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Daylight Dies
Killswitch Engage
Creepiz thinks swarms of things, no matter how cute, are quite disturbing.
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Bet you didn't see that coming!
My location:
Ibiza, Spain
My birthday is on:
2nd of November

My first time on the siradio airwaves:
Tuesday, 12 January 2016
A little something about me:
Keen PC gamer, started out waaaay back on a BBC Model B with a trusty cassette tape loader, worked in IT back when it was fun with new inventions almost every other day.. Moved to Spain, spent some time in the Music Industry at various levels and I like cats! Lots of Cats!
When it comes to music I like:
Various, Electro House, Rock, Comedy, Indie..
The games I'm into:
Space games, Mmo's & Open world builders
I like to fill my belly with:
Really Super Hot Curries & Belgium & English Real Ale
I've got a cunning plan:
Plan? we have a plan? hell no, go with the flow and deal the best hand you have at the time.. I prearrange playlists for my set shows, covers I go with the flow and take requests and on occasion I live mix electronic music using traktor + S4 + F1-
My facebook page:
Is imaginary...
Split Infinity Radio
This week I'm on...
..a break
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