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Maybe Tomorrow Is a Better Day
Poets Of The Fall
Creepiz can not walk in heels without falling down.
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Pyroclasam (On-Air DJ)
Stay classy
My location:
Ontario, Canada
My birthday is on:
28th of December

My first time on the siradio airwaves:
Friday, 3 February 2006
A little something about me:
Dynamic, Empowering, Hygenic. These are but a few words used to describe the marvel of modern multi media. Pyroclasam does everything from talking to pushing buttons and playing music.
When it comes to music I like:
Rock, Electronic, Almost anything
The games I'm into:
I'm a boring person. I don't like games...
I like to fill my belly with:
I've got a cunning plan:
The exact details of my plan are quite classified. I've got an island in the south pacific and an army of trained howler monkeys with meat cleavers.
My facebook page:
Is imaginary...
Split Infinity Radio
This week I'm on...
..a break
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