had to manuever to avoid getting entangled in the burning rigging and sails...
Villi managed to deposit Sonlar onto the midship area, where the noble Paladin began trying to heal the obviously
wounded crewmembers who were battling the flames and acid heroically. Anabus flew down to the stern, and
offered the parties assistance to the captain. Both Sonlar and Anabus found themselves ignored by the ships crew,
who continued to concentrate on the battle. Anabus, making a logical assumption, did a skill check and announced
'they're acting like ghosts' and reached out to prove his point...but found the ships wheel, and the Captain himself
to be quite solid and real...Sonlar, working on the forward portion of the ship, also found the crewman to ignore
him as they continued to try to battle the flames and acid...but his healing did affect the wounds showing on the
brave sailors...
...Meanwhile, Rufus had closed the distance with the vessel, and was deftly manuevering the airship to hover just
over the stern of the ship, as a previously prepared knotted sturdy rope was lowered down from the airship, with
the intentions of getting survivors off the burning vessel...unfortunately, with the extreme pitching of the
merchantvessel with its sails all destroyed/ablaze, one bad moment got the 'rescue rope' badly entangled into the
aft mast rigging of the vessel! The airship began to violently be yanked around, causing those aboard to have to
battle to retain their footing!
Down on the deck of the merchantship, Anabus watched as the Captain ordered his 1st mate to lower the first of the
ships lifeboats...and then was distracted as the still unseen (probably Invisible) attacking monster breathed acid
once again onto the ships bow...the Captain muttered an incantation, then fired off an obviously very metamagiced
up Lightning Bolt into the sky, and it was obvious when it struck the attacking best that it was a gigantic dragon!
The dragon, roaring in pain, flapping up into the air and disappeared once again.
The ships captain turned his attention back to the task of saving the ship...and Anabus thought for a moment the
Captain had noticed him...then realized he was looking THRU Anabus at the sight of...the 1st Mate and another sailor
down in the lifeboat, rowing away from the ship as quickly as they could! Roaring in anger, the ships captain
called out in accented Thayan common to the first mate, cursing"Damn you, Winterborne! Damn you, and all
your line to hell!" (Oh SNAP, this would be a back story reveal of 'why the Firebrands might have a loathing for
the Winterbornes!) The Captain glanced sternward, where the other two lifeboats for the vessel had been smashed out
of their cradles and now floated filled with water down in the raging seas...
...meanwhile, up in the airship, Rufus was overcome for a moment with those famous 'big damn hero' visions, so
he LET GO of the ships wheel, and rushed forward, intending on climbing down the entangling rope from the airship
to the merchant vessel...of course, the second he let go of the ships wheel, the airship began to slew WILDLY out of
control, and Rufus almost tumbled overboard, barely managing to grab onto the railing! Kyur'gen rushed to aid
his friend, and Olga attempted to cut loose the rope, but fumbled badly, flinging one of her handaxes overboard!
Anabus, glancing up, saw the danger the airship was in, and flew up to the 'Finders Keepers,' grabbing hold of the
wildly spinning wheel...he did manage to stop the airship from bucking wildly...but failing his 'STR check' badly,
he managed to pin himself beneath the ships wheel! (ouch.) Kyur'gen managed to help Rufus back up over the railing,
and Olga managed to dig out her spare handaxe and cut the entangling rope free, finally getting the airship loose
from thte burning rigging of the merchant vessel. Rufus dashed back to the wheel, and assisted Anabus back to his
Down on the decks of the merchantman, Sonlar realized that the merchantman was in extreme danger...he continued to
heal the severely wounded, heroic crewmen, as they continued to battle the flames and acid...
...Anabus flew from the airship down towards the merchantman, intending to assist the captain again, but a badly
timed approach towards the wildly pitching, rolling vessel resulted in Anabus entangling himself in the burning
rigging! The sounds of wood breaking apart filled the air, and Sonlar began racing back towards the stern of the
ship, intending to help Anabus, and Villi, who had been flying around in dire eagle form, began banking around to
