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Hearts 4 Ryen

Split Infinity Radio is teaming up with some gaming folks to raise money for Ryen Fischer (See backround information for more details about Ryen). Games will be streamed on Twitch and music will be streamed on SI. As always, we have goodies and swag. Check out the details below:

What: Hearts 4 Ryen (Fischer) Fundraising Event

When: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where: Split Infinity Radio and Twitch

Background Information:

Ryen Fischer is a 13 year old gamer who lives in TX, with his family. Currently, he is at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, TX. Ryen was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), which is a birth defect where the left side of the heart does not form correctly. This affects normal blood flow through the heart. The effects of HLHS vary in each individual, and so do the treatments. Special diets, medicines, and different surgeries are the options given to infants. As the child grows, they are likely to face multiple surgeries to correct the issue. So far, Ryen has had the following surgeries:

                May 2002 – Norwood Procedure         

                September 2002 – Bi-Directional Glenn Shunt Procedure

                January 2004 – Fontan Procedure

                September 2005 – Cardiac catheterization and placement of stent in

                pulmonary artery

                April 2007 – Cardiac catheterization and closure of Fontan fenestration.

Ryen’s heart is at a stage where his only option is to have a transplant. He is currently listed as a Status 1A on the heart transplant wait list. This means that he is at the top of the waiting list because he is on high-dose IV medications to support heart function. Ryen has been waiting over 3 months for a heart, and there is no telling how much longer he will have to wait. The sad reality of it is, he is waiting for someone with a compatible heart to die so that he may live.

While Ryen awaits a new heart, his family is separated. Ryen and his father are in Dallas, while his mother, brother, and sister are in the Austin area. Due to technology, Ryen is able to wear a portable IV machine and get out of the hospital for a bit. It is during these escapes from his room that he takes in the sights and culture of Dallas, with his family. When he isn’t out an about, he is in his room playing video games, taking a break a few times a week to meet with his tutor. However, Ryen will probably tell you that hospital life isn’t so bad, as long as you get to play lots of video games. (That’s looking for the silver lining.) What games are holding his interest right now? Just Cause 3, Assassins Creed, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefront, and Fallout 4. (yes, serious gamer).

So why are we raising money for Ryen and his family? First and foremost, they are a great family, who have always offered a helping hand to others. While they may not ask for it, we want to extend a helping hand to them in return. The Ronald McDonald House is offering room and board at a reduced cost of $15 per night, but there is no telling how many nights Ryen will be there. The money we raise, in the short term, will help his family make trips back and forth to spend time with him. It will pay for gas, lodging, food, vehicle maintenance (if required), housing at the Ronald McDonald House, and family outings. Even when Ryen receives a new heart, he will need to remain in Dallas for 3 months and be monitored, making sure his body does not reject the new heart. Thankfully, the family has medical insurance, or else the financial burden would be excessive. Insurance is great, and relieves a huge weight off of their shoulders. We are simply trying to remove even more of their burden so they can enjoy their time together and not worry about the associated costs.

After that you may think Ryen will be free and clear. Not exactly. As you can imagine, he will need multiple doctor visits and medications. Additionally, he will likely need to go through this process a few more times in his life. So, any additional money will be used for Ryen’s long term care and medical expenses.


Prizes to be given away during the event:

5 – NBA Live Jackets

20 - Banner Saga - PC

3 - StarWars Battlefront (Xbone)

2 - StarWars Battlefront (PS4)

4 - StarWars Battlefront (PC)

1 - Madden 2016 (Xbone)

1 - Madden 2016 (PS4)

1 - Need for Speed (Xbone)

1 - Need for Speed (PS4)

1 - Uncharted Collection (PS4)

1 - Titanfall: Collector's Edition

2 - inFamous Second Son: Collector's Edition

3 - Football Manager: Collector's Edition

1 – Arkane Hoodie (Large)

1 – Arkane T-shirt (Large)

3 – Logitech gaming keyboards

2 – Star Wars collector statues

As well as some other goodies and swag


Please consider helping the cause. Donations can be made to https://www.gofundme.com/hdappqks


For more information about HLHS, please visit: http://www.childrensheartinstitute.org/educate/defects/hypo1.htm