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(I Can't Handle) Moderation
Danko Jones
Wasabi will play music for you when all other djs cannot.
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Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with Split Infinity Radio, the fastest way to do so is get into our chat room and talk to one of our staff members. The prefix before the nickname indicates the level of the staff members. ~ is for owner, & is for management, @ is for regular staff member and % is for probationary staff member. Usually, a member of the management is around in the chat channel, or is idling. Fire them a private message, and they will get back to you as soon as they see it. If there is no management member present in the chat room, send a message to any of the regular staff members. They will relay your message to management.


Another way is to join our Ventrillo server at voice.siradio.fm:21762 and talk with any of the staff members that might be online.


Otherwise, you can always send an e-mail:


For Management: mgmt@siradio.fm

For Human Resources: hr@siradio.fm


Finally, if you want to reach a staff member in particular through e-mail, you can do so by using their nickname, followed by "@siradio.fm" for their e-mail address.