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Suicide Squad: The Review


Well then. Its a Thursday night and I am all dolled up as Miss Harley Quinn herself to see the one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.... yes that's right. I did in fact dress as Harley. But thats besides the point. I walked right into this with the low expectations of the previous reviews I've read from the past week so here, I, DJ Pixyl, will give it to you straight. 


I will say that I highly, highly, anticipated this movie, I wont say that it was the best movie, but I wont say that it was the worst either. DC deifnitely could have done better, but i do think it is better than Batman vs Superman.


Right off the bat, the movie starts with mixed shots of Deadshot and Harley in prison. Add in some flashbacks and these scenes dont fit at all. This is sort of a reoccuring theme throughout the movie. Mix of scenes with some flashbacks. 

The overall story is very predicable. Band of meta-human anti-heroes and a super-villan which also happens to be a meta-human. There arent really any twists to the story, and if there were I couldnt tell. 



The movie didnt really play off the back stories of the characters very well. But Harley and Deadshot basically stole the whole movie (aside from the Joker). Harley's whole story was disjointed. Even though she was an extremely strong character, they flashed random memories from her past at you like you knew everything about her already:

At one point, she falls into a pit of what I can only imagine is some sort of acid, making a promise to Joker that she will "live" for him. Only he jumps in after her and saves her. Her character was amazing though. Do love. 

They played off Deadshot's daughter a little too much. dangling it like a piece of candy. I feel he was much too strong of a character to be pulled by that but I see why he did it. His interactions with Batman were short and unneccessary. Im not even sure it was neccessary to have Batman in the movie at all, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do. I will say this. Deadshot has some of the best jokes in the movie.



Killer Croc was definite swag, though he was somewhat of an out of place character, but they made it work. I really wish they gave him more lines cause he was pretty funny. Katana is another character I wish they built on, but they pretty much gave everything to Deadshot, Harley, and the Joker.

Diablo also had some great moments. He had more of a solid background, since there needed to be an explanation of why he refused to use his powers for the first half of the movie. But damn, at the end of the movie, he not only steps up to the plate, he transforms into a final form. Its definitely savage. You will like it, i guarantee.



The Joker killed it. Crazy, unpredictible, and just... amazing. They really dont go into the Joker's bacground at all, just that he was in Arkham when Harley was a doctor. They really skimped on the background asppect... unfortunate. He's not really in the movie as much as I expected but the scenes that he is there are great. 



Enchantress. Honestly I wish they just left her in her base form. She reunites with her brother at one point and when her life is in jeopardy, her brother gives her strength and her form changes. She looks more like a goddess with a headress than a witch. Her goddess form was too animated for me. I actually did not expect her to be the super-villan. Then again, I wasnt sure what to expect.



The first half of the movie is pretty much a jumbled mess of figuring out what the fuck is going on, but basically after that, when the action starts going, it smoothes out. Jokes were great, but the whole plot fall short. Some of the reviews you have been reading elsewhere are correct. The director loves flashbacks and he doesnt have an understanding the whole tragic makeup of each character. But overall the movie was good, if you look past its flaws and into the actors and the whimisical nature. 

And most importantly. The ending didnt suck. Very important. 

DJ Pixyl signing off.