pick up those on the stern of the vessel...meanwhile, the ships Captain, seeing the end was near, seemed to channel
all his magical might into Telekinesis, snatching one of the water filled lifeboats from the seas, lifted it up
to the deck of the ship, then pushed the lady and child into it, before using the last of his magical powers to lower
it back down to the seas...then he collapsed to his knees, seemingly exhausted.
As the end neared, several things happened all at once: Villi flew in closer, preparing to try to snatch up at
least two of the folks in danger on the stern...Sonlar attempted to heal the Captain, who seemed near to death...
Anabus struggled to untangle himself from the burning rigging...then entire time, the Captain kept muttering in a
barely audible voice 'Did they make it...did they survive..' Sonlar, always the kindest of hearts, said to the
Captain "they got clear of the ship, Sir...and I don't see the dragon...they must have made it." At that moment,
the Captain turned a tear soaked, grateful gaze Sonlar's way, and gave the noble Paladin a forearm Handshake with
his right hand...then slipping his hand down the noble warriors arm to slip something into his hand...and then
with an almost audible sigh, the Ship, its crew, and all the lifeboats instantly disappeared from sight! (POOF!)
Sonlar would have tumbled into the sea, had Villi not been right there to snatch his shoulders with his eagles
claws...Anabus found himself falling in mid air, and only by flapping his magically summoned dragon wings was he
able to avoid plummeting to the waves as well! As the party regathered on the airship, they noticed the skies were
once again clear, the seas almost calm...and instead of the time still being late at night...they could see the sun
was beginning to rise...and the entire party felt extremely tired....with Sonlar and Anabus, having set foot (or
gotten entangled in rigging) on the mysterious vessel, were both exhausted! As the party opted to 'land and rest,'
they discussed what they thought had occured...and thru some comparing of skill checks, they realized it was likely
some sort of 'Physical Phantasmal Manifestation'...that had likely been the result of a combinanation of huge
amounts of magical energy being expended, along with numerous lives being snuffed out in horrible manners, and
at least several of the beings involved having possibly possessed very powerful, dimensional breaking magical items. the party found a safe seeming stretch of land and set down, Anabus cast for the first time his 'Magnificient
Mansion' spell (7th level, very pimp.), setting the entrance on the deck of the airship.
The party stumbled into the magical entrance to the mansion, then proceeded to pass out out in various rooms: Olga
fell asleep in the heated bubble baths, Kyur'gen passed out atop the banquet hall table, mid gorging himself on the
magical know, the normal way you'd expect the party to behave. The plan was for 'someone' to go out and
check on the airship every few hours...but when the first party member dragged themselves exhaustedly to the mansion's
front door...they gazed out and found...the airship was GONE! As the word was spread throughout the mansion, the
party stumbled back into their gear and outside to try to discern what had happened...there were numerous tracks all
over the land, and drag marks leading down the beach into the seemed that several large reptillian
creatures and numerous large footed primates had been in the area...and...possibly several large bats? Villi quickly
assumed a small Fey form (a Petal), and flew down the coastline for an hour (30 minutes south, 30 minutes back),
trying to find any sign of the airship...he didn't spot the airship directly, but he did find the ruins of an
ancient city, and what appeared to be a large cavern possibly below the city that MIGHT be able to fit the airship...
but he didn't go inside to check, instead flying back to relay what he had seen to the
then discussed what they could do...with a general consensus being 'buff the heck out of Villi, have him go back and
check INSIDE the cave for the airship, while the rest of the party rests and have OLGA memorize several Phantom Steed
spells, so the entire party could ride easily to the cave...or worst case scenario, the party could use the steeds
to start covering a good amount of distance, if the airship could not be found at all...for as the party spends time
trying to find the airship...that North Osatia armada continues to sail closer...and closer... (27 JAN 2018)
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

