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Nintendo Switch Announced

After months of speculation, and after many bitter comments about how the Wii U failed harder than Donald Trump would at a women's rights rally, Nintendo have finally announced their next console. 

It was codnamed Nintendo NX, and this time it's called Wii Thrii! OK, that was a lie, it's actually called Nintendo Switch, and aside from having a name that makes sense, shows that the company seem to be distancing themselves from the Wii brand, and finally given me a reason to use that awful Wii Thrii pun. Twice...

So, what do we know about the console? So far, the rumours of it being able to switch (see what they did there?) between console and portable mode, the Nintendo Switch are true, also the Nintendo Switch looks to be very versatile, with a controller that can be pulled apart, fitted to the sides and played much like the Linx range of gaming tablets. 

We also see in their official video, which you can watch right here, right now that the console will take a card, much like the 3DS does, and that it will be release in March next year.

Have Nintendo pulled something special out of the bag, and given us something which could well be a saviour for the brand? Only time will tell. We've yet to see spec, price, launch games, and the usual important information we need, but for now we can check out 3 minutes of something that looks rather promising indeed.