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Thats right! We're still here! The site doesn't get a ton of updates on the news front but we're slinging good tunes and having a good time in the Discord server so don't be a stranger and jump on in!

It looks like Discord is having a global outage, rest assured though you can still tune in to the stream in the meantime!


SEGA has annouced that they will release the Genesis Mini and the Mega Drive Mini in the United States and Japan on September 19 2019

Books and Comics


With great power comes great responsibility, and with great vision came Stan Lee. A man whose work wasn't only an iconic artistic vision, but a literary, gaming, and cinematic one too. His legacy of work is timeless in too many ways to mention. 


Split Infinity Radio is deeply saddened to bring you the news of his passing today. He will remain an inspiration to us all, and for future generations to come.


RIP Stan Lee, Excelsior. 

General Geek

2nd Annual Split Infinity Radio Secret Santa Gift Exchange

“Dear Santa, can I be naughty with just a dash of nice?” ~ Cookie