...and that catches us up to the upcoming '3 FEB 2018, recover the stolen airship' session coming this next Saturday!
Will the party find the airship? Will Kyur'gen cross off more species from his 'bucket list?' Will Villi master
his shapeshifting abilities well enough to stop accidentally always assuming a bright neon pink form? Will Rufus
smother Olga in her sleep because of her loud snoring? Will Sonlar ever start his own church, dedicated to Justice,
Payback, and Beard grooming? Will Anabus ever take a 2nd rank in Merchant? Tune in next week, to find out!

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After the events occurring on 1/28/18
13th Day of Rain’s Hand (April), 1225 After Breaking

It was a nice mansion, everyone said. Other places must be worse, but Anabus never wanted to see them. He couldn’t remember the last time he was inside any other private residence that was as nice. It had been a long few months traveling the roads and winds. More than three months since they arrived in Seryon. Four since Makandah certainly. He had grown weary of sleeping in huts, on the side of roads or deep in the woods, all while having to worry about the constant fear of attacks or threats from creatures that would make the hardest, most seasoned warriors of the Imperial Army spoil their undergarments.

And that was before they met Olga.

There was always things he could change the next time he cast his extradimensional spell. Statues that lined his hallway could be of his friends or family, or maybe of great creatures or foes defeated. Perhaps his royal bedchamber could have silk ropes tied to the ceilings. Maybe windows could be added, a portal to view the eternal nothingness that existed beyond the solid stone walls.

Anabus didn’t mind the work, really. The chance to create from nothing was truly enjoyable. And part of him enjoyed relishing in the happiness of his comrades as they explored they gardens or swam in the pool.

What he did mind was new problems, such as the one that was currently dangling from his hand. It was a locket, originally gold but turned green by time and the sea it was cradled by. Inside was a small pair of portraits that depicted his mother and father, young and full of life.

He had recovered the locket from a recent encounter with a ghost ship he and his allies had come across. Sonlar had set the spirts at peace, and they had rewarded him with that gift. They had all been part of a vast murmers play, watching a scene of pain and misery and betrayal unfold before their eyes while being unable to do anything about it beyond getting in its way.

They had watched a trade ship bearing the Royal standard of Thay, hundreds of men and women fighting the storm even as a dragon tried his best to sink their ship while the captain, a powerful mage in his own right, fought him off. The damage had been done however, and the ship was quickly floundering. No amount of help or magic would have saved it. Before it sank beneath the waves, a burning funeral pyre with flames reaching for the heavens, they watched as First Mate Winterborn abandon the ship in the only surviving dinghy and leave an enraged Captain Firebrand curing him and his descendants. The captain managed to save his wife and unborn child, before dying with his ship.

The problem, however, was that the performance they had all watched was false. Every damn part of it. And it was infuriating him.

He looked back from the bar and its semi-transparent bartender and towards the rest of his companions seated around the long wooden tables. Kyur’gan sat there, a pair of honey kissed boar chops in each hand and a scattering of polished silver or copper cups placed around his heaping plates. All of the cups were empty, most of the ale or wine they contained now resting in the Winterborn’s stomach, but he watched as another cup was placed before him by another servant.

None of this surprised Anabus, he had gotten used to Kyur’gan’s poor table manners long ago. What surprised him was the look in the large man’s eyes. Normally so full of mirth and cheer, they were instead cast downwards and firmly at his plate, trying to hide the worry and pain on his face from his friends.

‘When did I start to think of him as a friend? Was that before we reached Makandah? Or was sooner? The Elven forest maybe? Surely it couldn’t have been until we reached Seryon.’

Olga and Sonlar had been pestering the man like children still at their mother’s skirts. “I can’t believe your grandfather just abandoned them like that” or “Born of cowards’ means you can’t be trusted.” The others said very little in turn but it was obvious they weren’t exactly taking the news of his family history very well. Villi, the newest among them, tried to just watch his food or make a show of marveling at the magic that surrounded them all while looking back Kyur’gan with wary eyes.

‘It’s all rubbish. Every bit of it.’

Anabus was about to turn back to the bar when he saw Kyur’gan look over at him and their gazes met. His eyes were haunting, like a dog who had been whipped and beaten. There was no mirth or joy, only fear and humiliation.

‘Why, Winterborn? Why did you have to look at me? Why must we be friends?’

Olga, more loudly than usual, nearly was shouting between mouthfuls of ale and pointing at the large man with her tankard, “A family of cowards! I bet if we are ever in trouble this one will run off screaming!”

It was the laugher that did it. Kyur’gan’s frown turned in a grimace of tortured pain as echoes of disapproval ran up and down the tables. Anabus felt his fists clench into fight balls as the anger welled up inside him, knuckles turning white with the effort and arcane energy swirling around it a maelstrom.

“IT WASN’T TRUE!” Anabus roared out, bringing his fist down on the bar and accidently unleashing the raw power across its surface. A spiderweb-like pattern of cracked obsidian resulted from the impact, with embers of flame left in the wake.

Olga, Sonlar, the unseen servants, the eyes of all turned to him.

‘That…was undignified.’

Taking a deep breath, Anabus started again. His voice was calmer, level, and sure of each syllable. “I do not know what possessed those spirts we saw to show such visions, mayhaps they felt the long history of the Houses of Firebrand and Winterborn and just used that to fill in a gap in their twisted mummer of a nightmare, but I can speak with complete authority and honesty that that vision was false.”

Silence greeted him.

Time passed as they sat there, still as the grave, for who knows how long. Maybe it had been seconds, maybe minutes, but finally Sonlar spoke and the spell that paused them shattered like so many pieces of glass. “How are you so sure?”

