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About Split Infinity Radio

Split Infinity Radio LogoSplit Infinity Radio, is a 24/7 online radio station catering to everything geek and the geek lifestyle worldwide, with emphasis on computer gaming, music, movies, tv series, science and science fiction, technology, role playing games, books and comics, bringing those to you "all day long, 7 days a geek".


It first made its appearance as a small "impromptu" radio broadcast inside the game of Matrix Online during the Spring of 2005, and officially launched as a full fledged radio station on January 2006. As the exact date of its first appearance is not documented, Split Infinity Radio has selected August to be its birthmonth. As such, during August, every day is cake day.


The first year of its operation, Split Infinity Radio was dedicated to the Matrix Online, and offered content specifically for that game. In 2007 however, it branched out to other games, slowly forming itself into a general gaming radio with emphasis on MMORPG games.


In 2012, it branched even further by embracing the full geek lifestyle, providing content for the ever faithful geeks (and sometimes non-geeks too) around the globe, as well as a warm and cozy place for the geek community to thrive.


Split Infinity Radio is an independent, self funded project, driven by the passion and hard work of its volunteer staff and occasional listener donations.


It's mascot is a turtle called Wasabi, who has undertaken the role of being the playlist bot when a live dj is not on-air, as well as our chat bot that informs the listeners of the currently playing trakcs and accepts requests and song votes.