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Atlas Reactor

Hey guys if you've caught any of my live streams over the past few days then you know I've been hitting up Trion Worlds latest game Atlas Reactor pretty hard. Honestly I've been in it since Alpha but it never grabbed me until the recent Open Beta that's wrapping up on the 25th. What made me go from 0-60? Grouping (yes you read it right) I got a few of my Rift guildies to join me and we met some folks  ingame that fit right into our band of misfits and the rest is history.



From the smack talking bots that you're able to play against to the taunts you can unlock for each Frontliner I've found this game to be extremely engaging as well as fun to play (just look at some of the hours on my Twitch videos). There's a Discord server already set up for the game or you can join a server upon each match up that's offered in game just click that link and BAM you're there. Definately grabbing some friends (or making new ones) will allow for some great matches.

When the game launches on October 4th it will be free to play however they will offer a "perks" for purchasing the full game (see below) and click here for the full details.


Check out Trions trailer for "the case" and yes it's a great example of the smack talking. If you do play it and want to join up let me know and as always see ya in game.