The Wizard of Thay, Nephew to the Head Councilor of the nation’s ruling council, sighed. “Because that thing on the ship was pretending to be my Grandfather. Meanwhile my true Grandfather and namesake is alive and well, acting as Archmage of the College of Magi and advisor to the Council of Thay.”

“So,” Sonlar began, “the…ghosts, took your history and twisted it to suit them?”

“Our history,” Anabus corrected. “I’m surprised you don’t know it. The Legends of Fire and Winter. The stories of our great grandfathers grandfathers.”

At his blank expression, the Red Wizard muttered softly, “I should slap those people who raised you.”

Taking his drink from the bar, Anabus strode over to the tables and sat down at the table. While everyone else was seated to keep their distance from Kyur’gan, the young Firebrand sat directly across from the Winterborn and looked him in the eyes. He hoped to see some recognition, some hint of knowing what his opposite was about to say, but all Anabus saw was the pain and hurt his so-called comrades had inflicted on him the last few hours.

Taking a long pull from his copper tankard, the ale burning pleasantly as it washed over the tongue and down his throat, Anabus made up his mind.

“Long ago,” he sighed, his voice growing distant as his eyes glazed over trying to recover memories, “long before the concept, the idea, of a Thayian nation existed, the islands we now thrive upon were wild and horrific. Those fools in Denus didn’t even want them, and considered them to be little more than places to safely harbor when at sea. Explorers would try their hand and charting the islands, never getting much further than a few miles before being eating by something very large and very angry. It…discouraged further investigations.”

“They had no idea what…lay further within,” he added with a rueful smile.

All eyes were firmly fixed on him as Anabus continued, “Two families, great friends who held station in Denus, made their home there. There was other people there of course, but they were average, unexceptional. These two people, they tried to tame this vast wilderness and help the mundane people who lived there have better lives. At first.”

“Of the few magical people on these lands these two families were the only ones that mattered; there was the House of Winter who commanded spells of ice and winter, and there was the House of Fire who wielded fire and summer. Both tried to aid the other people, largely out of need for control and profit, but the result was still positive for the people.”

Rufus snorted, but Anabus continued on. “Of the two, I hate to say that the House of Winter was loved and favored by the people. They used their magic to build structures and catch food for people.” He looked at Kyur’gan and added with a nod and just a little boasting, “Those spells I use to conjure our dwellings, the Firebrands perfected them, but it was the Winters who first created them. The Igloo I used to create was your family’s creation.”

Kyur’gan just stared dumbly ahead, and with an exhausted sigh Anabus continued. “The House of Fire, on the other hand, gathered respect threw fear. As my Uncle says, ‘people don’t fear the wind or the rain, but fire cows them all.’ Our family protected those who gave us our due respect, but still the Winters reigned over most of them simply because you could make things cold.”

“It’s disgusting.”

With a frown he pressed on. “If they had known the truth, that your family only cared about gaining more power and used their services to gather fresh blood, well. After a time, word of the Fire’s…union with…well, you don’t need to know that part. What matters is that ultimately the Winters and Fires had a magical edge over the other mages, but the means they used are secret. We never knew what the Winters did to get their strength, and they never knew what we Fires did. But the people didn’t like it regardless.”

“Who knows what would have eventually happened if the race for more power between us had continued, but eventually there was a magical duel between our Houses,” he explained. “It was a hard fought battle, but eventually Fire’s won when the Winters were hit with a spell so hard that it did and still does continue ravage the House of Winterborn. And with them out of the way, Firebrands took control of the island.”

Anabus turned to Olga, “That arrow you use, that causes stupidity, is fairly close to what was used that day…only imagine it infused by the blood of a hundred demons and affects an entire linage instead of a single target.”

“Firebrands and Winterborns,” he continued while raising a drink to Kyur’gan. “we were rivals, and hated each other, but neither of our houses were cowards. And,” he felt the bile rise up to his throat as he thought about the next words he was about to speak, “this feral bastard is the bravest idiot I know.”

He couldn’t believe he gave a Winterborn a compliment, but it was true and the man had earned it.

“So,” Kyur’gan began to say as he laid down his food and stared at his hands. “Y-You mean…”

Sighing once more in exacerbation, Anabus lowered his head and slowly, painfully, pulled out the words, “Yes. You are a wizard.”

“Hairy…” Kyur’gan muttered, still staring at his hands and evidently not hearing anything the Thayian just said.

Shaking his head while standing to go back to the bar, Anabus deadpanned, “A Hairy Wizard.”

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